Saturday, October 31, 2009

Best Daylight Savings Time Video EVER!!!


Now I know NONE of you will forget!!!!!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Deadliest Catch On South Park!!!!!!!!!!

You Know a Program has really become Part of America when it is Parodied on South Park!!
Borrowed in large Part from

In This Weeks Episode "Whale Whores" Little Stan is distressed by the Japanese killing all the whales and dolphins..........

.......Which leads him to join the crew of the Sea Shepard (Described by South Park as "Vegan Pu$$ies") on Whale Wars. Within the first three minutes of Stan joining the crew, a beer-bellied Paul Watson is harpooned by the Japanese; with one of the SS crew members exclaiming, “Maybe he’s ok!”

Stan, upset that the Sea Shepherd crew doesn’t do anything but throw butter bombs, takes matters into his own hands and ends up sinking one of the Japanese whaling ships. He then takes over for Watson as captain. Suddenly, everyone is totally into Whale Wars and its ratings skyrockets. Various magazine headlines proclaim “New Captain Turns Vegan Pussies Into Real Pirates” and “Whale Wars Gets Better: Things Actually Happen!”

I’ll leave describing every detail there and just let you watch it — but let’s just say that the Larry King segment is a vehicle to further lampoon Watson. At one point King says, “Their old captain, Paul Watson, was an unorganized, incompetent, media whore who thought lying to everyone was okay as long as it served his cause.” Ouch.

Neat the end, there is a hilarious encounter with the crews from Deadliest Catch! Now the Boat is Obviously the Northwestern, and you can not miss Sig right in the Center, But who else does everyone think is shown?

Thursday, October 29, 2009

One Year in Unalaska..........

It's been over a year since the above photo was taken, one of my first In Dutch Harbor/Unalaska. The above photo and the next are taken with my I-Phone, a little over one year apart at the same locaion.
The Next is taken wth my new camera. What has changed? Well, I no longer have a cigarette in my hand and I've lost some weight. The Timless Beauty of Unalaska Remains.

Thanks to Everyone who keeps me motivated to keep posting!!! I'm planning on at least 9 more years here!!

Love to you all!!!!


Monday, October 26, 2009

Deadliest Catch Update: Cornelia Marie. April, Sunglasses, Puppies, and Giant Kites?

Since it was already on another forum

I will confirm that the "Chase Boat" really did crash into the Cornelia Marie causing Minor damage and no major injuries. The CM Hung out in Saint Paul to ride out a storm and fix some damage. Sorry guys and gals but There is alot going on that I will not tell you about because I do not want to hurt the Show or your experience ever. Plus, I will say that being good friends with one of the guys on the Boat and his wife (Freddie and Vanessa) has given me a bit of a different perspective. Especially when we first heard the news and Vanessa could not get in touch with him Right away because they were in a bad place for Sat phones to reach. Nerve racking. I really do not know how all the wives and GF's do it!!! Poor Vanessa, CD and Lauri!!!

Weather is not as bad this week as last at Least:

UnAlaska Bay
Today - west 30 <> 15 afternoon /seas 5/ rain, snow, Tuesday night - north 20 /seas 5/, Wednesday and Thursday - east 15
/seas 3/, Friday - northeast 15 /seas 5/

April and Dimitri made it off just fine................though it is always nice to know there is a Coast Guard Chopper Nearby!! She should be posting an Ultrasound anyday now at

Then it was off with CD and Manderzz for some quick walks, with Puppy Break times figured in!

Yes Manderzz you really DO look that cute with the new sunglasses and Bella!!!

Actually it is Funny, even with all the amazing Beauty of Unalaska all around us the puppy still drew us all in.

On the way back from Summer Bay we found Dan Playing with his Giant Kite and Wakeboard over by the school. It got a bit away from him................more pictures over at

including Bella just loving Dan!!!

Ok, Monday again. Better go see what fun I can get into today!!

Have a Great one!


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Prayers for Lauri, An APRIL Sunday Brunch? Tired Junior, waves boats and otters, OH My!!

Before anything else I want everyone to say a quick prayer for Lauri over at who is in Anchorage with a health issue. Get well soon sweetie!!

How can it be an APRIL Sunday Brunch in October? Well April from and her Hubby were Passing through Dutch Harbor/Unalaska on their way to Anchorage for a Sonogram and FINALLY got to experience the Brunch! Best of luck on all the tests!!!

These are some of Paul's Crepes with Ham, cheese and bell pepper.........nummy nummy!!
And the chicken with the lemon creme sauce and crumbled bacon is super nummy!!
April and her hubby Dimitri approved!!!
Junior was being a bit of a brat today.............. I know what his mum goes through..............
...........And Eddie is leaving on Vacation for a month so everyone say Good Luck and Good Trip!!
Crepe man Paul with the returned Jeff in the background.
Now, what April really came over for, the Desserts...............
Super Rich Chocolate cake...........
chocolate Mousse.....
Chocolate Peanut butter pie.......
and Chocolate brownies..............Are you getting the theme yet?
Even Mr Otter came by to say HI!!
Though there is plenty on the mountains snow is quite sparce at sea level still.......
But it is giving us some great new views. Oce the snow arrived the fog and mist which drape the island all summer goes away and it is a blinding mix of Blue Sky and White!
In these colder times CB does not forget his little friends.........
Plenty of nummies right outside your burrow Mr Squirrel!!!
With all this Beauty around...............
.................From Snow on the mountains to Waves Crashing................. boats sailing right on bye................
...........we must not forget to STOP, And Look at the Eagles.

(Mostly because they like to poop on the unwary.............)

Have a Great Day Everyone!!!