Saturday, October 30, 2010

It's that Time of what exactly Scares CB? (Warning,These Pictures Will scare both you and your Children!)

Yup, CB's Number one fear is Nancy Pelosi and The Democrats Running this country into the ground for another two years.
Yes, I admit, Bush Ran up the Deficit to $1 TRILLION Dollars. Obama TRIPLED THAT!!!!!!!
They Lied to You America. They Lied about Hope! They did not Lie about the "Change" but is OVER 10%Unemployment, and the biggest tax hikes in History really the "Change" you wanted?

Nancy Peloisi and the Democrats PROMISED to Reform the ethics of the House. Did you realize that that Reform would allow them off the Hook for the CRIMES they committed?

Is Rigging elections, Forcing out opponents and stifling all bi-partisanship to ram through a Heath care Obamination that over 70% of the American people DID NOT WANT the "Change" you wanted?

Yes America, They are LAUGHING AT YOU!

Don't be a Liberal Idiot!
Do the Right thing on November 2ed.
Vote these Crooks, Liars and Idiots out of Office.


mamawas said...

political cartoon season isn't it???? Photoshop can really alter photos. Someone has many facial features stretched out of shape.

Brian I bet you will be a hit this Halloween in costume. You are creative and spot on to your "audience".
Take care


terrig said...

Hi Brian,
Decided to go to that stupid rally today with my cousin. I thought I was at a rock concert when I was in high school. There was so much pot down there it was ridiculous! There were a lot of hate filled/foul signs too all directed towards Republicans.
I don't believe I will ever do that again. The only reason I went is because my cousin's husband woke up with a "bad stomach" or so he claimed and they were staying with us and she would have had to go by herself. Some reason letting a nearly 60 year old woman lose in that mob worried me so I went and let my husband stay home. It was an absolute joke.
Yes, those pictures scare the he** out of me! When I go to Mass tomorrow morning I will be praying for a successful outcome and that your wish of Senator Murkowski's re-election is secured.
Happy Halloween from a fan in VA!

Carlisleboy said...

Thanks Terig and Mamawas!
Sorry you had a bad day Terri!
I want to remind all my readers to vote in your local elections as well, no matter your political leanings.
America Only works when we all participiate!

Margrita said...

CB your pictures do scare the he** out of me also. Once again you have put into words what is going on. I hope your write in campaign is a success and also that everyone in our country no matter where they live get out and vote. We need changes made they only way to get changes is to vote in new people. Hope you have a sppoky fun filled Halloween.

Reading said...

I love your pics - I have an email I need to send you...I voted on Friday..hooray for early voting...

mamawas said...

Early voting is supposed to stop the robo-calls to your phone numbers I have heard!!!

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Wow, CB goes WAY political -- but, of course, to my way of thinking -- as WELL you SHOULD!

There is little more frightening than another decade of taxation coupled with unlimited spending and onerous regulations. . .


Jeff said...

They are all "Liars and Idiots"! And don't forget CRIMINALS! Every single one of them, doesn't matter which party.

Lets see some boats.

muebles guadalajara said...

For my part one and all have to go through this.