Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Deadliest Catch Update, CB Gets a Byline, Pollock Season begins, The Aliens are coming for Veda, Video of the Storm etc.

In Deadliest Catch News All of the boats are out fishing with the exception of the Rambling Rose, which is still awaiting parts to be flown in. The Storm Yesterday and the MLK holiday on Monday have slowed mail service quite a bit so hopefully the parts come in today and they can be on their way tomorrow. All of the Boats will be making deliveries up in Saint Paul for a while, so it will be a while before any Opilio, Bardai or Tanner is brought here so probably no sightings for a few weeks . Of course as you all know that can change in an instant on the Bering Sea so I'll just keep my eyes open.

CB's getting a Byline! Check out .
My Article is Under Local News at

I will of course be covering the Unalaska City Council Meetings as well as photos and maybe another article or two a week. Check it out!

You can always tell Pollock Season is about to begin when you see the Swan Net Guys out repairing the nets in front of the hotel. It may not look like much to you, but those nets bring in millions of dollars of product a year, Much more than Crab, and along with the Fisherman and the processors are the economic lifeblood of this community. Remember the next time you are having some Long John Silvers Pollock Fillets, or a fish sandwich at McDonald's, Wendy's or Burger King that your meal had it's start right here
After the past few days of most of the residents hiding inside from the strong storm, a lot of people's eyes were drawn skyward today by an almost textbook example of a AltoCumulus Lenticular Cloud.
it was either that or the Aliens have finally come for Veda!
Speaking of the Storm, it was a good one, though by no means the worse one I have seen up here by a long shot. still we had 65-75 mph winds for a day or so and as you can see in the above photos the rain was really intense and melted all the snow at ground level. Yep, that means mud! video
Most of my photos did not turn out for the storm but this video is ok, though it does not show the upward falling rain as well as I hoped.

We did have a nice little bit of snow on the ground and it was all frozen solid which while cold also means LESS MUD SO LESS MESS for me and my housekeepers. On Sunday and Monday before the storm it was just beautiful with lots of pink in the sky at sunrise.

You can always tell the island is up to something when it is pink in the morning. It was a bit pink this morning too, but nothing is forecast for a few days so I am just going to enjoy the good weather while we have it and stock up the fridge and kitchen cabinets for the next storm.

Have a great day everyone!


CrazdDreamer said...

Love those pictures CB, and congrats on the byline!

Kimi said...

congrats. is this something you will be a regular contributor for now? Loved the cloud photos. Very beautiful! Aliens left Veda here to study us, and kick our butts into submission. big smooshy HUGS CB and Miss V
Upwards falling rain?

mamawas said...

The Unalaska lenticular cloud is almost layered, our Rocky Mountain ones are flatter and longer and also frequently mistaken for alien spaceships.
Thanks for that earlier look at the byline, kept it quiet until you were ready to publish it on the blog. Nice journalistic flair Brian.

Margrita said...

CB awesome byline you did a great job. Very interesting cloud pictures thanks for sharing them. The upward falling rain is a unique experience. I may have to enjoy some Pollack this weekend. Have a great weekend.

terrig said...

Loved the pics & the video CB and congrats on the byline. Very cool! You have a nice way with words in the article.
Have a great weekend and hope the weather isn't too bad.
take care!

Lori said...

Thanks for the update and wow, how cool about the article - CB the author - yeah! Great article/interesting - keep up the good work. Love the pink in the morning, but it always makes me nervous and I wonder about the fleet; especially when I know they're out crabbing.