Monday, January 3, 2011

Deadliest Catch Update, Cornelia Marie and the Northwestern, I respond to Anonymous, and Then an Eagle Video.

OK, As Promised in an earlier post I wanted to respond to Mr or Ms Anonymous's Comment. Just to be fair here it is.

Anonymous said...
This used to be one of my favorite blogs, I sure don't care for the negative hatred coming from it lately, not to mention all the false information in regards to the Harris kids etc. Its sad and awful Phil died, but whats even worse is the boys are Junkies and lost everything Phil worked his whole life for. Merry Christmas.

December 22, 2010 3:24 PM

First of All, The Harris boys will be back up here in a few days with a new captain. It has been my rule NOT to give out any "inside" information, but the shit that is going around and being propagated by people like Anonymous is just that, BULLSHIT!

As you can see from the Photos, the boys looked and acted just fine when they were here to Start the King Crab Season. They exhibited NONE of the signs of "Drug Abuse" that I have become acutely aware of in my over 15 years in the Hospitality Industry, and trust me, I know the signs. Heck, I had been complaining for over a year about a certain individual that everyone else thought was fine before she got arrested in the Major Drug Bust last April. In My opinion the Boys were Clean. This of course is backed up by hard facts; Like the fact that they did not get into any fights or incidents before they went out Crabbing.............Unlike another Boat I could Mention. It is also backed up by the fact that when the so called "Captain" of the CM called in the cops, and they searched EVERY Crew Members belongings they found NOTHING!

Perhaps, instead of spreading "Hatred" (Your Word) You might listen to people who are actually here and saw things first hand. What I saw was two fine young men, obviously still grieving the loss of their father trying to do their jobs. They tried to keep up Traditions, Like the Hair cutting and Making sure to Visit Miss Veda before they headed out fishing. I do not want to cause them any embarrassment, but both of them had years in their eyes when they spotted the picture of their dad on the top shelf at Veda's. Not exactly the drug crazed druggie junkies you called them.

Now, Let us move on to the So called "Captain" that was behind all this Bullshit. From Everything I have heard, and what I saw first hand, The "Captain" succumbed to the "Fame" bug. He was doing anything and everything to get his "15 Minutes". This included riding Jake and Josh constantly, deriding their fishing abilities and at least once making a comment about their father that if at least one other crew member heard it would have resulted in some major Dental reconstruction. I think you all have seen it through the years, but a REAL Captain handles problems ON THE BOAT. They do not wait to get back to land and call in the cops. A REAL Captain is in command of his vessel. And The Cornelia Marie WILL have a Real Captain for the Opie Season. The other one got Fired. Does that Not really say it all?

Next, I want to thank you for Clearing some things up for me. I thought about your comment and how to respond to it for some time. It took a drive down to the other hotel I manage and a slight detour to get some shots of the Northwestern and the Cornelia Marie to really firm up some things in my mind that have been weighing on me for some time. The past 6 or 7 months have been a tough time in my life. Ever since I jabbed my finger with that needle a few months back, and had to go on Anti-virals for that month, and the resultant scare that that brought my health has not been good. Looking back now I really think that was the cause of so many of my health problems this year. I don't think anyone who is not a gay male can understand how devastating having to use and AIDS drug is, not just physically, but psychologically. I am far from a Saint, and it is rare that I don't have some "companionship" at least once a week, but I always "Play it Safe" when it comes to sex, mostly out of abject fear of HIV/AIDS/STD's. I've played it "Safe" my entire life out of a commitment to myself and my partners. To have that sense of "Safety" snatched away was devastating. It has colored my life since then, and not to the better. It took an Eagle flying with me up the road out to the Trident dock while saying my Saint Michael the Archangel Prayer to make everything fall into place. Literally, the Eagle followed along with me, right outside my drivers side window all the way from the Airport to the Trident Dock. Call me silly if you want but I am taking that as a sign. Saint Michael the Archangel throws things like this at me from time to time and I do try to listen. Hey, He's always answered my prayers, sometimes in amazingly complex and intricate ways and I think this was one of them. The Lesson? There is goodness, beauty and magic in the world. Times can be tough and beat you down but the only thing that can really put you down for the count is yourself. To Paraphrase one of my favorite Authors, Robert Jordan in his Epic Wheel of Time Series "Rage against the Darkness and spit in Sightblinder's eye on the Last Day" So, How to accomplish this? I've decided this year to really let my opinions be known, to fight the good fight, and always do it with a smile on my face, because nothing pisses "Them" off more than that. I am going to do the Right thing, Not because it is popular, not because everyone else is doing it, not because it is easy, but because it is RIGHT. If our City Council (which I am rededicating myself to attending) does something idiotic they are going to hear about it on the blog and in person. The Same goes if they do something Right. But I am not stopping there. If something happens statewide, nationally, or internationally and it appeals to me You will hear about it on this blog. I have some 300 followers, and while that might not be all that many it is always "Better to light one candle than curse the darkness". So with God's help expect to see a newly revitalized CB this year; hang on for the ride.

So, getting back to the "Hatred" that is supposed to be on my blog. I would say it was more "bitterness" I hope to change that. I think your response was more directed towards my Anti Joe Miller comments however. I stand by them. Joe Miller is, was and always will be an idiot. Much as I love her, Sarah Palin picked the wrong guy on this one.In response to another comment about My support of Lisa Murkowski and How she is now voting "For everything Obama wants" I really must say you are misjudging her. Lisa is doing the RIGHT things. Right For Alaska, Right for the Nation and Right for the world. The Things that she voted for: The Repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell, The 9-11 first responders bill, and the START treaty were all good Bills. Just because Obama was for them does not necessarily mean they are bad. Heck, Even a Broken Clock is right at least twice a day!! Yes, I think Obama is an idiot and should never have become President. I think that the next two years will see the repeal of ObamaCare and the end of his time as President. In fact I pray for that every night. Still, it is not like he is Nancy Pelosi and is actually EVIL, Personally I do not think he is smart enough to be really evil. That Job was Rob Emmanuel's.............

OK, so Now that I am done with my rambling and soul searching (Gosh I feel Better having gotten all that out) On to the Deadliest Catch Updates!

The Cornelia Marie is Down at the Unisea Dock all ready for the guys to come back. Most of Original Productions crew is "Hopefully" coming in this week, although we do have a storm on the way tonight that might screw things up for a day or so. We will see.

And Out at the Trident Dock I think Sig let Jake dock the Boat again!!

Our Old Friend the Farwest Leader is there keeping her company as she waits for Sig, Jake and the Rest to get back here.

Sill in good shape for having set empty for the past month or so. She is a bit lonely though and is really waiting for the guys to get here.

And then there is the best kept boat in the Fleet, CD's Hubby Captain T's Boat the Stimson.
Got to love the new darker blue paint.

Speaking of Paint, the mornings have been painted with pink everywhere and it put me in the perfect mood for a quick drive around after dropping some Housekeepers Down at the Unisea Inn when our regular driver was too busy with guests.

And the Frozen over Margaret Bay at the Hotel was so calm and peaceful that it was just one of those magic days.

I thought you all might like to hear Alexander singing the sunrise in yesterday. It did turn out to be an almost perfect day. Just made for inspiration and self-aware revelations. I mean really, there are not that many people in the world who get to hear eagles every day, especially on the perfect winter morning.
So everyone, I hope this year will be as blessed for you all as it was for me yesterday.

Oh, One last thing before I sign off, Is that Idiot from the NATIONWIDE INSURANCE commercials as grating on the nerves to you as he is too me? I actually called the 1 800 number yesterday and complained that those commercials ensured that I would never buy their insurance. The Operator had no clue what to do with my comment, so I just put through to a Managers Voice Mail. Still no call least it made me smile!

Catch you all later



Amy said...

Well said CB. I wanted to respond to anonymous myself. :) Remember life is all about expression...always express yourself, it's the only way to stay true to yourself!

Sebastes said...

CB, as someone that works out of Dutch Harbor for a couple of months each year, I enjoy periodically checking in with your blog to get a feel for the goings on in good ol' Dutch. Obviously in doing so I get to see your posts that may have nothing to do with life in Dutch, but with your personal views as well. One point I would like to make to Anonymous that you didn't cover is that the only true way to wisdom and enlightenment is to listen and work to understand the views of others, particularly those with views contrary to your own. Now while we do not tend to see eye to eye on political issues, I commend you for expressing your convictions and I learn more about the other side of the aisle by reading your writings and those of others. Introspection is always a great thing and I'm glad that Anonymous gave you reason for it. However, my take on that post is that they were more in need of introspection than you. Please keep up the writing and I hope you never feel hesitant to write what you believe...and that you never forget to keep teasing all of us that are not there with more on of the colorful side of Dutch.

Mystic said...

I don't know how I missed the information about your needle stick. I wish I had known as I would have been praying this whole time. What a heavy weight to carry my dear friend. You are in my thoughts. I'm glad Michael sent you a sign that gave you strength.

Lindy said...

CB, I agree with everything you said about the Harris guys. I wish ppl would stop calling them boys. They are young men who are struggling to get their feet under them again. When Phil past it knocked them down. They have a lot of resposibilities on their shoulders and they are doing a fantastic job at learning the business end of things. I wish ppl would stop bashing them. If they can't say something to build up a body, don't say anything. Thanks for your blog. I enjoy reading it and seldom comment. I love the pictures of Dutch and wish I could come see it for myself. It looks pretty even with the snow, ice, and in spring and summer with the flowers. Thank you for all you do.

Kimi said...

CB, I am very grateful the tests have come back negative. I love the eagle shots. Hopefully the boys will be along shortly, and get settled in quickly. I need a quick favor...can you check your email please.

"Seattle" Heather said...

CB thanks for setting the record straight. When I saw the Harris guys in September all was looking pretty well. And Jake was two rooms down from me. His girlfriend at one point locked him out of the room to be funny; he's a typical guy.

And you're right...a Captain handles the issues ON THE BOAT.

Anonymous said...

Clearly this is basically a "fan" blog. I will just sit back and wait for the truth to come out on its own. I bet Matt from the NW has no problem admitting why he missed the last King Crab season. I wouldn't begin to get into that or any of the other info I have, obviously people only want to see the T.V. side of these guys. I wont post anymore info here. Sorry if I offended you or any of your readers. Oh, my info is not "B.S."!

Tosha in Wyoming said...

I love reading your blog CB!! I am just so fascinated with the way of life up there. I love your honesty!!! Keep up the gret posts

amulbunny's random thoughts said...

I've never heard eagle song, thank you so much for sharing.

As far as the Harris' they are like many young men and they will find their way. They have fishing in their blood and God willing, they can make a success of it, with their Dad smiling down on them from heaven.

I am glad you are done with the anti virals. They are a bitch, one of my best friends is + and the new success with meds is what has kept him alive for over 20 years. You will have a better year.

As for politics, I probably have been voting democratic since before you were born, I vote for the person. I do think that this country needs a comprehensive health plan for all it's citizens. Here in LA the waiting time in ER's is nearly 10 hours, because of all the coughs and colds that should be handled in a primary care doctor's office but people don't have insurance. Something is wrong with that. I don't like Nancy Pelosi, but then I don't think John "Don't Separate me from my tanning machine" Boehner is much better. Career politicians are not in it for their constituents, they are in it for the perks they get from the outside. Makes me sick.

Thanks for sharing your life in your part of the world.....Oh yeah, one of my friends and her family did Egypt this summer and loved it. They walked like an Egyptian for their holiday card.


Margrita said...

CB I think you have always tried to post and handle everything with grace good insight and positive statements. To often people just want to hear and read the negative scandalous side of things instead of the truth and positive issues.
What gorgeous pictures the pink tinted skies and the snow just perfect backdrops for the beautiful singing voice of Alexander. The boats all look great thank you for the Stimson Shot she is and will always be my favorite but then I am biased Capt. Troy keeps her looking great. I hope 2011 is better for you health wise. Have an awesome week and keep smiling.

Anonymous said...

well said,,keep up the good work in 2011.funny how anon people have the most to say.(sent a photo to your Hotmail address of hotel}

Nebraska Outback said...

Great post CB! I love reading your blog and the variety of things that you share - personal, Unalaska and Deadliest Catch. I'll keep coming back for more, and thank goodness Anonymous (whose info is not B.S., but doesn't sign his/her name!) has committed to NOT posting again!

emarienan said...

CB: I enjoy your blog tremendously...I'd like to suggest we all express our opinions without making personal attacks on in "he/she is an idiot."...I urge you to comment on the issue rather than the person...much more effective to keep the focus on the issue and OFF the person. What does everyone else think?

Audreya said...

I think 2010 was a rough year for a lot of people - myself included. I'm glad it's behind us and we can start fresh. I think there's always a little soul-searching that comes with the new year, but maybe more so when prompted by someone like Anonymous. If he or she has made you think and helped you grow as a person, then you've gained something most people can't from their encounters with blog trolls who want to degrade you for your opinion but yet won't sign their name to their own.

I love your blog. I may not always agree with everything you say, but I've yet to find another person I agree with 100% of the time. Hopefully more people will come to understand that blogs are personal expressions and if you don't agree, just don't return to the site... or find a way to reach out to the author through email or such rather than being hateful in the comment section. And I don't consider this a fan blog. I might have found your blog because of my interest in DC, but I kept reading because of my interest in your life and perspective on things.

Keep your head up! Praying blessings for you in 2011!!

Anonymous said...

Why do you attack anyone that differs with your opinion? Calling people idiots? When you post an opinion others may not agree. Time to grow up. If we all agreed on eveything the world would be a sad place. As for the Harris boys. You do not know what you are talikng about.

Canada Ray said...

I'm sorry for the trouble you are going through, I'm a follower of DC and I found your blog from CMweb site. What I want to say is that I enjoy following your blog and I think its important we all have opinions. I really enjoy seeing Dutch from your view..your doing a great job God Bless you in 2011.

V said...

CB, YOU ARE AWESOME! Love your view points and your blog. Not in agreement with some of your opinions (politics) but I love that you state what you believe in and stand by it.
Clearly, Anonymous, if you had any kind of real factual information you would not be hiding your identity and spewing hateful garbage. What you have, dear, are opinions and I think we all know where those come from because everyone has one.

Not "Anonymous" said...

"Anonymous" is an idiot. With every word, he/she looks more like a jackass. If you don't like the blog anymore, than go find another one, there are plenty out there. Pretty simple solution if you ask me. I'm sure all the facts will come out on the show, and each frame will be staged just right to make things look a certain way........wait, reality tv doesn't do that do they? Enjoyed the post CB, I look forward to the next.

Kimi said...

I am a fan of the show. But I also see the guys as real people, trying to make a buck. Partying occurs. Did it occur on the boat? who knows. None of us were there on the vessel when this went down. All we can do is speculate.

All we can do is hope all the boats go out, stay safe, catch their quota and come home to their families and friends.

Matt has already admitted to why he did not go up for Kings this season. I wish him the best of luck with his issues.

Can we keep the name calling to a minimum?

Erica said...

Thank You CB for all of the info you have shared. As far as the NW and the info about Matt I saw Sig speak recently and he was very honest about the suitation with Matt. No one is trying to hide anything.

Mary C said...

Good for you CB! Thanks for the info. Have you found any unusual sea glass lately? I hope you are feeling back to your old self soon!!!

WalmartInsider26 said...

to CB: keep up the excellent job of voicing your opinion.

to anonymous: nice job on voicing your opinions too. however, they are a bit negative. i believe that any type of energy that you send out, comes back to you 3 times. i wonder what has gone through your life to make you so bitter? i pray that one day you will see how this came to be, accept it, and move on (or as you said "grow up"). i wish you all the best.

Reading said...

CB - I love your blog and your opinions...though we may not always agree...this is your blog, therefore your right to say whatever you want to say...I feel for the Harris boys(any young man who is young enough to be my kid is a boy)...they not only lose their dad but they lose him publically and have to deal with the loss in the public eye...everyone mourns in a different way and they have to find a their own path in life now that their father is gone... I haven't been around much because I have been dealing with the loss of my father...I can only imagine the pain and stress the needle stick has caused you and it makes sense it has had far reaching effects on your are in my prayers and count on St. Michael he hasn't let you down and is always looking out for you...take care my friend...and keep posting I love your blog and the slice of life you choose to share with us from your little corner of the world...and apparently I am the only person in the world who didn't know Matt wasn't fishing on the NW this King season...I hope he can deal with his problems and move forward....

Anonymous said...

Hi CB! Happy new year! I've been following your blog for more than 2 years and still check in regularly. I will admit, I knew that something was up with your health, but I did not know it was a needle stick. Yikes! Prayers will be said to keep you healthy.
In regards to anonymous - clearly another ignorant moron who doesn't have a clue that these guys were fishing LONG before the catch and will be fishing LONG after the catch. Yes, I am a Huge fan of the show, I adore your up close and personal pics and the little bits of info you can give us on it, but, you're life is just as interesting as those guys. I've found myself tuning in for pics of Sunday brunch and where you've been on vacation, or the GORGEOUS sunsets/sunrise pictures you can provide more than just Deadliest Catch info.
Being someone living on the east coast, I had no idea about the Lisa Murkowski write in campaign and was grateful for becoming more informed that Alaska is much better than just Sarah Palin! lol.
anyways, I love your blog, please don't give it up and let the ignorant people go be ignorant under a rock!!
Best wishes and keep the faith!

Anonymous said...

CB, I am that MAN and CAPTAIN that you so want to judge from the BEACH in Dutch Harber. How much time have you spent in the Bering Sea, how many millions of pounds have you caught in the last 30 years in the Bering Sea and the Gulf of Alaska and the west Coast of the US. O nun just as i thought. so dont judge till you know the truth you where not there. Or any of your so called fans and follewers The boys would make there father puck if saw how they where this King Crab season. Phil was a great friend and fishing partner for 20 years. If you watch the show you would have seen him call them Ding and Dong and that he could have Better men then them. But he was getting to have time with his BOYS. I was only doing what he asked me to do on his death bed. Did you see the tape. NO YOU DID NOT. I DID. So a GAY CATHLIC REPUBLICAN, should learn not to judge till he has walked a mile in the shoes that where there.

walmartinsider26 said...

anonymous: (forgive me CB but thid has to be said) GET A DAMN SPELL CHECKER!!!!! your words are that of a middle schooler texting her friends and not of a reputable boat captain of the bering sea. if you are who you say you are, and you write like that all the time, then GO BACK TO SCHOOL AND LEARN SOME PROPER GRAMMAR AND SPELLING!!

Corey said...

CB, I love your blog and your updates! Thank you so much! Nothing but love for you in 2011!

V said...

I really hope that the person who posted as Derrick Ray (Anonymous) wasn't really him because that guy can't even spell right correctly! And we're expected to believe he is (was) the Captain of the CM??! Right.
Anyway, anonymous, why not post as Ray if you are him? You are not doing him any favors by pretending to be him. you kinda make him look....dumb.

Lodi said...

I have been "lurking" here for a while now and felt that I must post. Since I wasn't on the CM I don't know what happened or how it happened, however, I think that Jake and Josh have been through hell this year and if the Captain really wanted to take care of Phil's boys he should have called someone to help with the problem rather than calling the police knowing that Jake was fresh out of rehab. Give those young men a break and some time to grow up and they will be ok.
As far as lonely looking boats - The Cornelia Marie looked so sad sitting there and knowing Captain Phil won't be back. Excuse me while I go cry now!
BTW - I enjoy your blog very much.

Anonymous said...

Dearest CB, I am from Calgary, Canada and have been one of your faithful followers for a couple of years. There is not a day that goes by that you don't put a smile on my face with your photos, comments and stories. You have allowed a glimpse into your life and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. To your ney-sayers, there a million other blogs out there, go find another one and leave our CB alone! Again, thank you and may God Bless you always.

Lodi said...

I just read on the CM site that Freddie has left and gone over to the Wizard?! What's up with that? No Captain Phil and now no Freddie either? I hope Capt. Keith treats him with more respect than he does his other crew members.

Tara said...

I am afraid there has been more of a shake up... its been told on the DC fansite.. That not only is there another skipper, but a new deck hand...Freddie has left..he will be seen on the F/V Wizard...:(

valerie said...

Hello CB and all other DHD fans... CB, can't image what you've been going through with your health, tons of prayers have gone your way, so happy to hear you've crossed the path to a more positive thinking!
As for all the other issues you've had to deal with the last couple months, just need to remind those that can't enjoy or at least have a respectable response.. this is YOUR blob..not a DC blob, you are not a public official that is running for office, you are just a sociable guy that enjoys sharing your adventures with a few hundred close friends :) let them go read and post on one of a gazillion blogs out there with people that are are narrow minded as they are
We love you CB.. we love your photos, you're DC teaser.. even the Brunch photos..although they usually make me want to go eat! LOL
take care and keep posting, some of us are really thankful you share what you can
hugs and prayers

Anonymous said...

Would you like to retract your statements now that Freddie left the CM? I know both Josh and Jake, very well actually, and they are both unstable, wild little boys who got Derrick Ray fired for calling the police. Steve left because he was disgusted by their abuse of power.

Would anyone honestly stay on a boat where two immature kids would rather put recreational fun over everyone's safety? I have smoked pot with Jake (not my choice, he was at my party) and watched him and Natasha go into my bathroom with a lighter and some foil. Josh is almost as bad.

You are a fool. Your support is almost as blind as your faith.

gentle_sea_breeze said...

Anonymous, All I can say is WOW!! It seems you harbor some deep rooted hatred for the Harris men-that's right MEN not boys. It takes a MAN to admit he has a drug addiction & to seek help.

If you don't like them, why the hell would they be at YOUR party? Is it so you can come up with all this crap to get your own 15 MINUTES OF FAME?

Both Steve & Freddie were extremely close to Phil. Did you ever stop to think that maybe the memory of Capt. Phil was so strong that when they looked up in the wheelhouse & he wasn't there was too painful for them to keep working on the boat?

Sometimes, it is better to move than to live & work where you experienced painful memories.

CB, I love reading your blog. Keep up the good work & you sure as hell don't need to retract any statements.

Anonymous said...

what a hypercritical person calling them junkies while your sitting smoking dope at your place,sounds like a jealous thing going on to me.

Reading said...

I loved the not my choice can you smoke pot if it is not your choice...our friend Mr. Anonymous is certainly making some strong accusations...that I would guess are false, if you are so convinced that what you say is true and accurate then why are you afraid to sign your name...

Anonymous said...

I think you shame the right wing. "don't tread on us" Mr CB. You make us real conservatives look stupid. I was at the 9/12 march 2 years inna row cmom. Pot calling the kettle black a little much?

Lucy said...

From a neutral position and with all due respect b/c I'm not trying to flame people, but I think people are kinda going overboard on on the whole Anonymous thing and the whole, "Say your name if you've got such strong/mean things to say." position. If I'm correct - and please correct me if I'm not - isn't it CB's choice whether or not he allows Anonymous comments on this blog. Well, if someone elects, and it's their right, to hide their name - then so be it. If they have sensitive information - good or bad -, I can understand it. Now, whether not you LIKE what they have to say, is a different situation, b/c let's be real here, if these Anonymous writers (as there's obviously more than one) were coming out with amazing things about all the positive things happening - but still needed to hide their identity - no one would have a problem with them posting as Anonymous. Now, whether anyone should be spilling 'insider' info - good OR bad - anywhere on the internet, is a whooole other ball of wax. :) Food for thought.

gentle_sea_breeze said...

That's what is great about living in the U.S.A. We have this little thing called freedom of speech and we're allowed to write & say what we want without fear of prosecution.

But when someone makes accusations toward certain individuals without hard facts and evidence to back it up, it can be considered slander if it is spoken or libel if it is written. Is "Anonymous" hiding behind that label for fear of being sued for slander or libel?

I wouldn't be surprised if he/she tried to get a job on the Cornelia Marie the same year Josh joined and was told that the job was being given to Josh.

It never was brought up that Josh had a drug problem. From the start
it was always Jake who had the addiction. For "Anonymous" to say that Josh was just as bad sounds like he/she was grasping at straws to find something useful to post.

Anyway, that's just my feelings. I love the show, the men, & all the boats. I deeply respect the job that they do and give all of them kudos for working in such hazardous conditions to bring home the crab that I enjoy eating. said...

Thank you for sharing your insights as to life in Unalaska. I live in Arizona and am very appreciative of getting to see what life is like in your area of the world. Your pictures are beautiful and I hope that I can see some of the sights in person one day. Again, thank you for sharing!

terrig said...

CB, honestly I don't think anyone of us have always "played it safe" regardless of our sexual preference. I sometimes wonder that I've lived this long when I think back to the things I did in college and really into my early thirties. I also believe in signs such as the eagle and the St. Michael prayer.
Anyway, love reading your blog and have for a long time even though I recently only began to comment on it.
Hope you are felling better and know that there are a lot of people out here who enjoy reading what you have to say. I'm quite jealous though at the beautiful place you get to live and work. The bucket list includes your hotel.
A belated Happy New Year and God Bless.

Chrisley Colwill said...

What a great response! Well thought out -

Scott said...

Just a little insight into the CM, as I am somewhat close to the situation. Derrick Ray wasn't fired for calling the cops on Jake and Josh, he was fired because he also has a drug problem. Besides the drug problem, he led the boat in one of the worst king crab seasons the boat has ever had. Barely caught a thing because of his 'guidance'. If you can't find the crab, you shouldn't be a captain. I also am friends with Jake, and he is not the same person that he used to be. He is taking more pride in his duties on the CM. He knows that to carry on the legacy of his father, he needs to be a man. I have seen what he has gone through, and am proud of him for the steps that he has taken. I am not familiar with the Freddy situation, but if there were to be a person who knows the truth about it, I bet it would be CB. Love the blog and I will continue to follow it.

Anonymous said...

Six days isn't enough time to say " he led the boat in one of the worst king crab seasons the boat has ever had", You don't know what your talking about Scott.

Anonymous said...

thought you going to other blogs

Scott said...

How much crab did they catch anonymous? Yeah, looks like you need to shut your mouth.

Anonymous said...

Wait, wait, wait: you say nothing was found on the CM, when it was searched... but main stream media long reported that Unalaska officials found paraphernalia, but not enough to charge or connect Jake to a crime. I'm confused... nothing or something?

Anonymous said...

Hello from Brownsville, Texas! It was 82 degrees here through last week, and I enjoy viewing your pics with the snow in the backgound. I don't envy it, but can admire it from afar.

I don't watch the show on television, but I like to read about the "dirt" up your way... LOL!

On a brighter note...this was such an amazing post with the eagles pics. Are they seasonal, or is Unalaska their year round habitat? It would be well worth the trip to come up there just to view the birds (if they're around in the Summer).

Oh, and keep those pics of food a comin'!

Anonymous said...

You lot need to remove your rose-colored glasses and see the Harris BOYS (not MEN) for who they are. Just because something is on TV doesn't make it accurate or true. I know Jake very well. I'm not just taking fan photos with him in a 7/11 or whatever and posting them on a blog saying I'm friends with him.

1. Smoking some pot isn't nearly as bad as going into the bathroom to smoke crack cocaine. Which is what I saw Jake and Natasha going to do.
2. Jake went to rehab once, where he was more interested in banging fellow methhead Natasha, and then left only to get arrested a month later.
3. Josh beat his ex-girlfriend Kristin. Doesn't sound like much of a man to me.

Get your heads out of your asses.

Anonymous said...

@gentle_sea_breeze, please tell me the difference between posting under "Anonymous" and "gentle_sea_breeze" or "Lucy" or "John Smith". I still don't know who you are. If I posted under the name of Jane Doe, would that make my opinion more worthwhile? Please use your left cortex to do some critical thinking before you post.

I can see the scenario in my head now. "Mr. Police Officer, someone on a blog, among the millions of other blogs on the internet, is making fun of me. Boo hoo." Needle in a haystack much?

Anonymous said...

Scott, your friends with Jake, you said so. So you have HIS story. You probably have never caught a trout let alone fished crab, so again, you dont know what your talking about!

Great comments everyone. Slowly the truth is coming out.

Ive spent more time on this blog than ever lately. Nice to know other people are disgusted with some of the bad seeds on this show.

Michelle H said...

I have no problem stating my real name Anonymous.. I sure don't intend on running to the cops because someone has the IQ of a 2 year old... no that's degrading to the 2 year old...a 2 year old's mind isn't dead from doing dope... I'm sure not looking at anything thru rose tinted glasses...Anyone that does drugs and doesn't seek help is a TOTAL LOSER... Do you fall under this category?

BTW, my real name is Michelle H. from Liberty.

Anonymous said...

Ok Michelle H. from Liberty, how many cities named Liberty are in the world? How many Michelle H.'s are in the world? Yeah, you are still anonymous.

So anyone who does drugs but doesn't seek help is a loser... thanks for finally admitting you think Jake and Josh are losers. No, really though, your attitude towards a little recreational pot is primative and makes me laugh. Considering I compose myself better than you do on here, I'd say my IQ is lightyears ahead of yours. Have some pot and relax.

Michelle H said...

No your IQ isn't lightyears ahead of mine. I do know how to spell. Primitive isn't spelled primative. Jake admitted he had a problem and sought help for his problem so that takes a lot of courage.

I have a whole family of drug users- potheads, crackheads, pill poppers- the whole enchilada. I've seen what any type of drug can do to someone. You may think a little "recreational pot" is harmless but that's how most drug users end up going down the road of no return.

The feeling of euphoria that you can get when first start smoking pot goes away and it's just not giving you what you need so you turn to the next one to get high and so on.

That's what happened in my family & I saw it, witnessed it, & decided
it wasn't a road that I wanted to go down.

Keep thinking the way you do & about 20 years down the road when you're sitting in a nursing home with drool coming down your chin, unable to articulate a complete sentence, I'll be enjoying my retirement.

Anonymous said...

You are generalizing. Saying people who enjoy a little pot every now and then are destined to be drooling wards of the state by the time they hit 40 is like saying all black people steal and are on welfare. Or do you ascribe to that stereotype as well? Doesn't someone your age have anything better to do than argue with a 20 y/o on an irrelevant internet blog? In twenty years, I'll be able to move around without the use of a walker. You go ahead and "enjoy your retirement" on your deathbed.

zoe said...

i slept with jake a few months ago. guy's a pig.

Mekayla said...

Yeah right, zoe. I doubt that really happened.
Jake and his girlfriend seem pretty happy together.

Del said...

Anonymous I have a serious question for you. If what you're saying about Josh is true, why has his ex not publicly said anything about it? I would have thought that she would want people to know what he was really like and possibly warn others about him if he was abusive to her.

zoe said...

and you would know this how? not like you know them or me. but go ahead believing that jake is perfect and honorable or w/e. those of us who have lived in monroe know the truth.

Brian C. said...

Oh so you know Jake so well but you still had sex with him? You sleep with men even though you know they're pigs?
Maybe you should work on that before putting Jake's business out there.

Justin said...

Zoe why would sleeping with you make him a pig? Did he rape you? Was he violent?
If you agree and admit to sleeping with him, even though you know he has a girlfriend, then your just as bad as he is. Your not innocent either, so don't pass judgement.

zoe said...

ummm when did i say sleeping with me made him a pig? i didn't know he was a douche until during/after the fact. he's less than gentlemen like in the sack. i never said i was innocent and frankly idc about his girlfriend. she's a methhead who beats her kid. keep thinking he's some tragic drug addict with no one to help him lol. you couldnt be more wrong.

stacy cole said...

ur all obvious jealous that ur all old middleaged saggy tittied twats who couldnt get jake's spaghetti dick to fuck you so get over it~

Brian C said...

@Stacy Cole
Speak for yourself.

Kathy said...

stacy, what makes you say that?

Jacob T. said...

@Zoe, nobody said he was a tragic drug addict with no one to help him. I'm just wondering why your so bent on slandering his name. Everyone knows about his drug problem, but you seem to be just throwing in random useless comments. Who gives a shit if you fucked him. Congradulations, you got some attention. Now move on with your life.

Del said...

Zoe, how can everyone in Monroe know how w/e Jake is? I doubt that he has slept with everyone there.

zoe said...

jacob t., why are you so bent on responding to everything i say and sticking up for someone you don't know? you seem pretty defensive. maybe you are natasha. and i never said everyone in monroe knows him. i was in monroe, i knew him, who knows/who cares about other people.

Helena said...

Zoe, playing Devils Advocate here but if you know Jake, do you know Josh? If so, what is he like?

Michelle H. said...

No, I'm not generalizing anything.
I said in my comment that I have a
whole family of drug users and they
all started out the same way you are, just a little "recreational use". It happens to 90% of the people that start out smoking pot. Maybe you will be in that 10%
that it doesn't mean they have to
have a better drug to get high on.

As for your comment about ascribing to the steroetype that all black people steal and are lazy, why did you bring race into this? I have many good black friends who are very successful & hard workers. In fact,I had a great black friend who showed me all the steps on how to become an electrician without a college degree. Sadly, barely 3 months after I learned all this from him, he & his wife passed away, she in February 2010 & him in April. He & his wife were great friends of mine. I had known them for 18 years
and my occupation is like that of a crab boat...we all traveled together for 8 months out of the year,were around each other 24/7 and when I lost them it actually felt worse than when I lost my cousin.

So, in answer to your question, no I don't ascribe to that stereotype.

Anyway, I hope the best for you and whatever your occupation is, I pray that God keeps you safe and you have a long life.

Jacob T said...

Zoe, actually I only responded 1 time so don't flatter yourself.
And it just annoys me when people make up shit and throw out random info just for attention.
Why did we need to know that you slept with him? How was that relevant to anything we were discussing? Everyone was discussing something and you just come out of nowhere basically saying "oh btw I had sex with him" Grow up. It was stupid and pointless.

Kathy said...

Zoe,you said "those of us who have lived in monroe know the truth"
So that IS saying that everyone in Monroe knows him and/or slept with him. I guess you forgot about that little comment.
Next time remember, A good liar should always remember his story.

zoe said...

@Jacob t, people were discussing jake's character. i know him, therefore i have a better idea of his character than you or other random internet bloggers ever will. get over it.

@kathy, way to take something i said so literally. are you that desperate to keep jake on a pedestal? you are an anonymous internet user, your opinion means nothing to me. see ya.

@helena, i do know josh and he's very nice. my sister dated him briefly before he was on deadliest catch. i also met his ex kristin on several occasions and she had nothing but good things to say.

Jacob T said...

zoe, yes we were talking about Jake's character, and you still felt the need to let the world know that you had sex with him. I don't think that Jake is a saint or anything like that at all. I'm just saying that your statement was completely unnecessary. What does his sexual history have to do with anything?

Debra Trojio said...

Zoe is that your real facebook page that is linked with your name?

Anonymous said...

Her profile says she lives in London!!
Lol Cover Blown!

Anonymous said...

I think Zoe just picked up stuff from Natasha's FB. Natasha has made status updates saying she doesn't beat her child. From reading her posts you can see that she has had some issues with the child protective services agency in WA. I just always assumed it was due to her drug use and thats why she got clean. Again that was an assumption. I think we all make too many assumptions. Once the show starts airing in April we can make our own observations as to Jake's sobriety. Its pretty obvious if he is high, you can hear it in his voice and see it in his demeanor and actions. If he seems high then we will know Captain Derrick did the right thing, if not then we will question Captain Derrick motives and judgement.

Mary Allen said...

Yes Natasha posted that because on that website, someone made a rumor that Natasha beats her daughter and that her and Jake are using heroin and that Jake is not really out fishing instead he is back in rehab for sex addiction.

She found out about the rumor, so of course she was upset, and thats when she posted it on facebook basically telling people to get a life.

zoe said...

@anonymous, i said several times that i LIVED in monroe. in fact i went out of my way to say that. i'm sorry you have literacy problems.

i don't even have natasha added lol. since you apparently have access to her facebook, check her friends list.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't waste anymore time trying to convince these old ladies that Jake Harris is a douchebag. Those of us who don't have our heads up our asses know the real deal. People of the last generation don't understand young adults of today. I'm so glad I'm young, successful, and attractive and would actually have a chance with some of these dudes, if chain-smoking menial labor workers were my thing. They wouldn't want some fat old wrinkly bitch who rides a Davidson to her 7/11 job. We all need people to pump our gas though I suppose.

sugarbaby said...

All I can say about these comments is WOW! And I thought it was the Timebandit and their issues everyone talked about.

Anonymous said...

"People of the last generation don't understand young adults of today."

LMAO, it's so funny that you would use that phrase!

Look @ what our young generation dedided was best for the country
in the last presidential election.

We voted in a very liberal
Congress that decided that we must pass this "stimulus" bill before the economy gets any worse. Here we are 2 years later and the unemployment rate in my state still stands @ 10.6%. Some stimulus. Instead of focusing on creating jobs, Congress decided that Health care reform was more important. This was passed before any of them even read the damn bill!! I don't know about anybody else but I don't need a government telling me what I have to buy.

Speaking of the "stimulus bill", we are so far in debt to China that
it will take 4 generations to erase that spending bill.

So if a socialistic governement is what is in store for our generation of young adults, I think
I would rather be apart of the old
people's generation. At least they were able to live their lives without "Big Brother" monitoring their every move.

Anonymous said...

Well since you know Jake so well, I doubt he likes you very much either.
I don't think the kid is perfect. But you talk about him likes he's the worse person on the planet.

Anonymous said...

I'm not reading that essay of a comment. I don't give two shits about your political opinion. This is a Deadliest Catch blog, not a platform for you to spout your conservative Republican bullshit. This is 2011, I'm a young liberal atheist. Get over it grandma.

Anonymous said...

Evidently you did take time to read
the comment becuz otherwise you wouldn't have known what it was about.

Where does it say that this is a Deadliest Catch Blog? I think(could be wrong) CB has talked politics on this blog.

It really is funny that when someone adopts a conservative viewpoint, they are automatically labeled OVER THE HILL & called grandma & grandpa. I'm a young conservative with mixed views on religion. I'm glad we all have the choice on who we want to be.

Dissenting opinions are what makes this country great.

sallysmith said...

I come in Peace. For a few years I have enjoyed reading this blog-I had the great pleasure of visiting Dutch Harbor three times. I Loved a man who worked part of the year in Dutch for 5 years. Sadly he had a heart attack in Dec of 2009 and passed away. Like Phil harris my sweetheart smoked cigarettes-in fact he and Phil were smoking buddies.after my first visit and meeting CB I started reading this blog and so enjoying it-An update from CB with pictures and eagle videos is such a treat!!! reading this blog made me think of happy times with my precious guy. Today I started reading the comments and I am apalled-first of allThis is not a Deadliest Catch Blog--this is a blog about the beautiful sights and sounds of Unalaska. it is a free country and you two waring factions can go on fighting your fight but my heart hurts for you both. Phil harris was a dynamic wonder ful guy the few times I met him he was kind and genuine and when my sweetie died he was one of the first I heard from--I will continue to pray for his boys because believe me I know about loss and the first year of a loss is pure hell-But also the war of writtens words is toxic--it does no good-I sign off probably never to write again but remember this isn't just a deadliest catch blog------A million thanks to you CB for the time you take to share with us the wonderful place you call home

Anonymous said...

Thank you Sally for that well thought out comment. This is a blog about the CB's beautiful home, not about Deadliest Catch.

My heart goes out to you for your loss. Last year was really rough
for me as I lost 4 people that I loved dearly and my heart still aches when I think about them. You are right when you say the first year is the hardest.

Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

this is a deadliest catch blog. bye

Anonymous said...

Wow. ^ How old are you? Like 10

Anonymous said...

still a deadliest catch blog. bye

sallysmith said...

I can't believe i am here again-I had never posted on a blog and I promise myself this will be the last -what I meant to say was I am a fan of CB and thesweet people of Dutch Harbor. This blog has news of the Deadliest Catch but it also has so much more--If you were a true reader of this special blog and not a poster with your own agenda you would know that. Thousands of people all over the world read this blog for the pictures and CB's wonderful descriptions of everyday Dutch Harbor life and his world travels. His pictures of a castle in Scotland were fabulous!!!!!! Ithink he has spoken of an adolescent eagle almost as much as he has talked about the crews on the Deadliest catch. News flash not everyone is obsessed with the Deadliest Catch!!!!!!!! Take the time to read CB's past posts it will enrich your life

Anonymous said...

Seems like the one anonymous hasn't opened their one track mind about this blog.

Anonymous said...

this is a deadliest catch blog. BYE

Kiera said...

I like have no life like can't u like tell by my like childish comments like. This is like a Deadliest Catch blog. Like BYE!!

Word ^ anonymous. Broaden your horizons and start using your brain before responding and sounding childish.

Anonymous said...

still a deadliest catch blog. bye

lsitom said...

Hi CB. Virgin here, wondering if you might keep an eye out for the Rollo. My man's on her for the first time crabbing, normally he's on her for tendering season. He did king in Oct., but I know weather's been wicked this year for opies. Would love if you could catch a shot of her after they're done @ St Paul & heading home to Ballard. Should be dropping pots in Dutch in the next week or so, hopefully.
Don't know if you knew, but I guess DC's given cameras to other boats like the Rollo to film their own footage, w/ DC to decide on whether to use it or not. I don't watch much myself anymore, but it would be nice if it got back to more 'catching' and less 'baiting', as in less drama may get the better ratings they've been losing. My guy tells me the egos of some regulars are really pathetic.
Love your pics, interesting politics (tho definitely not mine), wish you well with your health, and will enjoy reading your future posts.

Anonymous said...

@ Isitom I don't know how you think the show is losing viewers as last year they had the highest ratings for any show according to statistics.

lsitom said...

@ Anon, you're right, that it has the best ratings for a cable show, but not "any" show. That was following Phil's death. I stand corrected. I had heard that there are concerns of the ratings dropping because of the drama ensuing from the falling out between Sig & co vs Disc Channel on their new venture/off-shoot show. Maybe I should have said the 'potential loss of ratings'.
Sorry to have offended the almighty Anonymous.

sugarbaby said...

Isitom: I think you have a valid point, but you will never convince some people otherwise. My entire family use to watch the show. Now, it is just me. They have become bored with the antics of some and have commented that is more about personal drama, than what was original intended. I am not speaking of Phil Harris. He was my favorite of all the captains, and the only one that never seemed to lose who he truly was over the years. He remained unchanged by the popularity of the show and the celebrity status that came with it. I feel terribly for his sons, not only for the lost of their father, but for the world having to watch and never let go. I wish people could just let Phil rest in peace and his sons could move on. It seems a heavy burden for them to carry. So many opinions, so much to live up too, it must be exhausting for them. I am by no means saying they are not responsible for their actions now, but it is a tremendous pressure to be under a microscope all the time. I wish them well. As far as the other captains, I still like the Wizard and the Kodiak even though they don't get the attention the Northwestern and the Timebandit gets. And I find that these are the two boats that have changed the most. They have become arrogant and somewhat self absorbed. I couldn't make up my mind if it was ridiculously funny or just plain pathetic when people posted to help save the Hillstrand Brothers from possibly losing the boat when they were being sued, then you see a post to come listen to Sig Hansen and the Hillstrand Brothers for a mere $75 a person.Get you ticket now!! Oh!, lets not forget the Geico cup Andy held up every time there was close up of him. Are you kidding me. I especially didn't like the way Johnathan treated Russel, his good friend and Keith, another captain, and remember Shea Long. I liked them a whole lot better when they were just fisherman. And one final thought. I think it is great that some of the other boats have cameras. I remember the Rollo, the Farwest Leader, the Maverick. I would like to know how these boats are doing as well. Good Luck to your guy. I hope he comes home safe and with a big paycheck.

Anonymous said...

The drama is the best part. If it was just about the fishing I'd be bored as hell. I watch TV to be entertained. Not see some guy pull up pots for an entire hour.

And actually, Jersey Shore had the highest ratings for any show last DC season. Sorry.

Another Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous, the name of the show is Deadliest Catch, not Drama on the Bering Sea. Drama is what happens on the side. Maybe you should stick with Jersey Shore as it seems to be more your pace, and let the rest of us watch the crab pots come up. You do such a good job sounding like an idiot, maybe Jersey Shore could find room for you on their next season. Oh, but they probably wouldn't want a troll like you. To each their own.

sugarbaby said...

Please stick to watching Jersey Shore, anything else including Sesame Street is far too intellectual. I didn't realize Jersey Shore was drama, I thought it was stupidity at its best.

Anonymous said...

Aw, did I hurt your little feelings? You must be new to the internet. Get your wet nurse to change your adult diaper and get over it ya cunt.

Anonymous said...

What a moron.... Why would you assume a person is old or new to the internet because they don't like Jersey Shore. You're a simpleton with a limited vocabulary. Grow up or at least try to sound a little smarter than you are. If pulling up pots bores the hell out of you, why watch D.C. at all.

Anonymous said...

Yes, your brilliant use of the words "simpleton with a limited vocabulary" has converted me. I now have shut off my cerebral cortex and will not apply brain power to complex situations. Rather I will react in a high and mighty, eat shit attitude that will label me a low-grade moron my entire life. Hey you useless slit we'll stop caring and obsessing when you do.

Another Anonymous said...

Wow. Somebody's got some issues! Tell us, Anonymous, in your oh-so-eloquent way, just how stupid the rest of the world is that we are so deserving of your opinion, which may enlighten us to (your?) broader views and make us understand that drama will make the (your?) world go around and somehow make the (your?) world a better place. Oh, and PLEASE throw in more insults to show us how much better you are than all of us other fans of CB's blog, oh, oops, this is a Deadliest Catch blog, oh, OOPS! WRONG AGAIN! It's Anonymous' blog, and we need to be schooled on that fact!
Just a suggestion, get some therapy and stop hating so much.

Anonymous said...

What are we all 10 now? Its a good thing to have different opinions, but the name calling. Calling someone a cunt because they don't agree with you. Wow! Enough already.

Anonymous said...

you wish. you dirty jew. you fucking yeast infection. shes as fake as they come. the real girl has NAKED pictures with martin short in it. i want to throw everyone that commented in this into a boiling pot of feces and then I want to pour them out before their skin bubbles and shit like that and I'll roll them in the street and sprinkle salt everywhere and then mow them over with one of those lawnmower type things you sit on like in CANT BUY ME LOVE and then, i'll smear jizz all over everyone and pickle them with onion juice and slimey clit fizz. :)

Why dont you eat a banana, you battered horsefly? HUH?
the truth is your real reflection is so gross that you resemble one of the bananas- in pajama character things after theyve been fucked by bums on the corner for fourteen years and got the mumps so their faces swole up. the truth is you're so ugly i couldnt pimp your ass for a carrot.


Anonymous said...

exactly who are you referring to?

Anonymous said...

Awesome pics!!!

Hell is this high school? A bunch of people here are worst then a bunch of gossiping teenagers.

Daniel said...

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Bloviating Zeppelin said...

CB, glad to read that your health is okay. That's a blessing but I can certainly understand the long hours I bet you lost with no sleep.

That written, I can only say this: it is a testimony to you that you've let these comments stand. Further, the comments say all things necessary about the various commenters themselves. I can't be any more plain than that.

You take care and be safe.


Jeff in KC said...

CB, although I am an avid reader of your blog, I am not here to judge, period. I thank you for all of the insight you give. When I would type a question into Google (Derrick Ray Fired?, for ex:) yours is one of the first sites to pop up. I found this wonderful blog after Captain Phil passed away. Thanks for your time and devotion. Your pictures are breathtaking and your videos are inspiring. Thanks for being open, honest and doing what you do. I apologize that it's taken me this long to acknowledge you and your work. Godspeed, brother.

Anonymous said...

WOW, if you all only knew what was going on at the 2011 catchcon. Jake and Josh are not the ones that you should keep your eyes on.

Anonymous said...

So what was going on and who should we be keeping an eye on? :D

Gio8005 said...

I've been watching the show since inception and before when it was just part of discovery. I'm not here to judge, I am very far from perfect. But whomever thinks jake is not a pot head is in LaLa Land. You could tell from day one. also find it strange that his father had a stroke right after Jake told him he was an addict. Just Saying. Be honest with yourself.

Anonymous said...

^IDIOT^ I'm having a hard time understanding what role jake smoking marijuana or not played on his performace on the ship, or how it affected the piss poor crab count. Are all crabs over opinionated perspectiveless fools who heard that there was "pot" on the boat and said theres no way we're getting in those pods. Captian derrick is a fucking bitch he was just looking for any scapegoat he could find to take the attention off his pathetic performace as a captian and his inability to do the only thing that he was paid to do, which was find crab. Derrick Ray is just a looser and always will be. I wonder what would have happened if he found a fifth of wiskey instead of a pipe.(btw i wasnt impressed with the way jake handeled himself after the fact)

Anonymous said...

Born2Hard in Anderson,S.C.
Hellava blog
From the beginning,I've watched the Deadliest Catch.
The May 24th episode reminded me why I sold my tool and die business.
For 20 years,I had to deal with the "jake harris druggies".
Zero,m/fing tolerance on my part.
jake harris was revealed to be a sneaky,2-bit,pint-sized twerp,slivering away from the boat.
Take it to the bank;jake harris is a born liar,thief and druggie.

Anonymous said...

I was willing to give Jake the benefit of the doubt and I certainly had my doubts but leaving the boat before it was offloaded or set up to dock for a few weeks, leaving his possessions behind and refusing to take a blood test surely laid my doubts to rest.
Quitting the season after a week of fishing blue crab? Come on, it took the other boats longer to find red king crab and they are easier to dial in on then blue king crab.
Those young men really are not cut out to be fisherman and need to get off that boat before something else tragic happens.

Anonymous said...

CB I was really enjoying your blog until I read your comments about Obama. I wish stupidity was painful and crippling. Then people like YOU couldn't spew there biased ignorant political views on blogs such as this. Obama may be a lot of things, but dumb is not one. Obama was a Harvard Law Review editor/graduate and our President. Too bad that needle stick did not do the trick on a prick like you. won't b back so no need to post a reply


This is for all my Original Boats,
Cornelia Marie,Time Bandit,Northwestern,&Wizard all of you stay safe out there & if it gets a bit rough out on the Bering Sea then you should know whose {Spirit}is with you during those rough waves as in 20 to 30 foot waves.You know why because I know whose Spirit it is.Yes!! I went through the same thing some 26 yrs.ago while I was doing 4-seasons on a Trawler myself we had the same beliefs just as much back in the day as it is in the Present times.I really enjoyed those years out on the Gulf Of Mexico more than ever.I Love all of you & all of you are in my Heart ,Thoughts,&Prayers.Truly Yours Always,Lori H-Smith 7th. Oct.2011


On this night here in South East Texas I'm recoverying from being a Care Giver for 71/2, 24/7,& now I'm trying to enjoy life a little at a time now.As for anyone else such as all of {my as I consider them as my }Original Boats that are very much up there in Dutch Harbor now.Hey!! All 4- of you Capts.Sig Hansen,Johnathan & Andy Hillstrand,& Keith Colburn I would truly ewver so Appreciate it if all of you would send me 4-Letters so I can finally get my Book Published in which it will be In Loving Memory Of Our Capt.Phil Harris Of the Great Cornelia Marie Boat.Please!!! send me those Letters since 3-of you already has my Home Address & my Home Phone Number as well.Listen everyone they really do have all of that & I have been E-Mailing them as well.THEY know who they are & they are the 1st.3-Captains that I have mentioned above.I have Cared,Respected,&Loved everyone of them,but all 4-of htem hasn't returned any of the above as I have for them.You know that Capt.Phil Harris would never do me this way I do know this for a fact.One other little detell is that I can almost understand Josh & Jake Harris,because of their Dad passing away last yaer like my owbn DAD passed away onthe 24th. DECEMBER 2010.I still would like to talk to them & to their very Wonderful Grandfather Capt. Grant Harris as well.So,Guys!! can htis be done & Please!! give me a reply in my E-Mail Box & all of you know how to get there.I really would've Loved to be up there in Dutch Harbor 2 years ago,but my 2- Gentlemen Passed away on me ,including JB Turner's Sister Betty was killed with JB as well.Don't ever think I don't give a Damned about any of you,because I do & have,as all of you haven't shown me the same in return.I haven't Been There & Done That all of my life on different things as in Jobs,so no one don't come back to me & tell me that I haven't ,because I'm a Female remember I was in the ARMY & I served my Country & was willing to Die for my Contry as wel some 19 yrs. ago.God Bless All Of You.Truly Always ,Lori H-SMITH 8TH. OCT.2011


On this night here in South East Texas I'm recoverying from being a Care Giver for 71/2, 24/7,& now I'm trying to enjoy life a little at a time now.As for anyone else such as all of {my as I consider them as my }Original Boats that are very much up there in Dutch Harbor now.Hey!! All 4- of you Capts.Sig Hansen,Johnathan & Andy Hillstrand,& Keith Colburn I would truly ewver so Appreciate it if all of you would send me 4-Letters so I can finally get my Book Published in which it will be In Loving Memory Of Our Capt.Phil Harris Of the Great Cornelia Marie Boat.Please!!! send me those Letters since 3-of you already has my Home Address & my Home Phone Number as well.Listen everyone they really do have all of that & I have been E-Mailing them as well.THEY know who they are & they are the 1st.3-Captains that I have mentioned above.I have Cared,Respected,&Loved everyone of them,but all 4-of htem hasn't returned any of the above as I have for them.You know that Capt.Phil Harris would never do me this way I do know this for a fact.One other little detell is that I can almost understand Josh & Jake Harris,because of their Dad passing away last yaer like my owbn DAD passed away onthe 24th. DECEMBER 2010.I still would like to talk to them & to their very Wonderful Grandfather Capt. Grant Harris as well.So,Guys!! can htis be done & Please!! give me a reply in my E-Mail Box & all of you know how to get there.I really would've Loved to be up there in Dutch Harbor 2 years ago,but my 2- Gentlemen Passed away on me ,including JB Turner's Sister Betty was killed with JB as well.Don't ever think I don't give a Damned about any of you,because I do & have,as all of you haven't shown me the same in return.I haven't Been There & Done That all of my life on different things as in Jobs,so no one don't come back to me & tell me that I haven't ,because I'm a Female remember I was in the ARMY & I served my Country & was willing to Die for my Contry as wel some 19 yrs. ago.God Bless All Of You.Truly Always ,Lori H-SMITH 8TH. OCT.2011


I'm coming tonight to say I'm very glad that there will be an 8th.Sea-son of the Deadliest Catch,word got to me by a good Freind {I will not say who let me know that is betwwen us }.I also know that Cornelia Marie will be back this next Opilio Crab Season.My Love to all of you Capts.,Crew Members,& the Discovery Channel as well.Yes!! I do say a great Prayer for the whole Production & Directers of Discovery ,because they all "Too" take their on lifes in their hands just to film this very High profiled show for all of us to watch every Season,so everyone just think about what I have just said.As for all of the Fleet no one wiil never know who comes back or are they all coming back to the docks after each Season just as much, but yet all of them mostly do come back.God Bless All Of You.Truly Always Lori H-Smith 9th. Oct. 2011

Lori H-Smith said...

fI wanted to let all of my Original 4-Capts.know that I'm in the process of going on ahead & try to do something with this Book that I wrote,but I've already have talked to 3-other Publishers & they had told me that it would be very nice of you-4 to sned me those Letters for it would most exceptionally help get this Book of mine& Phil's out much quicker than any one of you will ever know.They also said to me to let all 4 of you know if all of you were very reall old Freinds & Fellow Fishermen,also if all of you still have that deep RESPECT for Our Capt.Phil then there should be know problem with all of you sending me those Letters.You Capts.know who you are:Sig Hansen,Johnathan& Andy Hill
trand & Keith Colburn.So,Please!! send me an E-mail on this to let me know.I still know all of you are still getting ready for this Saturday's Launch of King Crab Season.Are Someone up there in Dutch Harbor who knows all the well give them this message,Please!!! I would ever so Appreciate it very much.I really need some help to get this Book I wrote out some all of you will be able to see how Our Capt.Phil,the other Capts &Boats,along with Dutch Harbor,Alaska,Deadliest Catch &Discovery Channel all together came to be in our Book {such as Capt.Phil & I's Book.God Bless All Of You.Truly Always,Lori H-Smith 11th.Oct.2011



This goes to all the following Boats that launched their King Crab Season off on this day.F/V Time Bandit,Northwestern,Wizard,
Kodiack,Sea Brooke,&Ramblin'Rose.
All of you have a very safe one & bring in some large quotas of crabs.I Played the Theme song to Deadliest Catch in all of your Honor Tonightas well as two for Our Capt.Phil-You Give Sweet Love By:Steve Forbert & If I Could Walk On Water, By:Eddie Money.So every-
one have great fishing.Your in my Heart ,THoughts,& Prayers.Yours Truly Always,Lori H-Smith 15th. Oct.2011 Watch out for those vicious waves!!!


To all of our Guys!! who have been out for about 2 days now.If you go by the Rock Pile along the way Please!! let our Dear Capt. Phil that his Close Freind Lori would very much would like to come out to give him one of my Military Salutes that he so well deserves!! I love All you Guys!! more than all of you know,so take care out there especially you Capt.Johnathan,I want to let you know I'm ever so Grateful,if you don't know what I mean just give me an E-Mail in my box.I also,truly want to say a very much Hi!! to the ever great Sea Star & to Capt. Larry Hendrix,I know you are just a runners boat now,but back in your HeyDay!! you were quiet a great Crab Fisherman as well.Our Phil had told me that while we talked all those Months before his passing away.Yes!! Capt. Larry I truly Miss our Capt.Phil & I Loved him very much ,he did know all this as well as I knew how he felt about me just as much.You!!Capt. Larry you stay safe.I will be thinking of all of you Guys!! One more thing I will let all of you in on is that I'M really not that hard of a person to get along with,all of you think about that while out there Crab Fishing.God Bless All.Always,Lori H-Smith 16th.Oct.2011

lasit0 said...

Yeay! My guy's on the Rollo and they caught their (very small) quota in ONE WEEK! Left last Fri, limping into Dutch as I write. She had her main engine overhauled this past spring and is having some issues. Time Bandit was closing in on them, should beat her into Dutch. Short one this fall, but they've got an 800+K quota for the Opie season, so they'll make up for the quick trip then. My man said weather was great, so was the crabbing. Glad to hear they're heading home.
Hope all's well w/ you, CB, and have an awesome vacation!


This is going to Jake Harris I'm here to wish you the most Happiest 27th. Birthday.I truly hope you will Enjoy your very Special Day even if you may be still out on the Bering sea King Crab Fishing.Your Dad Capt.Phil would've like this as well I wish I knew where to have sent you a card for your Special Day!!I know you & Josh truly Miss & Loved your DAD vey much & you want to know something I truly did as well.God Bless All of you .Stay safe.Truly Always, Lori H-Smith 21st. Oct.2011


I'm coming tonight to say I truly hope all the Captains,along with their Crew Members are doing alright,as they are going through King Crab Season.For those who don't know up there in Dutch Harbor,Unalaska,&Anchorage,Alasks.Ihave been trying to get 4-Letters from 4-certain Capts. as in Sig Hansen,Johnathan &Andy Hillstrand,&
Keith Colburn.Why? you ask well it is because I have this BOOK that I had wrote while our Capt.Phil Harris was still alive .Yes!! Phil already knew about this Book of mine & he was going to help me get this Book Published after Opilio Crab Seaon of 2010,but as all of you know Our Capt. Phil didn't make it RIP my Dear Close Freind for now I have been trying to get these 4-Letters from them ,but now I have been Threaten buy Capt.Johnathan Hillstrand's his now MySpace Fan Page.Whoever this person is as no right to do this.I had recieved an E-Mail by this person telling me I had Better leave these 4-Capts,Josh & Jake Harris,including Phil's Dad Capt. Grant Harris as well.All of you want to know what this is being done because Phil is no longer with us & now that I'm sick in which I've had a Heart Attack w/4-Mini-Strokes last year & this year I've had 3-Mini-Strokes this but a lot more Powerful.I woke up today spitting up Blood if it gets worse I will go to the Hospital.All of you see were I'm headed on this.I have been left no choice by Capt.Johnathan's Asst.whoever claims all I want is attention ,but it is the total oppossite,I'm just asking 10 minutes the most for those the way this will be the last time I will speck of this not because of the Asst. it is becuase them 4-Capts.are not worth anymore of my Breath.They also have shown me what they think of Our Capt.Phil & Me as well.So,as I've heard along with my Husband as well knows everything about Phil & I as well as what my Dear 1st.Cousin JB Turner was going to do for me back in 2009 of JUly.We have also heard Capt.Keith Colburn sat this"Treat those as you would like to be Treated"so as it All 4-Capts.feel like they don't have to shoe me any kind of RESPECT as Phil had showed me from the very beginning of our Very Close Freind-
ship & Yes!! Phil & I always told each other that we did Love each other after every phone call.Yes!!I diffinitely would've been up there in 2009 King Crab Season COOKING for Phil &all the Crew Members of the great Cornelia Marie.Hi!! to each of you up there all of you live in such a very Beautiful place.God Bless All Of You & the Gentlemen's Club as well.Yours Truly Always,Lori H-Smith 22nd.Oct.2011 P.S. I guess also they don't Tespect me as being in the Army as a Military Police either,among other reasons.


One other thing I didn't mention is that Our Capt.Phil knew that I was one of them by me going out in the Gulf Of Mexico during the summer months for 4-seasons as well,but I guess they really don't want to reconize this as well,as this was done in my early to mid 20's some 26 yrs.ago.Now is that showing me any knid of RESPECT or is it the fact that I'm a Lady who done this & not a man.As, I said in the first comment this will be all I'm going to say about those 4-Capts.They really need to bring their heads out of the clouds.As for as I'm concerned I'm not trying to be anyone that I'm not,you take me as I am or you can go to { BLAZES!!!!!}Always Truly Yours,Lori H-Smith 22nd.2011


One other thing I didn't mention is that Our Capt.Phil knew that I was one of them by me going out in the Gulf Of Mexico during the summer months for 4-seasons as well,but I guess they really don't want to reconize this as well,as this was done in my early to mid 20's some 26 yrs.ago.Now is that showing me any knid of RESPECT or is it the fact that I'm a Lady who done this & not a man.As, I said in the first comment this will be all I'm going to say about those 4-Capts.They really need to bring their heads out of the clouds.As for as I'm concerned I'm not trying to be anyone that I'm not,you take me as I am or you can go to { BLAZES!!!!!}Always Truly Yours,Lori H-Smith 22nd.2011


One other thing I didn't mention is that Our Capt.Phil knew that I was one of them by me going out in the Gulf Of Mexico during the summer months for 4-seasons as well,but I guess they really don't want to reconize this as well,as this was done in my early to mid 20's some 26 yrs.ago.Now is that showing me any knid of RESPECT or is it the fact that I'm a Lady who done this & not a man.As, I said in the first comment this will be all I'm going to say about those 4-Capts.They really need to bring their heads out of the clouds.As for as I'm concerned I'm not trying to be anyone that I'm not,you take me as I am or you can go to { BLAZES!!!!!}Always Truly Yours,Lori H-Smith 22nd.2011


One other thing I didn't mention is that Our Capt.Phil knew that I was one of them by me going out in the Gulf Of Mexico during the summer months for 4-seasons as well,but I guess they really don't want to reconize this as well,as this was done in my early to mid 20's some 26 yrs.ago.Now is that showing me any knid of RESPECT or is it the fact that I'm a Lady who done this & not a man.As, I said in the first comment this will be all I'm going to say about those 4-Capts.They really need to bring their heads out of the clouds.As for as I'm concerned I'm not trying to be anyone that I'm not,you take me as I am or you can go to { BLAZES!!!!!}Always Truly Yours,Lori H-Smith 22nd.2011

Anonymous said...

This Lori is a whack job!
I think you need to get out in the fresh air (from your basement, that is) before you get slapped with a harassment suit. Get some therapy, or see your doc. I'm sure he could help with these delusions of yours.
You've got some SERIOUS issues!
And, BTW, I really doubt those "Capt's" of "yours" have the time to read this blog. Maybe you should start your own since you obviously love the sound of your rants.


Hey!! Anonymous This is the person inwhich you had called me a Whacked out person & no one cause Lori !unless you know me well! okay! you are a tremendous Whacked out person yourself !! if you you thinkyou can judge because you & none of those Capts.have nothing to worry About ,You why because I already have two Attorneys in Houston,Texas that do have my go interest.Besides you down right Idiot I alresdy know the Capts. can't read while they are doing their job out on the Bering Sea,They can read them later if they want it makes no Damned difference to me at all .So,Anon ymous put your Opinion on a north end of a south bound Mule.Also,I have been reading some of your comments as well so I truly think I'm not the whacked one you are.So,don't come to me about Harrassement,as I think you are the one who need alot of Therapy!!
If you Can't put your name up that shows me that you are a Coward!!So, just leave me along or I will contact my late cousins Freind that he has known for 40 yrs. or more,Besides the Attorneys.As of noe I consider you Harrassing me,so Leave me along if you know what is go for you.You Got It if you don't then I will take out Crimenal charges against you & other people will get in volved as well.You Honestly don't really know who I am.You are such a big Fool for doing this in the first place.Please!! go get Theraphy yourself as I knoe you truly needit just like a few more people I know.It is obvious that you do more ranting & raving your self.Lori H-Smith 24th. Oct.2011

Anonymous said...

Like anyone would be crazy enough (like Mrs. Smith there) to put a name out here and invoke the wrath of this psycho-cyber-stalker (again, Mrs. Smith, that would be you).
Please leave your crazy goings-on at your own pathetic attempt of a blog.
You are dis-missed!


This goes to all the Crab Fishing Boats as follows the Northwestern,Time Bandit,Wizard,
Kodiack,Sea Brooke,& Ramblin'
Rose.I truly hope each of you had a very great King Crab Season.I wish the each of you the very Best.I will also include the Cornelia Marie although she wasn't out this season,she is still my Greatest boat & there will always be that sense of Our Capt.Phil Harris still sitting up in the Wheelhouse taking her out for the 2-Seasons.As for the rest of the Fleet I also truly hope everyone came in well & safe.God Bless All Of You & I truly do Love each of you like Brothers,Sons,& or Cousins.Always,Lori H-Smith
30th.Oct.2011 Have A Happy Halloween up there in Dutch Harbor,Unalaska,& Anchorage.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^^^^^Psycho's back^^^^^^^^^^^

Anonymous said...

Damn! I thought they got rid of her. She doesn't seem to get that this is a blog about CB and Dutch Harbor. This is not a direct line to Deadliest Catch.
Hey, Crazy Lady, go to the DC blog to post your crap! Your postings are personal for the cast there, that's where they belong. We REALLY don't want to see your barely-literate, psycho-babbling craziness here!
And she says she wrote a book! That's a good one!


If someone doesn't put some kind of CONTROL!!! on Anonymous then I will have my people to take care of him personally,I know you are a Man or a SHE/HE at the same time.Tell me do any of you people up there in Dutch Harbor want to get RID!! of me,because this poor thing needs to be put in a RubberRoom on a floor & be locked away from any of us very much Sane people out in this world.Even this YAHOO!!doesn't have no Respect in someone who was willing to Die for their Country as me being in the Army & A Military Police!! So,Anonymous just leave me along,you are the one making your ever Beautiful place of Dutch Harbor look bad I'm not the one don't you people see this Anonymous is making Dutch Harbor look very Bad NOT ME!!!ALSO,you have no real Respect for our Capt. Phil Harris either or his Family & his other Freinds,including Capts.& Crew Members just as much.So,Carlile if you continue to let this person do this on this web site,then I'II say this over-grown Fool will continue to do this to me,the rest of the true decent people & Dutch Harbor look really Bad.God Bless All of you up there in Dutch Harbor & leave all the Deadliest Catch out of this if you know what is good for you just as much.Always,L H-S 31ST.Oct.2011

Anonymous said...

Freakin' Harpy from Texas.
Control yourself, you crazy nut job.
Nobody cares who you are or what you've done.

Anonymous said...

Ding-dong,the witch is gone!
Which old witch?
The wicked witch!
~sing with me~
Happy Thanksgiving all!
Am lovin' the pics CB. Looks like a good time...

Anonymous said...

Its 2012 and after 8 yrs of fishing jake&josh are just now learning to throw the hook? Why should derick teach these guys? They chose to goof off and party instead of learn. They should be deckboss/engineer after 8 seasons, but they are still choice. Why should anyone waste time trying to teach them? They had 8 yrs so far to learn plus they're father was captain. Derick Ray owned the Siberian Sea. The baddest nicest boat of.the fleet. Stop the bleeding heart crap for this video gamer, lazy,crybaby, generation.

Anonymous said...

hey your blog sucks dude huge waste of time, oh and cause there were no incidents does not been the boys r not using. thats an absurd assumption to make. I'm not quite sure where you pulled that out of. what would a person do if they had something to hide, stay under the radar obviously. And just cause the test came up negative does not mean anything. Not that hard to mess a test up. and just to let all you people know normal drug tests dont even show drugs like fentanyl cause its fully synthetic, even methadone clinic's have to send it out to specials labs to get it tested. and it is probably one of the strongest opiates you can get prescribed. And the best way for urine tests are instead of a person standing there, like how methadone clinic's do it just put a camera right there instead of a person.

Anonymous said...

Oh and one more thing the reason the captain takes it so seriously i dont think you have ever been in a situation like this but let me tell u a story of my first hand experience. I have a friend who worked on a great lakes freighter, and some how a heroin addict passed all the tests, so anyways they were tying the boat up and the heroin addict which know one knew about, well he had nodded off, when working a winch fell on it tightened the steel cable and cause of that my 21 year old friend can pretty much never work again cause he lost his hand at the dock. THATS WHY IT IS TAKEN SO SERIOUSLY.. now he is on disability for the rest of his life all because of some idiot.. THATS Y sorry for being rude but u really pissed me off

Anonymous said...

Whoever this anonymous person is talking shit about the Harris boys is a FUCKING MORON and absolutely has no idea what there talking about. Hey anonymous, like the great Bob Marley once said,"Who are you to judge the life I live but before you start pointing fingers, make sure your hands are clean. Didn't your parents teach you respect while growing up, obviously not. Show some fucking respect. ALEX

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tony said...

Wow. First time blogger. This is really crazy. Busybodies and little if no lives. Leave negativity out of blog. No worries here. First and last blog. Anyone can be found in this digital age...anyone.