Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Time Bandit Returns to Dutch Harbor, and the Christmas Decorations come down.

Got A heads up call from the Most Knowledgeable person on the Island on Saturday that the Time Bandit was headed in. I just had time to put on some shoes and a Jacket and race out to catch these photos of the TB passing Hog Island on the Way to Captains Bay.

Gosh it has been cold, and Rainy the last few days. And it is that Kind of strong wind that just seems to suck all the warmth out of buildings and Chill you to the bone. I actually had to turn on the Heat at my Apartment! (For those of you Not Familiar with Unisea Apartment Buildings, the heat is usually so warm in the hallways that you do not need heat in your Apartments)
Thanks Miss Veda for the Info!
And Now that the Feast of The Three Kings has passed it is time to take Down the Christmas Decorations. I always keep them up till this Day for the Strong Russian Orthodox Community on the island who celebrate this Day as Christmas. I have a great respect for their traditions and the wonderful friends I have among their congregation.
I tried this past year to include a few more Russian Orthodox decorations,
Like these wonderful Statues graciously lent to me by Gina the Sales and Marketing Director.
Hopefully next year I will have even more. Maybe one of the "Starring" Stars above the Fireplace. If anyone knows where I can get one please stop by the Hotel and Let me know. Also I would like to Include a Yule Log for Solstice and maybe a Menorah. Hotels should be places where all people feel welcome, especially at this time of year.

The Lobby looks so Empty!! Thanks to all my Workers who helped! Maybe next year I will try to sneak putting it up a week earlier! I do so love Christmas!
In Other news I have seen all the Captains and a good portion of the Crews for the Deadliest Catch Opie Season. They all look really good and rested after the long break between seasons.
And Yes, I am really happy Freddie has joined the Wizard, And NO, it had nothing to do with a fight with the Harris Men. That is his story to tell. I'll see if he wants to share it but I think it will be shown on the show better than I could in a few Brief Words.

Have a Great week Everyone!


Anonymous said...

CB, my name is Ornree. This summer I gave Mike Fourtner an American Flag to fly on the TB along with a return envelope for him to mail it back to me. By any chance, if you see Mike (or any other crew member) could you please ask them about my flag and whether or not it has been flown.


Chrisley Colwill said...

Great narrative and great pictures - as always!

DeanO said...

Great pictures - I truly enjoy your blog - it brings me home to King Cove, AK

CrazdDreamer said...

Love the pics of the TB of course, but I think I love the fact that you try so hard to make sure every religion has a place in your lobby during Christmas. That's honorable. Thanks!

Mystic said...

I put my tree up the first weekend in November because I love the festive Christmas season so much. I know you are incredibly busy right now. Hope you are feeling well.
Oh..I love the new featured picture..beautiful.

Mary-Anne Bandita Swanson said...

Love the look at the Time Bandit and the Christmas decorations. Wishing all a Happy new Year and for the boys smoothsailing and full pots :)

Kimi said...

Good for you, letting the tree stay up so long. Hope the wind calms down. Good to hear the crews and captains made it up there safe.

mamawas said...

your decoration skills are admirable Brian.
Love ya

Kerry said...

I understand how sad & lonely it looks in our house... our tree came down last night 1/10 :(
Thank you as always for the updates & fantastic pictures. Happy New Year!!

"Seattle" Heather said...

@ Ornree, if you have access to Facebook Mike has a facebook account, you might be able to message him and ask him?

CB the Christmas decor sure looked nice. Having a Russian background, I liked the decorations you put out!
In regards about Freddie, do you really think DC will show us why he left? IMO I would think it would be hard to be there, to many memories.

Margrita said...

CB what wonderful pictures thank you for sharing them. The lobby does look empty without the tree but soon other holidays to decorate for will be here. I like the new Russian decorations you included this year next year i hope you have even more of different cultures decorations. Stay warm and out of the wind have a great week.

Reading said...

The decorations were beautiful and the work to put them up and take them down is worth is...we skipped Christmas this year so we had very minimal decorations...pulled the tree out of the box and plugged it in....now if we could just get some of that snow that is going around the US I'd be a happy camper....

Anonymous said...

You don't have to "get" a menorah. An appropriate arrangement of candles on a platter will be just fine, but the bigger the better. If you plan to light them, one the first night etc, you'll need 40 altogether. Light bulbs would do too.

Cailin said...

I've been checking out your blog for some time now, but haven't commented. Thank you for the fantastic pictures and great stuff you post! For a Utahn that will probably never get to see Dutch Harbor, it's really nice to get a peak at the beauty of it!

P.S. I'm also a fanatical lover of Mountain Dew :)

Lori said...

I've got to get my decorations down this weekend. Been a way for a week, so looks like I'll be busy this weekend. Hope you are well - will email you.

terrig said...

It's so nice to know that someone else was raised right-the decorations come down AFTER the Feast of the Three Kings! :) That's when they came down when I was a kid and that's when they come down now that I am the adult (although my husband has yet to get the wreaths off the second story windows).
Love the TB pics too (my favorite boat).
Hope the New Year is treating you well and that you are feeling better.
take care,

spaniel said...

What is a Starring Star? I'm going to Latvia this spring. They sell alot of Russian stuff in the markets in the Baltic. I have enjoyed your blog so much over the last couple of years. I would be happy to keep my eye out for a Starring Star. But, I cannot figure out what it is from the internet. Google directed me to tattoo sites, so maybe you were joking about the Starring Star. If so, you got me! Congratulations! :)

I also think it is wonderful that you keep the decorations up for Russian Orthodox Christmas, and would like to include more Russian Christmas decorations for your friends. So, if a Starring Star is really a tattoo, I could look out for Russian Santas (aka "Father Snow," at least that's what they call him in Armenia, which also has January 6 as Christmas.)

spaniel said...

By the way, in Sweden January 13 (St Knut's Day) is the traditional day for taking down the Christmas tree, so you were early!

This weekend, some Swedes had celebrations where they danced around the Christmas tree and sang before the tree came down.

Anonymous said...

I love looking at the pictures. Thanks for sharing.

sugarbaby said...

I was confused about what happened with Freddie and the CM. I was very surprised he left. I hope all is well with him. Even though it seems the Wizard is not as popular as the CM or the Timebandit, I really like them. I thought Keith was hilarious when he was in New Orleans, especially when he went in the voodoo shop. And who doesn't love Monte.

Catch61pl@Comcast.net said...

Hi! Everyone up there in Dutch Harbor,Alaska.I do know that this is one of the most Beautiful places
at the end of this world.I was suppose to be up there in 2009 to meet with Capt. Phil Harris of the Cornelia Marie,but I myself had an Family Emergency back down here in Texas.Capt.Phil & I stayed in touch with each other on up to him having his Massive Stroke on what would have been my 1st.born son's Birthday & his passing as well,he would've beeen 32 yrs.old last January of 2010.My Dear 1st. Cousin JB Turner helped put in the 815 mile Alsakan Pipeline in the late 1960's & into the 1970's as well as did some oil drilling farther up there as well.I've always Love Alaska & especially up in Dutch Harbor itself, that's where my cousin spent most of his time back in the day of the Pipeline being laid-out.I wanted to let everyone up there know that they are in my Heart ,Thoughts,& Prayers.God Bless All.Always,Lori H-Smith 29th.Sept.2011


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God what a really Gorgeous
place it is up there at the very top of the world.God Bless All Of You Up There,Again.Also to the whole Fleet God Be With All Of You as well,Truly Always,Lori H-Smith
29th.Sept.2011 What a very Cool place.