Saturday, January 15, 2011

Deadliest Catch Update, Meet the New Captain of the Cornelia Marie, Long Distance photo shoots, The Oncoming Storm, and Eagles!

So, it has been my policy for a while now that I will NOT give out secrets or surprises that could spoil the show. I also do not take personal requests, as I learned very quickly that my entire day would be occupied with them and not my job. So, I still feel obligated to pass along info when it comes my way and will not Compromise the show soooooooooooooo......

Meet Tony Lara, The New Captain of the Cornelia Marie! He started on the Cornelia Marie 20 years ago working as an engineer, he moved on from there to have a long career on other boats such as the Seabrooke and Fierce Allegiance. Still he was there when the Boys and Cornelia asked and I am very happy to wish Him the Best of luck. (I know you will do better than the last!) Thanks Miss Veda for the Photo!

There has been lots of photo shoots over the last two days once the wind died down so we saw all the boats sipping though the Harbor, Buying groceries at the stores and the like. The Time Bandit even did some great fireworks out at the spit the other night. Would have been nice if they let the town know about it, at least so the kids could see. Maybe if they were to act a bit nicer to the people in town there might be a bit less animosity between the Town and the Crews, and the film people would get a bit more corporation. Oh, and they need to take the Silly string away from the TB guys. Clean up of that stuff is nasty!

As of right now, the Time Bandit and the Wizard have taken off, The NW and the Cornelia Marie are supposed to leave tonight, and it looks like the Rambling Rose is going in for some repairs.
Good Luck to all the guys buy know that I am saying special prayers for my buddy Freddie's first trip on the Wizard, though I know Keith will take great care of him!

Speaking of Photos shoots it was an interesting afternoon the other day when we spotted a helicopter hovering over by the Crab Pot staging area across the street from the Hotel.

Looks like many of the Captains and crews were assembled for a shoot I think they entitled "Heroes"
Here is some video

Good shoot, and for once all they had to do was take the quick walk back to the hotel and the nice new comfy beds awaiting for them.

We had a nice dusting of snow this morning, and the temperatures had dropped so much that I was shivering when I took this next video

So, As I mentioned in the past Storms roll though the island in Waves, and the Following shots, Entitled "The Oncoming Storm" (It's a Doctor Who Reference BTW) show how quickly the weather Can change up here.

From Blue Sky to grey in just minutes. Enjoy the Week everyone!


JIM said...

C/MARIE and n/western with chase boat leaving now

Mystic said...

Thank you for the introduction to Capt. Lara!
I am thrilled that Freddie is aboard the Wizard, and I too pray that his first trip is a smooth and safe one. I know there is an amazing amount of respect for Freddie aboard the Wizard.
Great pictures and video! Thank you for sharing.

Margrita said...

CB thank you for the picture of Capt. Lara.I wish all the boats a great safe season with full pots.
What cool pictures and video of the photo shoot thanks for getting them and sharing them. I love the video of the eagles that are magnificent birds. Wow the skies do change fast hope you stay warm and out of the storm. Have a great week

mamawas said...

the helicoopter staged shots look visually very interesting!!
Welcome to the new Captain Tony and Freddie is such a consumate fishermen he will excel on the Wiz!!
Happy January, daylight is increasing.

Been there done that said...

Good luck to Capt Lara. The TB boys do love their silly string. Johnathan hit Scotts truck with it in the parking lot of Astoria the morning I was leaving. LOL Thanks for the gorgeous shots. Love seeing them

Anonymous said...

Could you get in legal trouble with Dealiest Catch? Do they own Dutch Harbor? Or are you just trying to be nice to them. You can't get in legal trouble for Ms Veda, can you? Who is she and what does she do and why is she so close to crews? Just out of curiosity do you have text messaging or unlimited texts in Unalaska?

Anonymous said...

The helicopter was there for the behind the scenes picture of the camera crew...which is why the helicopter was so low so it will also be in the picture.

Carlisleboy said...

I have to walk a fine line about what I put on the blog about the show. The Captains and Crews as WELL as the Original Productions who actually film the show are GUESTS of the Hotels. That is a responsibility that anyone in the hospitality industry holds dear. What happens in a hotel, stays in the hotel; Think Vegas which is basically a large hotel writ gigiantic.
Also, I am a fan of the show and do not want to do anything to damage it.Finally I am now friends with a few of the guys and what they tell me is private, not to be shared. I know pretty much all that is happening on the show, but since I learn about it at my job or through my friends it is not proper to put it up on the blog.
I got upset a few weeks ago and felt I had to defend my friends from some shit that was flying around on the blogs. I know what I believe, you can all make up your own minds.
No, Unless I sneak on a boat or steal some footage I could not get in legal trouble with OP. It's about respect, and I respect them. Case Closed. Oh, And the Island is owned by the Native Corporation, and I have a good relationship with them.
Miss Veda is one of the Greatest women on the island and I count her and her Husband Tom as very good friends. She runs Bering Sea Electronics and Office Supplies which is right near the Hotel. She knows everything that happens in town, sometimes she is almost prescent! She's pretty great!
Yes, We have texting and cell phones. I actually text quite a bit.And Yes I have an unlimited plan.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, that was a super answer. The only question I have is what you meant by "steal some footage"? You mean their footage or some you took? I'm thinking of a person like Kenneth Newhams from or Dennis O'Hara from who post ship video as a labor of love on their sites. Kenneth Newhams abandoned his life to move there (Duluth, Mn) and be near the ships and even goes on them and eats with crew and capts sometimes. Thanks for answer on texting. I hear that internet is slow, but I can't determine if it is that way for whole Island or if its' possible to watch any video at all.
I'm falling in love with the place (Dutch) partly by watching the other Dan's streaming cam. I understand you are getting a transatlantic cable soon and will have broadband. But with unlimited texting I could still do twitter until that happens.
Oh ya and I couldn't find out if you had internet or video on phone there.


Kimi said...

roflmao. Who is Ms. Veda. ok, giggles out of the way. Great photos! Thank you Ms Veda for the photo of capt. Tony! Love the shots of the 'behind the scenes' shots. so is that a 'behind' the "behind the scenes"? We've hit below zero here in New England. Hopefully the season is successful and quick for the crews! Thanks for all the updates and photos CB!

V said...

Thanks so much for introducing Capt Lara! I love the pics of Dutch you put up, and the "feel" of the town that you bring through with your words is fantastic. Small as Dutch Harbor may be I am definitely making it one of my must-see tourist destinations :) Preferably not while the crews are in town, much as I love those DC guys I have a feeling that the place is different when they are in town.

Ed Balde said...

Thanks for the update and my compliments on your bolg

Anonymous said...

I see now your earlier humorous post on Ms Vedas new office sign. I had seen it before but didn't put 2 and 2 together. I also now see that the advertiser and police blotter has her name on it. Now I'm wondering how everything that happens at the hotel stays at the hotel with her right next to you. LOL. I'm still scratching my head about "stealing" video. Dennis O'Hara and Ken Newhams probably are saying, we're not stealing anything because it doesn't belong to anyone. I guess it's different when you're dealing with customers. But if some retired person moved up there and took video I wonder how that would go.

Carlisleboy said...

Not Stealing video that way.
Oh, BTW Never leave the comments on 13 even if you have to .............

Carlisleboy said...

.............Split it up in two comments. No, What I mean is we find video tapes all over the hotel and turn them in, wither from checked out rooms or in the lobby. That would be stealing video.

For those of you asking the New Unalaska/Port Of Dutch Harbor visitors guide has passed Final approval with the CVB board that I serve on and should be available soon, like a month or so. I will let you know when. And Yes, Summer is a much better time to come than Winter. Late July-August is probably the best time.

Anonymous said...

that's funny. you meant 13 comments? 13 has really been good to me the last few years. funny you should mention that today. good omen.

Lori said...

Thanks for the update CB and all the interesting info. Can't wait to see the Capt of the CM and I'm sure Freddie will be just fine on the Wizard. Anyone would love to have Freddie aboard. Your blog is the best and you always post with the upmost integrity - it goes without saying - you are appreciated! Eamil me when you get a chance (I know I'm one of those - ugh!) - just hoping that you're feeling a-ok!!!

Anonymous said...

prescent! Cannot find that word in the dictionary CB. What does that mean? And I do not know everything, Hehehe.

Jackie from WI said...

Hello-and thank you for all the updates on the Deadliest Catch, love the show and love reading all your updates. Myself and a friend from work always make sure to check your blog, usually while we should be working...We both love your pictures, what a beautiful place to live! We were both curious...what is the name of the hotel you manage? It's beautiful and the Christmas decorations were awesome! Anyway, just thought we'd say hello, and thanks again for the updates!

terrig said...

CB, thank you for introducing us to Cpt. Lara, I hope he has a great season. I hope they all have a safe and successful season and pull in lots of money.
Loved the photos and video and the inside baseball you can give us.
Have a wonderful day & thank you again!

Jared said...

Another great post CB, really enjoyed it. Thanks.

Maritime Helicopters said...

I'd like to see what photos and video Dan got. He was in the helicopter filming the shot for Original Productions.

They were out there taking the production 'Crew Shot' and some behind the scenes footage, they do it every season.

The helicopter was included as part of the crew this year.

Carlisleboy said...

Sorry, I spelled it wrong or spell check corrected it...
–noun knowledge of things before they exist or happen; foreknowledge; foresight

valerie said...

As always, you give us just enough to keep us coming back CB! thanks much for the peak.. wish everyone had the same respect for their jobs and their friends as you show. much as I love reading your blog, think I'd miss Mike Rowe's commentary haha

wishing our new captain and all the crews (no matter what boat their on) a safe and great Opilio season. I wonder if Discovery/Original productions have ever thought of giving us an update show? it would be great to know where some of our old favorite crews are and how they are doing. I'm sure people changing boats its something that happens a lot.
Anyway.. thanks again CB, have a great day!