Monday, May 25, 2009

11PM Sunshine, Text Alert, Saint Michael Drops by?, and the song to CD's Sweatshop...

So, this picture serves two purposes. The "Greening" of Bunker Hill Continues AND this picture was taken from my Bedroom Window at 11PM last evening. Still Sunshine and Blue Sky!
SOOOOO, at 7:30ast night I got a text from Junior and Juno "Take a Picture of the Sky. NOW!"
I ran downstairs and outside and caught these shots..........
Now, I am not going to "Wish" for bad weather or anything like THAT from Saint Michael The Archangel, but does anyone else notice the simuliariaties between the next photo.......

...........And This one? Just Saying...that's all.

And NOW, by popular Request, The Theme Song to CD's Sweatshop!!
sung to the tune of
- Pee Wee's Playhouse

Come on in, and pull yourself up a Bench (like Alena!)
Let the fun begin, it's time to let down your hair!
CD's SO excited,
'cause all the children have been indentured (that's you!)
To go sewing at CD's Sweatshop!

There's a crazy rhythm, comin' from Puppetland (what that?)
Dirty Dog, Cool Cat, and a pig R the Puppet Band (yeah!)
Troy's got a couple of frying fish,
and a CB who'll grant a wish -
Golly, it's cuckoo at CD's Sweatshop!

AG's spinnin', Junior's grinnin',
'cause Juno is walkn' by (hello!)
The eagles are singin', the texting Phone is ringin',
and the Home School family goes, "Hi!"
Dills is scorin', Manderzz still a snorin',
there's the flashing Blogger Screen,
The Bossy is so classy, SP is kinda sassy -
A nuttier establishment you've never seen!
Spend the day with CD and you'll see what we mean! (Come on!)

Get outta bed, there'll be no more nappin'! (Wake up!) Manderzz
yu've landed in a place where anything can happen -
Now we've given you fair warnin'!
It's gonna be that kind of evenin' -
For bein' wacky!
For getting nutty!
Golly, it's cuckoo!
At CD's SweatShop!
Have a great Memorial Day Everyone!!


cookie dough said...

They're not puppets.... they're cute little stuffed animals...hmmphhh I'm gonna be a millionaire :)

cookie dough said...

You changed your pic!! NICE!!

Carlisleboy said...

Yeah, I need to get up there and take one with the new Logo on the Mt Dew Can!

mamawas said...

clouds are spectactular

Reading said...

Love the new could use a coke can in it, though!!! LOL what else can you expect a Georgia girl to say.......have a wonderful Memorial Day....

Margrita said...

Nice picture CB needs your trademark friend Mt. Dew LOL.
CD is going to make millions with her sock critter sweatshop. She will sell them to all the blogger followers LOL. CB awesome song you come up with some of the best things made me bust out laughing. Thanks for sharing the cloud pics. Have a great Memorial Day

gbbarb said...

I fear you are a bad influence on cookie dough, sock puppets are evil. Oh wait, I love the Muppets, never mind. Yes, I have had a few drinks to celebrate Memorial Day, why do you ask? (I'm drinking the blue ones since my friends are drinking red ones and no it has nothing to do with political affliation just are favorite colored vodka, how long can a run-on sentence be?)


Thanks for the counter Bro! Lvoe the new pic, missing the Mt. Dew - how could you????

Kim said...


cookie dough said...

wish I'd had as much fun as gbbarb yesterday...I was deep cleaning and packing all day!

Weather is looking fine out there :) Just need to burn off that layer of clouds!!

MaryC said...

Love the new picture. It will be perfect with the MD can on it! Do you have the new Mountain Dew Throwback up your way yet? It has real sugar not high fructose yummies. It's just not the same....

Country Girl said...

Love the new pic but it is odd not to have the Dew in it, CB! And the clouds looking like Saint Michael....beautiful and amazing! Great song! LOL!

Country Girl said...

This is jagercrosbyswench, btw! lol new official blogger type name! HA!

Carlisleboy said...

You FINALLY got one that works all the time now "Country Girl"?

gbbarb said...

Hey cookie dough, some day I'll come up there and we will drink pretty colored drinks and make fun of CB as he sits in front of us. I'm not evil, LOL

cookie dough said...

I'll drink pretty colored drinks I love to do that!! :) No making fun of CB though...CB is PERFECT (and he's super-smart and sarcastic!!) making fun gets one nowhere....just have fun with him it's much better

Carlisleboy said...

GB and I have this adversarial relationship CD, At least until I get her pics of Jake Harris........
THEN she will be all sunshine, Roses and Chocolate Covered Strawberries to me!!

Kim said...

Im dying to meet CB in person. He is one of my favorite people in the world that I have yet to meet lol. I would love to meet you and Alena! too CD. You all sound like wonderful people up there. If I ever win the lottery Im so there. CB check your email. Found something

gbbarb said...

I don't think I'm programmed to be sunshine, roses and chocolate covered strawberries, ok maybe the chocolate part.

Besides we aren't really adversaries and this is how people in my family show they like you. Yes, it is a very weird but very functional family.

I don't know what I will do you pick on you after you get the Jake pic but I will find something and there is always the 13 thing.

Have a pretty colored drink for me you two. : )

rubyg236 said...

you never say any thing about me so sad