Saturday, May 9, 2009

April and Dimitri Off to Anchorage, Lunch, and The Great kids of Unalaska at the Career fair!

April and Dimitri are off to Anchorage.........
.......But not before a nice lunch with at least one of the other bloggers on the Island. Check out her site at
Short Post today, Pretty busy all around, but I wanted to show some of the Fun we had at the Career Fair at the School the other Day. I have lived all over and I must say that I find the kids of Dutch Harbor/Unalaska to be some of the greatest around. So polite and kind, and just as jazzed over getting little bars of Hotel Soap as they were over the Massive Amounts of Chocolate we were handing out.

AG's Daughter MS
Junior and Juno
Dills and Friend
Manderzz and her "Possee"

And just a group shot, Lots more pictures Tomorrow.

In other places that I have lived the kids would have had to pass through metal detectors and they would have had to separtate certain "Clicks" or "Gangs" from one another. Not here. These kids and This school is what every school in the country should be like!!!

Who could imagine? A Norman Rockwell Community perched on an island in the middle of the Bering Sea. Yeah, there are problems, (Alcohol being a big one) but for the most part this is just one of the best places I have lived in my whole life!

Lots more tomorrow!!




cookie dough said...

We have great kiddos here, and a great school system too! Great to see so many businesses participating in the Career Fair too. You were a hit! I have enough soap to last for a couple years ??random.
I did buy 3 gifts for all my moms...real mom, step and in-law. And sent cards. I also bought myself 2 pairs of glorious shoes from Garnet Hill and made brunch reservations hmppphhhhh... I do have a card on my table from the boat guy!

Reading said...

CB I was just telling Aunt Freida that you have really found a home in lucky is that to live in a great place, with great kids and judging from your blogs a newfound family...

Margrita said...

CB that is awesome the kids look happy. glad you had a god career fair. What a great home you have found in Unalaska can't wait for the big Mother's day brunch.

Fizz Wood. said...

It sounds ideal CB!
the sea, the beauty of an island, great kids, Its what everyone dreams of isn't it? :D

Akutan's April Dawn said...

thank you for everything!! I don't have internet access up here.. but when I do I'll make sure to check in! :)

~April Dawn~

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