Thursday, May 21, 2009

Where does CB Live? And A Unisea Party

SO, Some people have been asking Just WHERE does CB Live? So I circled my Apartment window in the Above Photo.
It is quite close to the Unisea Bar where we have many of our Revels, which is shown in the above photo.
In this photo you see most of the Unisea complex, though the Crab Plant is cut off and the Grand Aleutian is hidden behind Arch Rock. (CD and I walked Bunker Hill the other night when everyone else was too lazy too.......) What is Unisea?
UniSea, Inc. is one of the largest seafood producers in the world, with primary processing facilities in Dutch Harbor, Alaska.
I don't know if any of you have been fortunate enough to work for a company like Unisea, but though I grouse a bit at times it is one of the best places I have ever worked. Like so many people expressed at the party last night this place is all about the "Family" you make here.
What Party you are asking? And Where was your invite? Sorry, it was a small party for Unisea Management to Celebrate Tom Enlow and Don Graves Anniversary of 20 years with the company.
We had to keep it VERY quiet since Tom is the General Manager of the Hotel and that is where the event took place.
Thankfully Tom's Wonderful wife Erin kept him "snowed" till they walked through the door. "I was wondering why there were so many Unisea vehicles coming to the Seafood Buffet....." And here is the "other" 20 year Man, Don Graves and his great wife Chris. As you can see behind them MANY Liquid refreshments were available..........and throughout the evening Our Fabulous President and CEO Terry Shaff kept up the spirits with rounds of The Famous "Dutch Harbor Duck Farts".
We all could eat the Regular Wednesday Seafood Buffet, PLUS Rich and His guys made up some Truly Amazing hors d'oeuvres .
Now I am not a huge fan of Sushi but I will say the Kingfish was excellent as were the mini Lobster tacos...........
..........But the Kobi-Style Beef blew them all away. Melted in the mouth Like Butter!! AWESOME Job Rich and all the Restaurant staff!!
Terry Shaff the President and CEO of Unisea is Relating some great stories of Unisea's early days in Dutch Harbor with Tom and Don.

And Finally Tom telling some of his favorite memories.

It was a wonderful night and I felt priviliged to be a part of it!

Have a great day everyone!!


cookie dough said...

I know you're sad to have missed 3 hours of band kids to eat kobe beef with the bosses!! Some of my favorite folks there. Man Erin looks HAUGHT!! Mandrzz takes full credit for the hair-do!

Margrita said...

CB what a great selection of food KOBE beef is great I love it. Love the picture of your apartment, Unisea, and the area puts it all in perspective for us. I hope you are able to see our CD and family off, to give them that good travel vibe.

mamawas said...

I am glad your employer is a good guy CB!!!
Thanks for sharing


CD, I cannot believe that I will not meet you on my trip to see CB!

I am soooo sad! I guess CB will have to keep us busy!

cookie dough said...

Sad sad CB's little sis...I have treats to send home with you. I will be snoozing in Wrangell while you're here. It's a good town for resting!

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Had to do it some time -- just placed your link in The Usual Suspects blogroll.


Carlisleboy said...

Thank You BZ!! It is an Honor!!

rubyg236 said...

well i hope all have fun up there

rubyg236 said...

we miss you here cb

David Barnes said...

I remember when they both had hair...