Wednesday, May 27, 2009

New Pictures of the Runway For CB's Little Sis, CD LEAVING *SOB* and Manderzz Quotes.....And The Burn Barell AGAIN? REALLY? WTF?

UNFORTUNATELY it was a beautiful day Yesterday so CookieDough's Plane got off with only a slight delay.....

And Now some shots of the Runway CB's Little Sis and Nephew will be landing on in just 30 days..



And END!!

CD and Alena! joined me for lunch yesterday. They had soup and Veggie Burgers.....I had the Wonderful Spinach and Pine Nut Stuffed Pork Loin.

CD is all smiles but the rest of us are Bummed. Just look at Poor Alena!!

What WILL we do without that smiling face for 7 weeks? Alena! and AG better come up with a plan because CB is all upset and pissy!!

Dills was in a Robin Hood/Jolly Green Giant Outfit for the plane yesterday........

.....While Manderzz was Not smiling until I said that I would take back her "Emergency Chocolate" for the plane ride.......

.........Then The smile came out!! Just talked to CD and Got some Wonderful Manderzz Quotes while they are driving around Anchorage Today:
"It smells like burnt Carmel, I am used to Ocean and Fish!!"
And Said with wonderment
"There Really is such a thing as rush hour!"

OF COURSE Junior and Juno came to see CD Off. They are SUCH good kids.......

..........too bad they gave CD ANOTHER idea for her sweatshop by wearing the Hats their Art Teacher makes!!

If they start knitting they will NEVER be allowed to sleep!!

Miss You Already CD!!

OK, and One Final Thing:

Deadliest Catch Folks: LOOSE THE "BURN BARREL"



MaryC said...

Hey CB I know what you mean about the burn barrel, that's got to go. Sorry to see Lenny go. He will be missed. Were you near any of the pie throwing at Andy? That was funny!

Alaska Steve said...

Bri, what's the "burn barrel"? Help a brother out that doesn't watch . . . .

Kim said...

Oh you gotta watch Steve. it was horrible and stupid. We know they aren't that damn chummy with each was overly staged and quite ridiculous. I will miss Lenny. I know you are a fan of the Wiz...but seriously...for a boat not known for their pranks...the greenhorn initation was a bit staged as well. Loved the fireworks though. interesting spin on the fire hook.

AlaskanDave said...

Whats that in Juno's mouth, looks like a fish hook....did Junior put that there...?

mamawas said...

Ditto what Dragonrider (Kim) said.
Take care CD on your adventures

Margrita said...

I agree with you CB the burn barrel too staged looking and silly it needs to go. I liked the whip cream pie but when I saw it I thought "oh no they are gonna get whip cream all over CB's hotel,"... LOL. Cheer up CB the time will fly and CD will be back. Maybe CD will post some pics of her vacation on her blog so we all can see her. Love the great Manderzz quotes. I am glad you will get to visit with your little sister soon. This will help pass the time. Oh no I see CD planning a knit hat sweat shop next LOL. I sent her a couple of boxes with items for her to start a sweatshop in Wrangell. I was good I included some nice pay incentives Manderzz will be very happy. LOL

Meghan said...

Agree with you Kim, but a good majority of the fan base don't know that and think they are chummy with each other. I don't think it an age old tradition as they state it is, I think it is something that Oringal Production thought of and all of the captains agree to it or where force to do it because of contractual agreement.

What about the captains' bet? If Sig and Phil as good as they state that they are, than at least one of them should of won one of the bets or been in the hunt for it.

snowymistyriver said...

Hey did you ever find what happened to dave Millman ? their's been lots of depate about it.

Maskerade said...

Cheer up CB, she will be back before you know it. I agree the whole burn barrel thing seemed staged. I have seen guys hang around burn barrels. If one or two of the guys from the show were hanging around with other fisherman or someone from town it would have been more believable.

Kim said...

CD I want some hats if you decide to make/sell them!! Love the quotes btw. Steve its definitely something to watch, kinda like a bad accident you just have to peek..bad editing not show in general!!!Have to say I loved the pies, but yeah I cringed cuz I was like OMG CB will be in charge of cleaning that mess up. Same with the silly string in an earlier epi lol. Juno has a piercing in her lip. Looks funky!

Reading said...

The burn barrel in my opinion is just stupid...put them back in the bar, at least when they were there they looked like they were enjoying themselves...I love the orange cap...get busy on those can sell them online to tose of us in the lower 48!!!


Yay 29 days!!!

cookie dough said...

Manderzz also noted about "rush hour","I thought it was a joke!"
hehe it IS at home...when there are 3 vehicles in a row and people say, "It must be rush hour"
Hope you have a good day CB!! My secretary will be in contact!

cookie dough said...

CB's little sis...I hear that my buddy Hethykins sounds EXACTLY like you!! So sad I won't be there in 29 days :(

Carlisleboy said...

Mary C
Yeah, You can get a quick glimpse of me at the bar with Freddie and Vanessa in the background.
DC tried to put out that all the guys gather around a "Burn Barrel" on the spit every year. It was just overly staged and not believeable.
Kim and Margarita
Yeah, have you ever tried to get dried Cream off of a tile floor with Cig ashes and booze mixed in? NOT FUN!! Thankfully it was at the Unisea Bar and NOT The Grand, Though I am in charge of cleaning at Both! The Tile floor was easer to clean than getting Silly string out of Carpet.
Alaska Dave
That would be a piercing. Not JR's Idea though I think he likes it.
They DO Do the bet every year though the money is fronted by the hotel for the Camera shot because noone walks around with that amt of money anymore
Dave is now on another boat.....personal reasons
Are the guys BFF's? No. But when they are in town at the same time they do hang out a bit....there are not that many places to go so of course they are there together. If anyone of them needs help though they, like anyone else up here will always have each others back!
CB's Little sis
Can not wait!!
Thanks for the call last night. I really needed it. Now get busy and take MANDERZZ to the Mall!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.