Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day Brunch, Alexander, CD, Junior and Juno, AG, Alena!, Hikes, SeaGlass, LemonDrops and Nails AND Some Deadleiest Catch!!! (PHEW!!)

Happy Mothers Day Everyone!! And I am not saying that to just the "Bio-Mom's" out there. Most women have plenty of people who consider them Moms, Or in my case Mums, and this day is For all of You too!! So sit back and Enjoy because the all the Boys in the kitchen from Rich to Jeff to Eddie to Paul to Junior have all worked Really hard to make some AWESOME food for today!

Hey Mum and CB's Little Sis, Alexander has promised to be good so I said he could sit at your table today....

....Your Server Maribel has assured me that she will keep an "eye" on the avian teenager.

Junior has been making Desserts for days......And Jeff has a lovely Heirloom Tomato Tray to sample....

.....And Eddie and Paul are making "Smoothies"

Like the Seafood Buffet which I have yet to chronicle, the Holiday Brunches are set up in a Conference room right at the Restaurant so that more people can be seated in the Main Dining Room.

These WERE SOOOOOOOO GREAT!!! The Fig Butter was outstanding and the real maple whipped cream was just the perfect topper!! WAY TO GO RICH!!!

Plenty of other food, But I know most of you, just like kids, want to see the Desserts!!

Just minutes to opening and Junior and Jeff are putting the final touches on the Desserts....

.....and Rich brought up these lucious Chocolate brownie parfaits served in martini glasses as the doors were opening!

Mystic, Helen, Bonnie and Kim, You all got a little drool on your chin.......

And Here are the strawberries before GB Barb gets them!!!

Two Litterers this week, Alexander and CD, Though CD DID go and pick her stuff up unlike a certain Avaian Teenager!!

Some Nice pics of Dutch From the Front Side of Bunker Hill.

And Now, By Popular Demand, Junior and Juno......(You straight people are weird)

There, Hope that did it for all you "Romantics" out there.

So What Else happend this week? Well, you got to meet AG!

Did a Few walks with CookieDough.....

...cooked a bit (Here is my new Triffle Dish with a wonderful Trifle withAngel food Cake, Strawberries, Banana, Orange, Real Whipped Cream and Vanilla Pudding)..

....Then there was Career Fair at the School.....

Yeah, RJ knows how good he looks in that uniform.......Too bad he plays for the "Other" team!

Now on to CD's Kids!!


The Firemen were popular because the kids got to slide around on their dollies.

Manderzz and her posse before her new haircut. Does your Mum not know how to put on your Hoodie?

Manderzz and the BF? (At least according to the Cutie with a smile as big as Julia Roberts or an Anime Character...not confirmed, Just saying......LOL)

Manderzz and her possee even built a soap pyramid with some of the samples I was handing out at the Fair!

Junior and Juno....

AG's Daughter MS....And the other Great Kids of Unalaska!

The Money tree I transplanted at CD's House a few months back is looking Pretty least until Alena! Tried to start the Braid up again.........

.....I guess we can blame it on the Lemon Drops!!

The Sugar rimming the Glasses Really does make the drink!!!

So while the adults are doing their nails where were Junior and Juno..........?

........And Why the walk of shame when someone checked on them? HUMMMMMMM?

So, Do you all think the people at Discovery Channel are listening to the blogs? I Really believe so because the Last two episodes have been sooooooo Much better than the first two. They are back to what makes the show so great. Real guys in real situtations, not "Burn Barrels" and Dramatically Timed "Phone Calls".

Personally I think they need to concentrate on the guys and just what happens, not try to "Enhance Storylines". Show us the Guys, Including the Greenhorns, Show us what they do day by day, and the rest is Television Gold like it has been for years.

What do you all think?

Oh, this was taken back in December, but if you remember Captain Phil talking about That one morning with Red skies while he was standing out on a deck smoking a Ciggarette a few episodes back, well Alexander is Perched Right where Phil was.

Especially to My Mum Rosemary!!!

Have a great Day!!



Reading said...

The pics are fabulous and the food looks divine...everybody who can call your mom and tell her how much you love her....and if you are close give her an hug and a just never know...

Frieda said...

Beautiful photos, food, and a lovely eagle who is learning how to pose for the 'people'! Maybe it is eagle mothers day too and he is adopting all the mothers at the brunch.

cinarte said...

Food looks great as do the photos. Hope all the moms enjoyed the brunch!

Anonymous said...

After last week's episode, I'm thinking Crosby has a girlfriend. What's the inside scoop on that CB? Brunch looks wonderful as always!!!

Mystic said...

Happy Mother's Day to all the human, fur and surragate moms out there!
Uhhh forgive my drool, but holy cow! The guys truly out did themselves with the mother's day brunch!
Hugs hon!

Margrita said...

CB the food is awesome It looks great. It is so nice that Alexander is behaving today did you have to bribe him with one of Junior's desserts? It looks like you had a great week. You did a good job on CD's money tree. Yes the last two DC episodes were much better I think they are getting the idea, just show the guys doing what they do and forget all the creative editing drama garbage.

MaryC said...

CB - The food looks great. Love those waffles! I want one! I knew that scene with Phil was on that deck. It's so cool to recognize where they are, thanks to YOU!!

Have a great week!

gbbarb said...

Grabs all the milk chocolate covered strawberries and runs away.

Happy Mother's Day everybody!!

I think you set a record for the number of pictures in one post CB.

Kim said...

CB wonderful as usual. I wiped the drool off as well. YUM. Happy mothers day to all you wonderful mothers! CB i have a question that I hope you will answer. Check tonight!

cookie dough said...

someday I'll be a fast texter..thanks for checking on the kids...I'm about to board the flt to FAI -- I don't want to be here I want to be on my couch watching Torchwood! love the post (of course) it's got many of my favorite people on it
miss you!

Margrita said...

CB thanks for seeing CD off. I know CD will have a good flight now.

mamawas said...

hope to get a seat in the main dining room. I think the conference room was just for "gathering" your food, not eating there too.

CB, if you could have seen the somber aura at CatchCon following our preview of the Katmai footage and the reaction of the each Captain...well you already know how seriously the Bering Sea is respected by these brave souls!!

I agree the "storyline enhancement" are hard to swallow on DC.

Thanks so much

Lori said...

I only wish I was there for Mother's Day eating the Sunday Brunch at the Grand! Now, that would have been a nice mother's day. Hope everyone enjoyed their day.

As to the last two shows, show 3 was very powerful and truly what the show is/should be all about. Not so sure about show 4 - I think my thoughts after the show were "uneventful". Just a mediocre show - hard to top the third episode. JMO

Helen said...

I'm having to wear nothing but pants with elastic waistlines... Your brunches are killing me!

Thanks for the wonderful spread, CB. It is greatly appreciated, as is your friendship!



Carlisleboy said...

I Really Liked both the 3ed and Fourth episodes..............especially after getting to know the guys on the Lisa Marie last night at the bar!! (I will try to post pictures today)
Can't confirm or deny if Crosby has a Girlfriend.........
That mothers day wish goes for Aunties too Frieda!!
Kisses Mystic!!
Marg, Bacon is the best bribe for Alexander
Mary and GB, I thought some of you might enjoy that and yeah, I think i might be close to topping that on trip out to Summer bay!
Get to it soon Kim
CD I have spies Everywhere!
Mammawas yeah, that room was too hot to eat in!!
And Lori!! Thank you sooooo much for that book!! I and the housekeepers laughed our butts off over some of those cartoons!!

Elizabeth Douglas said...

Is that the Pampered Chef trifle bowl CB? The food looked amazing as always and maple whipped cream sounds delightful! Glad you, CD, and Alena have been having some good times!

Jax said...

Hey CB! Great brunch! Sorry I've been missing for awhile, loved all the pics... seems like there are even more goodies at the brunch these days!

Lori said...

Thanks so much for the shout out CB! I was beginning to get worried and feel very lonely down here in FL!

cookie dough said...

Lizzz that's how we got to be friends with CB he came to a PC party at my house!!

Anonymous said...

I do believe Crosby has a girlfriend. From what I've heard she sounds pretty great, sigh. I got the inside scoop not long ago. It put a damper on the wet suit day dreams.

Kim said...

I am the biggest fan of Edgar Hansen. That being said Hot freaking damn with Crosby in a tight form fitting suit!! Leaves precious little to the imagination!!

Carlisleboy said...

Really Kim? It helped my imagination fill in a few blanks.............LOL

Kim said...

lol. See I was being good.

Anonymous said...

I've got the scoop is anyone wants it! LOL!

Anonymous said...

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