Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday Brunch,Junior In a TUX!! and the Tie Problem,PROM, Disco Party, Lisa Marie, Walks with Cookie Dough, Sea Glass Hunt and Eagles!

A VERY tired Junior and an awake Jeff Welcome you to Sunday Brunch!!

WILLIE is Back. (He says Hi Janice!)

A Nice Frittata

Various Fish and Sauces....

An Enchiladia Bake

And Of COURSE the Desserts!! Junior was Tired, so no strawberries.....................

...........but you can forgive him when you see how Adorable he looks in a Tux!!

.....He may need some therapy after being around his Auntie Alena! Though....

Ok, So Junior looks good in the first photo, While Juno looks better in the next photo so I included both........

THEN there was the Saga of the Ties.

Now the Tux came with a White tie, which I must say was not the "Cleanest" it could be and did not look right..........

So we tried a Black one

But When Juno's Dress did not come in on time, (See Veda's Site at to find out who to call to Complain) Junior WISELY decided to Go with CB's Tie that had enough Red in to compliment Juno's Dress.

All the Kids were up for pictures yesterday so we took advantage of it!! Is This Dills Or "Joe Dirt"?

And Fashionista Manderzz!! (Love the shoes!!)

CB Bosley, and The Angels:

CookieDough (CD)

Alaska Girl(AG)

And Alena! (Alena!)

NOTHING will stand in the way of us completeing our Mission!!

.........Except some booze..............

And The Dancing!!!

And NOW CB is Offering For sale "City Council Members Gone Wild" Available on DVD and Blueray!!

Get the "Unrated" Version with scenes too Hot to show on Blogger!!!

Hurry, this Offer is only available for the next 50 callers!!!

It's a Sisterly Showdown Between Lars and Alena!! WHO will Claim the Best Dancer Prize? (and will Alena! Ever live it down if she Loses to The John Holmes Lookalike?)


THEY TIED!!! Lars Won 2 Seafood Buffets at the Grand and Alena won a Super Extra Large pizza! Thank God Bloodshed was averted!!

I had to teach Lars the Trick of Fanning your sport coat to cool you down when dancing....especially when it is made of the most evil of fabrics, POLYESTER!!!

Well then. We decided to "sneak" out of the Disco Party and crash the prom to take some pictures. (They have a special viewing section for Adults)

Junior and Juno came over and posed very nicely..........with the understanding that we would leave Quickly...........

Then back to the party. (More Pictures Tomorrow.....want to get on with some other stuff too today)

Dutch Harbor Dirt made the ADN this week

with the Crew of the Lisa Marie watching their first episode. Thanks again to Mark for the shout out!

So Friday Night AG and Alena! bailed on CD and I so we went searching for beach glass with just Manderzz.

I got this shot on the way out Not really thinking about it, but now looking at it all blown up it is really Really Pretty. The Three Outcroopings in the Distance, the Pillars "framing" the Picture and that hint of fog giving it an almost otherworldly appearance.

Out much further than we normally walk from Summer Bay we got to this "beach" with better sand than Summer Bay and an interesting rock formation at one end that reminded me of the other Easter Island Like rock from a trek last week with CD, Junior, Juno and I.

HUMMMM. Who does that Look like?

CD and I sat down to think.............

Then it hit us both!! Thomas Jefferson!! If there is another name for it just let me know Unalaskans. I do not mean to offend but at least between CD and I we will be calling it Jefferson Beach. It is a treasure trove of Beach Glass!!

Here is a dead Baby King Crab that will not make it to Deadliest Catch!

The First Time the Tux was CORRECTLY put on...........LOL!

CB's Beach Glass Haul..........

CD's ORIGINAL beach glass haul.................

Until it was Mysteriously Augmented somehow.......................

And Finally I Really do not know WHAT Alexander is Telling all the other eagles but Guys and Gals, you REALLY can not be hanging around my apartment all the time. People are starting to talk.........

Have a Great Sunday Eveyone!!


mamawas said...

lots of great variety this posting CB.
The beach walks look great. How late is it light htere now?

Reading said...

CB you make the perfect Charlie..after all everytime they showed him he had a drink in his hand or a pretty girl handing him one...Junior looks adorable in his tux, I know his mom is very proud of him....busy week-end for you...

jagercrosbyswench said...

CB, that dead baby king crab is beautiful! Now I wanna come to Dutch just to go for a walk and find one! It looked like a carving.

cookie dough said...

One more busy week! After graduation next SAT there is NOTHING to do for maybe there is but I'm gone so I don't care!!! sorry. hehe
I think it's light until 11 11:30? I know it was light and 52 last night when we snuck into prom for a peek!
Next week more walking less EATING everyone!! (after we have that pizza for lunch MON & TUE of course)

Kim said...

I love the pics CB. Brunch looked delicious and you can tell Junior we forgive him for the lack of Strawberries. Prom is special. Love the beach glass. I think the tie worked very well with his date's dress. Go CB!

Margrita said...

CB awesome brunch I enjoyed the fish and the enchilada bake that must be repeated. Junior does look so tired poor guy you know CD had to hear all about the prom when he returned. Love CB and the
Angels got a mission for y'all teach my kid's dog ALIS THE FRUSTRATED FURRY ARCHEOLOGIST to stop the massive excavations in the yard, LOL...
I am so envious of your beach glass finds they are great. You guys find the best stuff. I love the name Jefferson beach looks just like him. Alexander is telling all his friends about you recent criminal streak. LOL Thanks again for all the awesome pictures they are great CB

Anonymous said...

You guys are too much fun - I can have my nice serene life, yet live vicariously through your antics!!!

Janice said...

I was wondering why we hadn't seen Willie in a while. Good to see he is back.

Mystic said...

Wow! what a power packed post!
Juno and Junior looked FAB! I hope they had a wonderful prom.
I wish I could hunt sea glass with you..I think it is beautiful!
Thanks for the nifty post!

cinarte said...

Wow what an amazing post filled with all kinds of things. Like a smorgasbord on top of the buffet! which looked great as usual. The kids looked great all dressed up.I am sure their families are so proud of them. I just sent mine to her senior prom a couple of weeks ago. Its hard to see our kids becoming adults!! Your sea glass collection is very cool. There is a show on the travel channel(I cant remember the name but it was treasure hunts or something like that with a girl named Kirsten) which showed people who find good sea glass..and they get a lot of money for certain colors! pretty amazing. You looked great as charlie CB and it looked like a fun time was had by all. For such a small town you all get to do a lot of partying!!! The photos on your walk were spectacular! Amazing place you live in!! Thanks again for sharing it all with us.

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