Thursday, September 24, 2009

Cardiff Bay Speedboat Trip

The Videos Loaded the Wrong way so View the SECOND one first!!

Ok, I just had a GREAT Afternoon with the guys from Cardiff Sea Safaris. Thankfully since I have Great Internet here, I am able to share it in video Form with you.

It was really nice meeting them, Great Guys, AND Fans of "The Deadliest Catch". I happened to be wearing my Cornelia Marie Shirt That Freddie and Vanessa gave me and once they Found Out I actually LIVE there I had to answer about 100 questions. I don't mind at all, anything to help the show and our town.

If you are EVER in Cardiff you MUST Go out with them. Amazingly fun trip!!!


Kim said...

too cool. Glad they are fans of the show. The speed boat was pretty cool.

Margrita said...

CB awesome boat ride that looked like fun. Glad you found some fans of the show. I bet you had fun answering all their questions. You do a great job letting us see what Dutch harbor is like. Enjoy your trip.

mamawas said...

fans fans everywhere...sounds like you accommodated their DC questions...gee that scenerio sounds familiar doesn't it???