Wednesday, September 2, 2009

HAPPY WEDNESDAY DAY!! And a Thank You / Promo

OK, So I wanted Cake. And Not MY cake for once. I wanted one with that thick, super sugary, white Bakery icing on a Chocolate cake. So I have made a new Holiday! Today, the First Wednesday in September, is now "Happy Wednesday Day".
I have Pot Roast, Rice, Potatoes and French Bread to go with the Cake. I am going to say that this is a Carb Heavy Holiday to prepare us for the chillier nights of Fall. Sounds Reasonable Right?
So, To you all: "HAPPY WEDNESDAY DAY".
Now, On to a Thank You / Promo for!!!
What a great group of people and a fantastic Service!!
I needed to get my Passport quickly and within 5 business days of starting I have it in my Hand.
How Cool is that? The price was reasonable for the service they provide, and the Customer Service was Great. They called and quickly cleared up two issues and like I said, FAST!!!
If anyone needs a new Passort or to get theirs Renewed FAST go to these folks!!
Also a thank you to Lauri over at the library and at
For her help on this end being the Authorized Passport Agent on this end of the GVT.
Go stop by her blog and give her some love since her hubby is out fishing right now for a month.
Once again "Happy Wednesday Day!"


Akutan's April Dawn said...

not fair.. that looks and sounds sooooo good.... that thick frosting that comes on store bought cakes.... now you got me craving something!!!! LOL!

Even cupcakes sound good....

Happy Wednesday Day!! :D

Lauri said...

Happy Wednesday Day to all of you! And thanks for the "thanks"'s always a pleasure to help someone who really appreciates it! I wish ALL my patrons were like you!

I'm happy it all went smoothly for you...whew!

Have a great day!

Kim said...

have a good recipe for a nice thick icing!! Happy Wednesday!

Lori said...

Happy Wednesday back at you CB! So, fess up - why did you need your passport so fast? Where are you off to?

Dani said...

Happy Wednesday!! I been catching up on your past few blogs loving the pictures of all your walks!! Looking at that so jealous haha
Not long till your trip to the UK such a shame you arent coming to Norhtern ireland. The weather hasnt been great here in the UK lately so i hope it brightens up a bit for your visit, though im sure you will have a great time no matter the weather.

Reading said...

The cake looks great....hope you are using that passport to go some place fun...

Elizabeth Douglas said...

Happy Wednesday Day! I think I'll have some ice cream to celebrate. That food looks delish. I nearly caved to some chocolate with buttercream today...if only I'd known it was a holiday!

Glad you got your passport figured out quickly...getting mine was not the most expeditious experience!

Kim said...

Try chocolate buttercream frosting! We do mocha buttercream its yummy

Margrita said...

HAPPY WEDNESDAY CB!!!! The cake looks so yummy the whole meal sounds yummy.Glad you got your passport handled quickly. I need to get mine renewed think I'll use that service looks easier. Have a great day.

Akutan's April Dawn said...

hey everyone.. I need your help... I started a CHARITY CAMPAIGN at mycharity:water ( and I'm trying to raise $5000 to get a water well built in a village in Africa. I have 3 months to raise this amount. PLEASE go to my blog for more information (I have a post just for it).
I am going to keep donating at least $20 a week myself. Here in Akutan I'm going to do fundraisers and have coin collection cans out and try to talk everyone into helping me. All Donations are tax deductable.
Lets do what we can to help others that need it. Pass the word along.

Thanks!!! I'm counting on you CB - at least a min $10.00 ;) I'm thinking of putting an ad in the Dutch Harbor Fisherman and anywhere else I can get the word out!! I need to get flyers made and maybe postcards... I have 3 months to meet this goal, starting today!!! Please help me help others!!!

Much luv,
April Dawn

mamawas said...

passport service sounds great we need months of lead time to obtain one here.

Happy Wednesday to Unalaska and the Aleutian Island residents!