Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Home!!! (Sorta Seattle) And the Madness of the Mona Lisa

I am FINALLY back In the USA. Seattle for a few days. THANKFULLY because Continentinal Airlines LOST MY ONE BAG!!!!! They SAY it will be here tomorrow, and it better be because the Majority of the gifts that I got for people are in that bag!!!

I have been a Busy Busy CB the last few days, London Tour during the day, then a Jack the Ripper and Haunted London Tour, THEN the Full Day in Paris THEN a Full Day Traveling back here. You can sorta see why there has been no posts for a few days. ABbout to collapse in my Hotel room in Seattle, but I did want to Check in and post te Video I tok at the Louvre of the Craziness surrounding the "Mona Lisa".

More tomorrow.


mamawas said...

I loved the Mona Lisa loop with the assorted camera red eye reduction lights aiming at her at random times!!!
Welcome home hope you can see mutual friends in Seattle!!!


Corey said...

Welcome back! I hope you get your bag....I'm sure those of them that you bought gifts for have been waiting for them!! :o) Thanks for sharing the Mona Lisa picture madness, that was really cool. Now have a safe trip back to Dutch!

Nebraska Outback said...

Welcome back CB! Do you travel alone? I travel alone alot (mostly on business, but I always want to do fun stuff while I'm away), but it feels so strange going places by myself. How do you cope? You should write a travel book.

AudCole said...

Looks like you've had a great trip! I had no idea how lucky I was - I must have visited the Louvre on a slow day because there was much less Mona madness!

Carlisleboy said...

Thanks All. Good to be back. NB as to your question I just go.I love the feeling of going where i want, for as long as I want, and not have anyone saying anything. And having my phone on mute but playing games while waiting for food in a restaurant is a great way to pass the time, either that or texting.

Anonymous said...

Loved following your trip. I was in London several years ago and loved it. Please tell about your driving experiences. You must be so brave. I wouldn't have trusted myself to stay on the right(wrong) side of the road even in the small villages. How was it?

(Sunshiner)can't remember my password

Margrita said...

Love the video CB wow you are right people are piled just to look at her. The Jack the Ripper Tour sounds exciting. I am glad you had a great trip back hope your bag arrives soon.