Monday, September 21, 2009

Sorry no Post...Internet issues.

Sorry no post everyone. Internet issues continue to plague me. My Hotel in Loch Ness's internet is broken and here in Inverness I am just getting on at a Laundramat while I am doing some clothes. Since I am on their computer I can not upload any photos.
I'll get some up soon as I can.
Here are the Highlights:
Edinburgh was ALWFUL!!! The Hotel I was booked at was a HOVEL, A HELL Beyond Measure. I got there about 11pm at night and Left by 6am. I will destroy them In every search engine and review site left on this planet. The Four Seasons Edinburgh is SCUM and I hate them.
Loch Ness has been wonderful by comparison, The Hotel Great, and Inverness is Also wonderful. Heading today to Culloden and The Clootie Well. I did a cruise on Loch Ness yesterday and If I get back in time today may do it again on a different boat. Just fabulous.
No monster sign yet today...........keep hoping!!!
Anyway, Ta Ta for now


mamawas said...

You do know your industry and if the hotel is a hovel others will appreciate yor knowledge and warning. I know we voted on a really nice place for you to end up at eventually!!!

Hope you are enjoying England

Kim said...

HUGS. Hope the rest of your hotel stays are incredible. Go CB blast em where it hurts!

Anonymous said...

Relax CB. The Four Seasons is a B&B not a hotel. Enjoy your adventure.
Your pictures from London made me homesick. I am glad you liked the food. Have fun.
Your friend in Dutch.

Margrita said...

CB you go tear the HOVEL impersonating as a 4 star hotel apart. I hate when you pay good money and get a crappy room. It makes for a horrid experience. I hope the rest of your stay is great. Maybe you will see "Nessie," on your cruise.

Akutan's April Dawn said...

Miss ya lots!
Hope you're having a blast across the "pond" (is that the saying?)!

Have some fun for me!!! Send home some sunshine (if there is any over there!).... wind, rain and cooler Fall temps get old day after day... then we get our break of a couple nice days then back to a week of crappy weather!

much luv,
April Dawn

Maskerade said...

Sorry to hear your trip got off to a rocky start. At least there have been some good moments, and I am sure things will get better and better. Judging from some of the reviews I found, you aren't the only one who has had problems there.

Kim said...

April you are more than welcome to some of our sunshine. I got burned then burned again the next day...then burned yet freaking again today. Im kinda tired of sun for the week. at least till my face heals lol.

Nebraska Outback said...

Have a great time CB - the good and bad are all part of the adventure... and we know you'll get your revenge!