Thursday, September 24, 2009

CARDIFF!!! The Saint David Hotel, TORCHWOOD!!!, and Fish And Chips for Veda!!

After that Horrid Night in Edinburgh, and catching a head cold from being there, I was a bit nervous if Cardiff and the Saint David would live up to my expectations.
I should have not been.
The Hotel is AMAZING!!! Ultra clean, Modern, with excellent staff and in the Best location you can imagine!!!
I mean Really, Just look at the view from my Balcony!!!!
Even as I drove in I got to go right by the Wales Millennium center, Also the "Home" of TORCHWOOD!!!
I absolutely LOVE how this next shot turned out. The Obelisk or Roald Dahl Plass Fountain just looked so great this morning.
Next come me Posing at the Entrance to "Torchwood" for Ianto's shop. Just Amazing to be here!

And Finally, For Veda Had Fish and Chips at Harry's. I don't even like fish and chips but this was DARN good!!!.

OK, Off for more fun today in Cardiff, a boat cruise and then maybe the Castle. Talk to you all soon!!!


Kim said...

Beautiful CB. Love the pics. That has definitely made my list of places I want to visit!!

Elizabeth Douglas said...

Very cool CB. I'm glad the hotel and Torchwood lived up to your expectations, especially after your unpleasant experience earlier!

mamawas said...

I agree with all the posts above mine and the weather lloks great. Fall is just the best time to travel.


Liv said...

Way cool! Cardiff rocks!

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