Thursday, November 12, 2009

9547249490 ? Are you getting Phone calls from PPI? CB is! And HE IS PI$$ED! Scam Phone Calls / Harassing Phone Calls will end or Else!!!

I have been getting these phone calls for about a week now, at all hours of the Day and Night. When I saw the Area code I thought it was one of my Florida Friends Calling. When I picked up No one is there.
I finally called back and got a recording asking me for my phone Number if I wanted to "Stop recieving calls". I knew better than to do that!!! So I just ignored it.
Now for the past TWO nights they have called at 3am, 5am and 6am. CB was VERY VERY Upset, and awake at that time of the he decided to do a little research.....
Thanks to

Here is what I've been able to find on the internet about this company and it's owner Melissa Sentz.

All of this data was compiled through through Internet searches of public records. No guarantee is made regarding accuracy of completeness of this data. This data is provided for informational purposes only.
You cancall them at 800-924-1399 but they are all brain dead so dont expect to get far. You can also call them at 1-954-721-0377. If anyone lives in FL where these guys are at please go slap them all for me.

Name: Melissa Sentz
Age: 37

Current and Past Business Names:
Personal Periodicals
PPI Magazine
Publisher's Sweepstakes
Community Reading Club of Tamarac

Current and Past Business Phone Numbers:

Current and Past Business Addresses:
6331 West Commerical Blvd Fort Lauderdale FL 33319-2316
P.O. Box 26778. Tamarac FL 33220
7893 Hampton Blvd Pompano Beach FL

Possible Business Associates:
Joan Boner
Victor Fernandez
Joan Fernandez (ne Mroskey)
James Boner
Beanca Fernandez

Current and Past Home Addresses:
256 9TH St Pompano Beach FL 33060
PO BOX 10927 Pompano Beach FL 33061
397 48TH St Fort Lauderdale FL 33307
309 Reber St Wernersville PA 19565
138 Robeson St Reading PA 19601
397 48TH St Fort Lauderdale FL 33309
PO Box 107 Wernersville PA 19565
401 Lancaster Ave Apt B Reading PA 19607
115 College Ave Wernersville PA 19565
1127 Locust St Reading PA 19604
69 Tuckerton Rd Apt C Reading PA 19605
PO BOX 23336 Fort Lauderdale FL 33307

Property Ownership Summary
Address: 256 9TH ST POMPANO BEACH FL 33060
Parcel Number: 49-42-02-13-071
Legal Description: LYONS PARK 33-28 B LOT 3 BLK 4
Sale Price: $144,000
Sale Date: 2007
Year Built 1963

Criminal Record:
Except for a speeding ticket in 2004. She was going 83 in a 65 zone.

The Father of the owner of PPI is Carl Sentz Of Pennsylvania. I also have his HOME number and neighbors numbers which I will NOT post Here. However if I keep getting phonecalls Her Daddy will be getting a phone call from me.

This is a Scam and several people report getting Subscriptions for Magazines they never ordered for almost Double the price. This woman is a scummy scam artist and Really should Have never Pi$$ed me off.

Again, for all my friends in Florida, Go slap this Company!!
Have a GREAT Day
ESPECIALLY YOU Melissa Sentz!!!!


mamawas said...

this lady has so many addresses.
Sorry for all this hassle CB. Wonder if there is a real person behind all these names too????


"Seattle" Heather said...

It's amazing what you can find on the internet. Can't you call your phone carrier and have them call block that number for you??
I would be pissed off too. Similar thing happened to me once, it only stop until I threaten to get on a plane and knock on their door...apparently they did not want to suffer my wrath. (smart move on their part)

Kim said...

Wow. thats scary how much info you were able to gather about them. Hopefully they will stop calling now.

Nebraska Outback said...

OMG CB! I can't believe how much information you found out about her! I am going to have to try that website on a telemarketer that has been calling me.

Congress passed a law that went into effect recently that makes all computer generated unsolicited telemarketing calls except for charities and political calls illegal, which has helped a lot, but there are still offenders out there.

Way to go!

Lori said...

Great post!

CaliGirl9 said...

CB, is this a landline phone or a cell phone? There's a way to block numbers from cell phones. My kid knows how to do it if you need help ...

Thank God for caller ID.

Country Girl said...

CB, have I told you lately that.....YOU FREAKING ROCK! That is one of the most awesome funny blogs ever! I, too, hope she had a fantastic day!

Country Girl said...

Oh yeah and the twelve year old in me had to point this out! Two of the people had the last name BONER! LOL!

Sorry. I will return to being a mature adult and try to conduct myself like a proper lady now!

Reading said...

I hate people like that a company that I won't name (phone service three letters first one is a M) used to call me all the time...woke my baby from a nap more than once - until I told them I had a record of all their calls and asked for the callers name and said I would be sueing them for harrassment....

Anonymous said...

Hi, it's me Danielle from the sportsbar. I have been getting those phone calls too!!! Finally answered today, and what do you know, I see your blog and now I know what to do. They usually start calling at 6am. A little annoying when I am usually done with work at 3am and don't sleep until 5ish!!! Ugh.

Margrita said...

CB know how you feel had a company like them calling all the time on my cell phone. My kid programmed something on my phone and almost all the calls stopped. Companies like this are horrid scams. Way to get information on them now maybe they will leave you alone.

Rachel said...

Hi CB, new poster here from the UK, we are plagued by exactly the same thing over here, I don't know if it will work where you are, but we use a trick here that automatically removes your phone number from the automated dialling lists that these companies use.
A computer is used to dial your number so when you pick up and here nothing or a recorded message, press the 'hash' (#) key on your phone quickly about seven or eight times, this confuses the automated dialling system and your number gets erased from the list.
Do try it, but as I say, it works in the UK but might not in the US.

Excellent blog BTW, I log on every day now.

Middlesex Mariner.UK.

Cookie Dough said...

they haven't called me --yet! But thanks for the heads up! Was good to see you for a few minutes yesterday...miss the beach!

Kim said...

bad. bad juju. dont leave it at 13 lol

Cori said...

ughh i hate those things ... i they really do create a line of bogus names and addresses makes it hard to trace them down later !! Well she tangled with the wrong guy this time IMHO LOL!! But thats for the warning .. these people trap so many with their scams !!!

Lauri said...

GREAT blog CB!!! I haven't received any of these calls YET...I HATE getting calls like that and am NOT NICE when I do! Thanks for the great info! I have friends in FL too, and will sic them on these you-know-what HOLES if I have too!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Pompano is too far south for me to go kick some tail, but let me know if someone bothers you from the Orlando area. I'll be happy to deal with that.

Akutan's April Dawn said...

OMG I've been getting these phone calls starting at 8AM until about 9AM all day with no one on the other end!!! I wasn't answering my phone very nicely all weekend!!! We dont have caller ID overe here in Akutan so I don't know who was calling me.... pretty soon I was just letting my answering machine answer all my calls! BTW my cell number has changed once again... UGGGG but my home phone never changes!

Akutan's April Dawn said...

LOL.. I meant 8AM-9PM :P

Melissa Sentz said...

Hi Guys! I'm Melissa Sentz! And yup, my Dad is Carl and does live in PA He's 72 has cancer and has no idea why he gets threating calls at midnite from angry consumers like all of you! See the problem is there is more than one gal out here named Melissa Sentz! Light bulb click on folks! Ya got the wrong one! Its okay thou, because of your ignorance and lack of reasonable doubt I have implored my father to report all harrassing calls to the attorney general of PA and local police, and the police in your home towns! See the internet is a great thing! you can find out anything! If I seem bitter, ITS CAUSE I AM!! 330+ million people in the USA and you could'nt figure that there might be more than one of us named Melissa?? Let the brain olympics begin!

Anonymous said...

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Muhammad Amir said...

I finally called back and got a recording asking me for my phone Number if I wanted to "Stop recieving calls". I knew better than to do that!!! So I just ignored it. PPI Claims helpline

Roxy Mroskey said...

Think you ppl are concerned. She is using my Aunt's name that she was seeing her husband while they were married. Using her name and my cousin that past away in 2006.. Your right Melissa Centz this will be handled properly through the law!!!!! Have a lovely day while you can!!!!!