Monday, November 2, 2009

Dutch Harbor / Unalaska Halloween!

Well, I promised you lots of pictures!!! And I keep my Promises!!! Welcome to a Dutch Harbor/Unalaska Halloween!! You would not even believe how may people my Costume freaked out. Death with Glowing red eyes is evidentily some people's "Hot Button"

There is our Wonderful mayor staring my way in her Referee Uniform, trying to figure out who in the mask was taking her photo!!

As you can see the Harbor View Inn Bar (Referred to on Deadliest Catch As the Unisea Bar) was Packed as full as I have ever seen it.....except for New Year's.

And who is the bartender with the Cutest butt in Unalaska?

Vanessa came out with me since Freddie and the Cornelia Marie did not make it in until Sunday.

Some people really went all out on Costumes!

But alot just did a mask or some Spray hair color.

The Costume Contest was really tough to Judge this year with all the fantastic Costumes!!

Though Edward Scissorhands won Scariest Costume in the Contest I was more terrified by the Evil Clown above and managed to stay on the other side of the room from him the entire night!

Especially Chef Paul in his "Gaysha Boy" costume, showing off his "Bush"

And we move quick in Dutch! Why in just two weeks Miss H went from the above photo......... this!!!

Unisea was really well represented all around with everyone getting into the "Spirit"

Hope you all had as Great a night as we did here!!!


Katrin said...

WOW, looks like you had a great night. all of the costumes are amazing! wish they would celebrate it like that in Germany. also love your costume! ireally scary!


CaliGirl9 said...

I need to learn to NOT be eating or drinking anything when reading this blog! Chef Paul is hysterical! He wears the wig well!

I have a thing for pregnant nuns. Must be my Catholic schoolgirl upbringing getting even all these years later …

I’m not sure which scares me worse—“death” or that demented clown. I hate clowns.

Small town celebrations are the best. Everyone knows everyone and everyone has fun.

mamawas said...

Nice costumes at this bash..I liked Chef Paul too!!!!

Many additional nice costumes


Akutan's April Dawn said...

Halloween looked like it was a blast over there! i recognized a couple people I know in your pix too!!!

Glad you guys had a great time!! Now to get all this extra candy ate up ;)

Kim said...

I think Paul should have won with the bush thing. too cute. Love the pics. I still have to send pics of my girls.

Elizabeth Douglas said...

Looks like great fun and the costumes were fantastic from Anime to Star Wars! Halloween is a fantastic holiday anyway...give me an excuse to dress up and you'll win me over any day! Everyone just looked smashing! Cheers CB!

Cookie Dough said...

hahah I heard about Paul's "Busch" tooo hilarious! Looks like it was a lot of fun...Like your costume! Manderzz was fascinted with Chewbacca...he/she was at the PCR earlier in the evening.

Margrita said...

CB your costume is awesome I love it. Wow what a great night some really cool costumes there. Love Chef Paul's great costume. So glad you had a fun night.