Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving! And Pictures of Junior and Dylls for CD

The weather has been pretty rough for a few days.........much earlier than last year. Should be a Fun Opie Season!!

With CD, Captain T and Manderzz out of town Dylls has been staying with friends while Junior has the House to himself. (I checked it out last night and it is still standing and in good shape CD!)

Still, Dylls wanted to see his Bro on Thanksgiving so he joined us for the Employee Thanksgiving Party Last night.

And Yes CD, They both ate good Balanced meals. Even Turkey "Sushi"!!

I hope everyone had a good ThanksGiving!!!

Now what are you doing reading a blog when you should be out shopping?


mamawas said...

I worry about Derrick too, glad the house is standing.
I am not shopping (Black Friday) as I spent $818 on my teeth Wednesday. I did go a two hour gym/swim morning and am reinstalling all my programs after WIndows 7 was installed.
CB thanks for the holiday update.


Cookie Dough said...

ohhhh sad mommy here! Thanks for the pics! Glad they ate --again! That's Dyll's 3rd turkey, he's got to be sick of it??
Will be do glad to get home! T is off buying totes right now for all of our Black Friday purchases! I haven't made it to the gym Donna...drank coffee on an empty stomach this morning -ughhh I cna't do that!

Margrita said...

CB glad you checked made sure Cd's house is still standing and safe LOL. I already did all my shopping hee hee. Looks like you had a great Thanksgiving party. The weather does look quite chilly it will be an interesting Opie season with the weather.

Kim said...

Didn't do shopping yet. Next paycheck. Glad to hear the boys are doing well.

Reading said...

Glad you had a nice done, one big, unexpected purchase took care of most of the money so it was easy...