Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Winter Walk....Ice sickles......Sea Glass.....and A tummy ache

So CB is home today with that "Tummy Ache" that is going around town. Ugghhh. I hate being sick. Went to work this morning and then came right home. Slept till 4pm AST and feel a bit better. Thought I would "Show Off'" (CD's Words) my Seaglass finds from the other night, and the continuing "Icing" of Bunker Hill.

Oh, And Sorry, once I got out there I realized I had Left my Camera at the office so all of these are taken with my I-Phone.

It's hard to believe that just a few months ago CD's Son Dills was Climbing up this rock face........

........and way out on those Rocks I took my "Benneton Unalaska" shot with Dills, MS, Juno and Junior.

CD was Unable to take a walk on tuesday night so all the Sea Glass Was MINE MINE MINE!!!

This one was so big and so pretty I thought at first it was Ice. Nope, just Brilliant!!

And then The Greatest Find of the night, a Nearly perfect Sphere of Blue.

Really large pieces........and I left plenty of Small ones behind.

Ok, it's time for "So You Think You Can Dance" so I am outta here for the night!


mamawas said...

I bet the more rounded sea glass pieces have spent more time at sea being polished by the sand/sea environments

Kim said...

those are beautiful pieces CB. Love the pics. Keep the dang snow up there with you please. HUGS.

Kim said...
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Margrita said...

Cb wonderful pictures. I love the icicles on the rock just perfect. You found wonderful pieces of sea glass. I like the green piece it really catches the light. Are the group of walrus still about?

Mary C said...

Fell better CB! Thanks for the pictures!

Mary C said...

Feel better that is!!!

Cookie Dough said...

Get better!! NICE sea glass..I didn't mean "show it off " in a bad way! I wanted to see what you got :)

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Country Girl said...

Holy moly, CB! When winter starts coming up there, it STARTS COMING! Wow!
Love your sea glass! Very cool!

Hope your tummy troubles are over!

Anonymous said...

Oh Oh. Looks like someone sent some spam to your site.
Get well soon.( CB is still not feeling so good) And Kick sone Ass CB.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Nice photos; didn't realize you could do so well with an iPhone.

And NO, I can't dance!


Jennifer said...

Wow, that blue one is just incredible! I was wondering if you found a way to display it.