Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Snowy Wintery Brunch!!

WOW!!! It's been a Day up Dutch Harbor way......

...A massive Winter Storm Has been rolling through the Aleutian Islands today, with winds of 50-60mph And Gusts to 80mph. Yup, what you call "Hurricane" in the Lower 48 we call "Sunday Morning". Combine that with Heavy, wet, blowing snow and you can see why Cars were getting stuck all over the island. Add on TOP of that the city blowing a transformer and some underground wiring, thus blacking out half the Town, including the Cable and Wireless Companies and The Internet Satellite Dish and you can see why this Brunch Is getting a Late Start. The Hotel is on Unisea Power though so we had no troubles. It was nice to see some of the Locals without power make the Best of it by joining us for Brunch even though it was a harrowing drive over.

CB has been good and has not eaten French Toast for breakfast for almost two weeks so I did indulge today!! And LOTS of good Crispy bacon!

Junior Making Waffles and Blocking Chefboy From his shot!!!

Junior is going to have to learn not to Camera Block guys with Knives.......

And now that we are done with Dessert on to some other shots!

Just a Few of the Turkeys the Restaurant made up for Thanksgiving........

.......and the two Turkeys I spent part of Thanksgiving with.

An Eagle Skirmish Around the Front of the Hotel over some scrap that one of them had. 7 eagles were racing around all after this one that had the scrap. It's over a year now but I still get a thrill out of Eagles.

And Finally a Few Shots and Videos of the storm which raged from Early this morning until about Three this afternoon.

The Sound on this one really conveys what it is like to have those winds racing outside and Howling through the Hotel.

Everyone Stay warm and Dry!!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving! And Pictures of Junior and Dylls for CD

The weather has been pretty rough for a few days.........much earlier than last year. Should be a Fun Opie Season!!

With CD, Captain T and Manderzz out of town Dylls has been staying with friends while Junior has the House to himself. (I checked it out last night and it is still standing and in good shape CD!)

Still, Dylls wanted to see his Bro on Thanksgiving so he joined us for the Employee Thanksgiving Party Last night.

And Yes CD, They both ate good Balanced meals. Even Turkey "Sushi"!!

I hope everyone had a good ThanksGiving!!!

Now what are you doing reading a blog when you should be out shopping?

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Veda's Off to Vegas..........Or is She?

It started off as the perfect day to fly....................
..........The Sun was Bright, the Winds Calm, the Temperature cold but not too harsh........
.........Why Even the Grumman Goose was Flying!!!
There should be Nothing Stopping Veda and her wonderful Husband Tom From Getting to Enjoy Thanksgiving in that Most Festive Thanksgiving City of them all: Las Vegas!!!!
Look at them, All happy sitting in the Sun of a Beautiful day. And the Plane is only Running 40 minutes late!! Why it is a Holiday Miracle!!!!
39 and 1/2 Minutes Later................

The Storm Passed in about an Hour and a half and Veda and Tom were on their Way...........after sitting on the Runway for all that time!!!

Good Luck you Two. We'll miss you!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday Brunch, Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired but at least there are memories of Cardiff and Torchwood!

It's a Cold Rainy Day Up Dutch Harbor Way..............And CB has been sick most of this week.
I just had to come to Work today though.......I am so behind on projects here and I have to get the Christmas Decorations Up this week!! Just going to ignore the fact that I ache EVERYWHERE and muster on.........

Oh, and Although the food looks great I am not hungry at all so sorry if the food pictures are not up to standard.
Willie and Jeff putting up the Buffet....... Paul Bringing out Junior's Super Smoothies...........
Seafood Crepes.........
Kobe Beef and Swordfish Skewers...........
and Mandarin Orange Sesame Chicken.
See CD!!! Junior is Awake and ready to go!!
And look at all the Desserts!!
Though most of it has melted now this was the scene for most of the week here........
Heavy wet snow blanketed the island........
Resulting in quite a few planes being cancelled................
.....So if I had to be sick at least this was a good week to curl up inside and Watch the Torchwood: Children Of Earth Miniseries that I just got from Barnes and Nobles.
Like the Doctor Who Series it is Filmed mainly in Cardiff and was one of the Highlights of my Trip to Europe.
As the Capital of Wales, Cardiff is fiercely nationalistic and most signs are in English and Welsh....
.......and with Cardiff as a Capital who wouldn't be proud?
Brand new lavish buildings stand along side Centuries old structures, giving the city a firm rooting in the past but an eye towards the future.
And yes, there it is, the Actual "Entrance" to the Torchwood Underground Base!!
Cardiff Bay and Mermaid Quay at night from my Hotel Balcony.
One of the many many Pedestrian Shopping areas in Cardiff...........
Leading up to Cardiff Castle, who's origins trace back to a Roman Fortification over 2000 years ago.
The "Keep" pictured bellow is one of the oldest parts of the castle.........and you can climb all the way to the top.
Other parts of the Castle were added on in Victorian times.
It is a Steep and Narrow climb to the top..........
.....But the view is Worth it. Which is probably why Torchwood filmed here for two episodes.
The Red Welsh Dragon is Just about Everywhere and a few of my gifts to CD's and Alena's Kids carry the Image.
As many readers of the blog know I had a hard time choosing between two hotels In Cardiff, the Hilton by the Castle or The Saint David's Hotel In Cardiff Bay. I ended up staying at the Saint David's and Could not have been happier!! If you look at the Third Level and 4th Room from the Right that is my room.
The architecture of Cardiff really is a Photographers Dream from my hotel above.......
The Interior of My hotel .........
To the Severn Bridge.......
And of Course the Famous Spire Cardiff has it all!
Including in the Building on my left and Bellow and right accross from my hotel....

..The "Cardiff" homes of John Barrowman (Captain Jack) and his Husband, and David Tenant (Doctor Who). They occuppy the Two Penthouses of this apartment Complex. I Saw John one night standing on the Balcony doing just what I was, taking in the View of The Bay and Cardiff. How cool is that?

Anyway, feeling a little better today.......Hopefully I will be able to actually do some realy trekking around the island this week instead of reliving past glories.

Have a Great Sunday Everyone!!