Thursday, May 6, 2010

"Deadliest Catch" Drug Busts? NOT REALLY! Just one idiot in a crew of Dozens of fantastic people

By Now You have all see the Headlines:

'Deadliest Catch' worker suspect in Unalaska drug probe
Production manager is among 18 accused.

Unalaska police say "Deadliest Catch" worker sold and used cocaine;deadliest_catchquot;
To make it clear through all the "hype" around this story, NONE of the Captains or Crew of the Boats shown on Deadliest Catch are currently charged or connected to this police action. The people charged locally are NOT the wonderful people you see in my blog every week. If you take it by cold, hard numbers, based on the population of town a little over 5,000, this accounts for fewer that 0.0036% of the residents of the town. The MAIN people caught up in this are NOT full time, or even Long time residents. They are like druggies everywhere; shiftless, conniving, selfish people who only care about themselves. THEY ARE NOT REAL UNALASKANS! We are glad to see them gone. I can't tell you how many times I have seen regular citizens go up and shake the hands of members of the Police Department this week. These people are Scum, and I urge The State to pursue the harshest possible sentences against these worthless losers. The worst thing about this is that some local kids were caught up in this horrid business. I ask the State to show leniency towards these kids. THEY can be rehabilitated. The Adults knew exactly what they were doing and deserve no such consideration.

This is a better story that tells the truth without all the Deadliest Catch Hype.
Police sweep Unalaska users, sellers

A major drug bust unwound April 25 and 26 in Unalaska, after a three-month investigation by the Department of Public Safety. Fifteen people were arrested, according to a department press release.

Five ounces of cocaine, 10 ounces of methamphetamine, three-quarters of a pound of marijuana and 80 Oxycontin pills were seized, along with $13,000 in cash. The street value of the drugs is estimated at about $80,000, said public safety director Jamie Sunderland.

Those arrested were charged with more than 30 counts of misconduct involving a controlled substance, including possession, sales, money laundering, and violating conditions of release on previous charges.

The investigation involved an undercover agent who infiltrated drug circles in the communities of Dutch Harbor/Unalaska beginning in January. Officer Patrick Bliss was sworn in as a member of the Unalaska Police Department, and under the assumed name of Nathan Hyde worked with local officers Sgt. Mike Holman and Officer John Waldron to purchase illegal drugs. Some exchanges were made quite openly at area bars, and in taxi cabs. The agent used marked bills and sometimes recording conversations with drug dealers.

Cameron Hutchins, 37, was charged with eight felony counts for selling cocaine and marijuana, according to court records. He sold the undercover agent cocaine four different times between March 12 and March 27, at Harbor View Bar, Cape Cheerful Lounge, Bliss's room at Harbor View Inn and at the airport. In two instances, Hutchins' significant other, Brenda Wallace, was present during transactions. A search of the couple's home turned up more than 4 ounces of marijuana and pot smoking paraphernalia. The investigation showed that the couple invited people who wanted to purchase and use marijuana to their residence at 115 W. Broadway to play video games. Wallace, 49, was charged with three felony drug crimes.

Joanne Lee, 59, was charged with seven felony counts and two misdemeanors for selling cocaine and marijuana to the agent from her Diamond Taxi vehicle in February, March and April. During a search of her home, officers confiscated 10 ounces of methamphetamine and $9,000 in $100 bills. Her roommate, Muoi V. Nguyen, 47, was charged with two felony drug counts.

John "JJ" Bruce Jr., 25, was arrested on three felony charges and charged with supplying Oxycontin, a pain killer, to a minor on more than one occasion. On April 15, officers confiscated 24 Oxycontin pills and $2,200 in cash during a search of his residence at 484 Biorka Drive.

Matthew J. Schneider, 26, a resident of Anchorage who worked as a production manager for the Discovery Channel during the past fishing season, was charged with two felony drug counts.

The bust was not unprecedented in Unalaska, Sunderland said.

"There are always some kind of drug activities we're investigating. But it's been several years since we've done a drug case of this size," he said.

The January investigation involved the use of funds obtained through a U.S. Justice Department grant administered by the state of Alaska, known as the Edward Byrne Memorial Assistance Grant, which allowed the department to hire Bliss.

An April investigation involved police officer Stephan Kelly, who developed information through the use of street contacts that resulted in a search warrant.

"Our officers did exceptionally well at managing this and were tenacious about following up on leads," Sunderland said.

Unalaska Mayor Shirley Marquardt is working with local response agencies and interested community members to develop a plan to "help our young people recognize and enjoy their potential to the fullest," she said in an e-mail.

I have used this article to show that, With all this going on, the Fact that one of them worked for "Deadliest Catch" is rather incidental. There are literally 100 people that come up here to work on that show at the beginning of the season. A 1% failure rate is pretty damn good. The People of Discovery and Original Productions are good people and their image should not be tarred because of one Idiot.

On a Side Note: Matt, I know you read the blog. Turn yourself in and get it over with. You are an idiot, but not a big enough idiot to think you can run forever. Think back to that one talk we had up in the Conference room. You were hanging out with the idiots that got you into this.I told you they were scum. Where are they now? Arrested. I told you they were going to get you in trouble. Turn yourself in, and I will be there in court to support you.

Finally, I have to point out the fact that Several of those responsible for the fake Phil Harris memorial 2 days after his death a few months back were among those Arrested. Almost all the Original Production people were gone when this Occurred and Matt was talked into filming that Fake Memorial by the Same People that got him caught up in all this mess. It was a poor decision and I am sure Original Productions will never show that tape. They are more than welcome to come up and film the REAL Unalaskan/Dutch Harbor Memorial coming up this month. Karma, is all I can say about this. The Wheel turns. KARMA.

The People of Unalaska/Dutch Harbor are some of the finest on Earth, and to have our reputation tarnished by this is Hurtful to many. So this will be the First, Last and ONLY time I will be posting on this. Don't Bother with E-mails, any about this will be ignored, and if you ask often enough you will be blocked.

Thanks to all my loyal fans and followers who I know will help spread the TRUTH about what happened.

Have a great day everyone!


Reading said...

CB - thanks for setting the story we all know if it weren't for the DC connection it would never have made the national news....

Kimi said...

Thanks for setting the story straight CB. Most of the production crew we met through the weekend were very nice people.

mamawas said...

Hope Brian turns himself in to the authorities. Learn from your mistakes.

Spring has arrived in Unalaska, I need to make summer plans!!!

"Seattle" Heather said...

CB thanks for getting this out there. Because the news source down here in Seattle is crap and it didn't have hardly any CORRECT info in it!

And I must to love Karma.

Anonymous said...

Um. You are still fairly new, so maybe you didn't recognize the names in the police blotter, but several of the people arrested are lifelong residents. They grew up and graduated from high school here. They are the children of prominent citizens, including city councel members and business owners. They came from good families with parents and neighbors and friends that love them dearly. All of this just proves that addiction is a disease that does not discriminate. This is a good town, and we will band together to help these young folks heal just lime we band together through every other crisis.

Mystic Spider said...

CB - we can always count on you to get us the skinny without the hype..thank you for that..and on a side note...I really wish I could partake of one of those Sunday brunches..makes my english muffin look insignificant...

Carlisleboy said...

Actually Anonymous, If you noticed I DID refer to the kids who got caught up in this mess. Maybe you missesd this line:
"The worst thing about this is that some local kids were caught up in this horrid business. I ask the State to show leniency towards these kids. THEY can be rehabilated"
Perhaps if you did not just hate me on principle and really read my post you would have seen that I did not include any of the names of any of the kids under a certain age. Several of my friends famlies were touched by this. And I am REALLY getting tired of YOU saying how "New" I am. Unless you have the guts to identify yourself and say something to me in person I am just going to consider you another hater. If you don't like my blog don't read it.
I agree that Addiction is a terrible nightmare. HOWEVER The ADULTS Involved in this need to be shown the door to the plane or boat off this island.
Anonymous, you should always feel free to comment on here, HOWEVER if you want to be insulting and rude expect to be put in your place.

Anonymous said...

This is not the same anonymous as earlier so please read:
CB- Schneider was never running or "on the loose" as the story told. They completely made that up. He had gone home to California which is where he lives as he was normally scheduled to do as part of his work schedule. He was informed of this problem while he was in California, and is returning to Alaska immediately to turn himself in. So you also need to get the story straight before you try and set it straight. The daily news tried to twist the story and make the entire television show look bad, they also tried to make it look even worse by saying Schneider is "on the loose." You know how the media will spin things in hopes of turning a profit. Matt Schneider isn't running from the law, that's just the media lying to try and make a big story.

Margrita said...

CB thanks for the straight story. It is a shame that the media seems to spin and twist a story to make it more sensational. I am glad spring has arrived have a good week.

Carlisleboy said...

Anonymous #2
Thank you.
I tied to contact him at the number I had and got nothing.
And Yes, we ALL know how the Main Stream Media twists everything. Yes MSNBC AND CNN I am talking about you.
Which is why, when I am off the Island I watch FOX!

Kimi said...

A suspect or person of interest, if not in custody with a warrant out for his or her arrest, is technically at large, or on the loose. Being unaware of the warrant is not an excuse. I'm sure 99% of the people of Unalaska are great people. But with every town, city and state, there are always a handful of idiots who muck it up for the image everyone else works hard to present. CB has done a lot to post positive images of what used to be a not so nice place. I have talked to someone who was stationed there and he said it was nasty many years ago. He was shocked at how far the island has come.

Carlisleboy said...

OMG! Speaking of Fox News!
They just posted an article on the front page and got the info right from my Personal Friend and fellow Republican Unalaska Mayor Shirley Marquardt! Good article, as is to be expected from Fox News!
I'm so Proud!!

Carlisleboy said...

Again just making sure no...

Carlisleboy said...

...bad JuJU from that last evil numbered comment

Anonymous said...

The Fox News article was written by the associated press, the exact same one was put on MSNBC as well.

Carlisleboy said...

Anonymous #3 Yeah, I know but it is a badge of Honor for a Republican to be on Fox. Really just giving Shirley a 'Shout out'.
Way to go Shirley!

Jeff said...

Not one comment on who in the world is buying the drugs? I will tell you there are more users than dealers there, sorry!

Anonymous said...

Even several of the "adults" involved are long term residents, which means this has all been going on for years. Did anyone else notice how the Anchorage Daily News and Dutch Harbor Fisherman articles painted a totally different picture regarding the Deadliest Catch thing. DHF pretty much said Matthew was possibly just bragging and that it's likely no supervisors brought drugs out. The ADN said that the chief of police was "cryptic" and made it sound like there could still be more charges against DC/OP employees. Being a local, I might be biased, but I'm going to have to believe the DHF on this one.

Carlisleboy said...

Totally Think Matt was just bragging. No way was that supervisor involved.
There are users here just like everywhere else. It's a shame that people feel that need.
Maybe me can all tell City Council how much they need to fund another worker at the APIA Substance Abuse Clinic. I think the request goes before Council for First Reading on Tuesday. Let's not talk about it, let's do something about it!

Anonymous said...

Unalaska is bursting with undercover cops. In fact, there's more undercover cops out there per capita then any where in the whole of the United States. The same goes with cab drivers in Bethel, AK!!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if this Matthew Schneider is the same Matthew Schneider, age 28 now, who was arrested on May 29, 2013 for running a national drug sales and money laundering in Pacific Beach, CA. (a burb of San Diego). Might be associated with some bad folks.