Sunday, May 16, 2010

Prom 2010 Unalaska/Dutch Harbor, a different Sunday Brunch Post With A fish fry, a cake, and Plenty of Junior/Juno Prom Pictures!

Well The Flowers are Finally Blooming Up Dutch Harbor Way so that must mean that Prom Is on the way.
CB got recruited to help some Very Dedicated Parents, Students, and Teachers Turn the Gym at the Grade School into a "Masquerade To Remember" ...
It is the Tradition here in Unalaska that the Junior Class does all the Decorating for the Prom, with no Seniors.
Of Course it is a massive undertaking so Plenty of Parents, Teachers and Friends get involved as well. Getting asked to help this year was a great honor, One I hope to repeat every year I live here.

Not that it was all work and no play,
Not with Gina And Susan to lead the way!

My First task was to get the Beadwork Looking good on the Masque stand for the Portrait shots.
Then it was on to some ribbon work on the Large Hanging Masques,
While plenty of other people worked on the huge Gossamer job in the Gym....
.......Blowing up tons of balloons.......
....... Working on the lighting.......
......and all the sound equipment. Noah, who works in Miss Veda's shop had plenty of time to help since she is out of town on vacation and her store is closed.

Next up Ted and I got two of the Large Masques Hung on the Basketball Hoops. Great Effect, it looks like they are floating in midair.
Rigging the Balloon Drop was a group effort with everyone, and I think we all walked away with more confetti on us than in the netting!
Then to help cover the Lockers in the entrance way I worked on getting up a "curtain wall" in Creme and Gold Gossamer

Once that underway I took a break to head over to the Unalaskan Senior Center for their Fresh Halibut Fish Fry.
And Just look at who is in the Kitchen, Our Fabulous Mayor Shirley, her son and his buddy, Char, and Councilman Peck.
It better be good Shirley. I am a vetran of Hundreds of Fish Fry's in Pennsylvania, and I know my fish!
Ok, So Mum, Fresh Halibut is SOOOOOOOO much better than the Haddock they serve back in PA. The only things missing were Cole Slaw (they had Maccaroni and Potato Salads which I dont eat) and Your Apple Pie. Next time I come home I will bring some for you to try.

It was a good Turn out, with Junior and Juno, CD and Manderzz,
And AG!!!!
After that brief respite it was back to The Gym for a few more Hours before heading home to bed!

Today the weather was just miserable with, can you believe it, Fresh Snow at Higher elevations and just a wet and windy day in the valley.

Still, nothing would stand in my way of getting the walls done!
So, before the Kids get here lets take a quick look. Here is the reception table and voting Boxes for King and Queen.....

The Entrance Hallway that I did,

The walkway to the Party area
And now, just to show you the difference, the Gym went from........
....this when we started........ This!! Awesome Job everyone!!

Safeway also made up a very pretty cake.

Junior decided (AGAINST MY AVICE) to not wear a tux this year. Still I guided him and CD through the Macy's Online store and got him a very nice DKNY suit, which will also serve him nicely in college, so not a total loss.
Also, he and Juno decided to skip the crazyness that is the Grand on Prom night for a nice dinner at home. Dylls is there too, all dressed up to "serve" at the prom tonight.
And Because they are now going to Prom I am Going to Drop the whole Junior/Juno naming and call them Properly Derick and Alicia.
Alicia's Dress was AMAZING on her. Though I am usually not a fan of bubble skirts, it looked wonderful on her!
"Oh My God! CD and CB both with cameras. We're going to be blinded with camera flashes before we ever make it to prom!"
Love those shoes Alicia!
Stop making faces Derick, I do have childhood photos of you I could publish in place of a nice photo from the here and now!
That's Better!
Even Bella wanted to get in on the action!

Much Better!

OMG! Awesome Purse Alicia! (Better keep a tight grip on it! I saw Manderzz eying it!)
Another peculiar tradition in Unalska is the "Parent Viewing Area" that is open till 10pm for parents to come by and see their kids during the Prom.
Another pair of great shoes.
Who is that Masked Man? Could you be "The Mad Texter" that is often seen at Bering Sea Office and Electronics?
Cass, who deserves a huge thanks from EVERYONE at the prom for being the driving force of past few days of decorating, as well as planning for months! Great Job! (And Awesome shoes too)

Miss Susan getting all caffinated for tonights festivities. (Everyone say happy 29th Birthday to her as well....LOL) How great is she to Host this event on her Birthday?

Hey, You. Stop Laughing! I you you'd be on the Blog!
And here is the other force behind the Prom, Kat and her son. Again, Great Job!

Now, lets let the kids alonhave a great night!

I hope everyone has a great Sunday!


Mj in Md said...

Beyond Awesome!! You all did an incredible job transforming the gym and hall. What beautiful colors and the masks are fantastic.
Derick and Alicia (this will take getting used to! ;-D ) look lovely. I hope they had a wonderful evening of great memories.

Margrita said...

CB WOW that is a great job the gym looks awesome. You really transformed it into a great prom. Derrick and Alicia both look great I love her shoes they are great. The suit you helped pick out is a great asset to Derricks wardrobe. The fish fry looks like fun. So glad the flowers are beginning to bloom. Sorry about the yucky vile snow up in the higher elevations. Once again excellent job on the gym you did a wonderful job

mamawas said...

I love prom supervision duty as a teacher. The teens are so dressed up and on their best behaviors. Both genders pull on uncomfortatble/rental clothing!!!

Juno's dress is spectactular!!!
She should be able to wear that to a few college events next year too.

Hurry up summer

Reading said...

beautiful prom and I love the theme...Derick and Alicia make a beautiful couple...and I love her shoes...even though I would kill myself in them!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Juno's, aka Alicia's, heels are so much prettier than the sneakers that she was threatening to wear to the prom a few blogs back.
It is unbelievable how much Bella has grown from when CD & the family first got her. She was so little in Manderzz's arms wearing the cute little outfits. Now, I think Manderzz would have a hard time just holding half of Bella! LOL

Mr Lonely said...

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Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Man, what a great prom that must have been. Mine was, ahem, just a few years ago. Yeah, that's it, that's the ticket. Yeah.


Cookie Dough said...

The prom was beautiful you all did a GREAT job! What I can't imagine all the tulle without your touch CB :)
The kids are pretty darn cute :) And Bella too..I'll blog again..when I'm caught up with school and eBay and lose 30 pounds LOL
This is the busiest week EVER in Unalaska...GRADUATION on SAT

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