Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It was a beautiful few days up Dutch Harbor Way, and Bella has been enjoying herself. From Runs on Summer Bay Beach.........

To walks up Bunker Hill, Bella is enjoying the first times of her life without the bite of winter or the crunch of snow beneath her paws.
Just wait a few more months Bells! It will soon turn from this..... this.
Still, Spring in Unalaska has it's own Beauty.

And you do have the best puppy mum in the world, CD!
Sorry Bella, Really don't trust you enough to let you up on the Bunker Yet.
But the View will be amazing!

On Saturday we attended the Food auction at the School to benifit the Foreign Language program.

There were two different Auctions, One the silent auction where we all bid in advance......
.....on tons of Nummy Food.........

Look, there is the Other Brian from Saint Baldricks and the Unalskan Fire Department.

AB Rankin's Lemon Merangue Pie! Bidding $30 on this!

And there is one of my favorite people on the island, Roxy!
Bidding on her Lemon Poppyseed cake.

Again, just about everyone in Unalaska was there at some time on Saturday.

And of Course the fabulous Susan Lynch was master of the Auction.

Waiting in line to pay for my auction wins.

YES! I got the pie! Missed out on the Poppyseed cake but got a Chocolate Fudge Pecan Pie.
And here are CD's Hauls!

Great event, just like they all are here in this fabulous community on the Edge of the Bering Sea!
Have a Great Day Everyone!


Margrita said...

CB love the walk with Bella she has grown so much . I bet she is gonna love no snow under her paws. Looks like spring is heading your way.
The food auction looks so yummy I would like to try some of it all LOL. Your buys looked quite yummy as well as CD's. So many good looking desserts tough choices to make.

"Seattle" Heather said...

CB the landscape views are amazing! The last two days in a row on my way home from work there has been a bald eagle flying over this one area of the freeway in Marysville, seeing that eagle totally reminded me of Alaska & your blog.
Take care and enjoy your looked delish!

Cookie Dough said...

Ohhh I want a walk! :( I went on 2 on Sunday and none at all this week --all this "fluffy rain" is toooooo cold!
But I did see 2 squirrels this afternoon :) YAY!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Love the new banner shot with the eagle. Too cool!

mamawas said...
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mamawas said...

Bella is such a delightful puppy!!!
The Unalaska school is a true community hub too

Maskerade said...

I'll arm wrestle you for that pecan pie?

Lori said...

Beautiful pics! And look at all that lovely food too - makes me hungry! You guys are always doing something neat up for a great cause.

Lauri said...

I "almost" miss it there....thank God for your amazing photos....I feel blessed to have lived there for so long....BUT BI, WA is so incredibly beautiful too! Thanks CB for the trip down memory lane! LOL (I've only been gone a few months)