Friday, May 14, 2010

Leaving the island, Freddie and Vanessa

So after many years spent here Freddie and Vanessa have left the island to move to Washington.

Freddie will still come up to fish, and Vanessa will be back for Phil's Memorial in October but it will not be the same.

I never imagined when I moved up here that I would get to be such close friends with Freddie,

But I will miss Vanessa even more. She was always there, driving Cab, and being wonderful.

Ok, getting weapy as I write this and Vanessa would punch me for that so I will just say Till we meet again. You always have a place to stay when you come, even if it is not at the hotel. And I definitly will come by on my Seattle Layovers.

Be well and Keep the Captain Morgan Cold!!


Reading said...

I wish them well on their move but it sucks when friends move away....

Margrita said...

Aww so sad to hear they are moving. I wish the a safe trio and a great move I hope you will get to visit your friends often.

Lori said...

Always sad when good friends move away, but I'm sure they're on to another phase of their life together. I wish them the best!!

Kimi said...

aww thats a shame that they're moving away. HUGS hun.

mamawas said...

Make new friends, but keep the old one is silver and the other is gold!!


Susan Stevenson said...

Saying goodbye to good friends is so hard. As a military spouse (husband now retired), I've had to say goodbye to so many dear friends. It always hurts.

Thank goodness for all the wonders of technology. We can keep in touch with them by email or webcam or cellphone or text.

I'm sad for all of you, as you say your 'see you laters'. I hope you'll get to visit each other.

Good luck to your friends!

North Pole