Sunday, May 2, 2010

Saint Baldrick's Day in Unalaska and the Port of Dutch Harbor. Sorry so Late, and it's not the Standard Sunday Brunch

Yes, I am now bald!

First of All a HUGE thanks to all my Donors!

UPDATE: The Blog list only contained Online Donors Other Donors were:
Lauri Krey
Greg and Evelyn Wheeler
and Lori Lawson
who sent in Checks

Mary Chandler
Cindi Rausch
Kimberly M Braun
a l ford
Michelle M Muise
Donna Wasneski
Katherine L Kemila
Tanya Huff
Melanie A Magnsuen
Sharon D Green
Ben Patrick Johnson
Rhonda Finnie
Nebraska Outback
michelle gorman
Audreya Cole Parks
Joann M Stockman
Tracy L Williams
Gina Walker
Cindy Scott
Lisa Kadrmas
Alena H Syverson
Robert M Huseby
Lani Klebesadel
Levi Campos
Gregg Bishop
The Grand Aleutian Hotel
The Housekeeping Staff at the Grand Aleutian

Thanks to you I raised over $2,000For Childhood Cancer Research! That is about 10% of the Total raised Yesterday, over $20,000! I think that does a nice job of showing any haters out there that the 10% of the Population that is gay cares just as much as everyone else about the communities we live in. And though I will NOT expand on it, the Recent Removal of 2 haters from this community will really make the this a better place for us all.
Anyway, now that I got that out of my system, next stop is the Saint Baldrick's Day festivities right on the edge of the Bering Sea.
The Always Fabulous ABR was helping out,
Along with BJ and Rosie at the registration tables.
The Stage where it all takes place!
Possibly the Coolest Kid I know. Little Esther, who at 5 years old was the Youngest "Shavee"
Miss Jess From One of the 5 Female "Shavees" for the event.
The weather was great yesterday, good enough for a BBQ at the Burma Road Chapel where the Event Was held.
I even broke my Nutrisystem Diet to enjoy a nice Hotdog outside in the sunshine.
It seems like everyone was there at sometime yesterday! Even The Politicians Kissing Babies!

Yup, a traditional Unalskan BBQ, minus the beer, with snow on the Mountains and a few snowflakes floating by.
Roger for his Mum. (Really have to watch his Diet when you come up Kay)
My Favorite Chocolate Maker on the Island and her nephew, soon to be a bald Nephew.
Miss Jane of .

Look Closely at the man with the Beard. He Got caught up in the excitement and ended up shaving it all!

The Amazing Miss Katherine Getting her tools Ready To Shave some Heads!
Alaska Steve of
Reid, who Dives with Dan of and the fifth Cutest Dog on the island Squid! (After Bella, Dakota, Chico and Sugar)

RJ, one of the Unalskan Firefighters for his mom.
Miss Dani and her Girl Scouts getting ready to advertise the event
Zac and his daughter
Todd, Miss Katherine's guy.
Zac and Mayor Shirley
Miss Dani and the Girl Scouts getting people to the event.

And it would just not be an event in Dutch Harbor/Unalaska without food!
Laddiux (SP?) or Fried Bread. Sorta like Kegles from PA but not stretched as thin or sugar coated
People donated all the food and all the proceeds went to Saint Baldricks!

Of Course the little black fox that lives near the Burma Road chapel was present getting a few Treats from people.

Miss Theresa, who just passed her exam for the Fire Department was there helping out.
The Whole group of Shavees

Alaksa Steve and Goldfish
Salvadore, Zac and Todd
Miss Susan Lynch, Master of Ceremonies and Mr Brian Rankin, who organized this whole event.
Mayor Shirley accepted a plaque from the Saint Baldrick's Organization.

The first Shavees, James Barber and Brian Rankin

Thanks to Dennis Robinson and his wonderful wife over there in blue for snapping the group shots before shaving.

Next up: Zac, Mike and Jason

Miss Alaska Ship and Miss Katherine with a Webcam on Head for Roger's Shaving.

Jane and Rich have a personal Stake in all this as their newborn Grandaughter has cancer. Remember that you ccan still donate at any time at Saint Baldrick's Website
Next up were Roger, Chris & Matt who also shaved of their Beards!
This was just soooooo Wrong Katherine!

And here is a face that has been absent too long from the blog. MS and the new guy in her life!
AWWWW!! CB Cheerleaders? LOL AG, CD and AS.
Gary, RJ and PJ

You make your Momma Proud RJ!
And Look at Chris Clean Shaven!

The First Female Shavees Jessica and Judy along with Tim.

Both Jessica and Judy Donated their Hair to "Locks of Love", so it was like a double Donation.

How much do we love these Ladies?

Next up the Youth of Unalaska , Jacob, Dave and Sam
FINALLY Junior Showed up with his sister Manderzz to Take photos of CB's Shaving!
Better late than never and only a small threat required.

Proud Grandparents Gert and Sam Look on. Check out her Art at
Hug your mum's and relatives boys!
Next up CB!

Also There was Alaska Steve and Cam from the clinic

Of Course Katherine had some fun with the shaving...

Ok Katherine. That is about enough
Ok, You are in Trouble Kat!

Finally , All done!
CB and Pattykins!
CD and AG just had to rub the Baldie!
Alaska Steve and Team Emery!

Miss Jess who Looks Damn Hot with a Shaved head!

Theresa, Esther and Kris

Don't Worry Jamie, your time is Coming

By the way they Broadcast everything on Live! Of course little Esther was the Star of the show yesterday.

Just in Case I miss anyone, here is the Full list.
One of the Coolest famlies in Unalaska!

And there is The Star!
I did not think it possible she is even Cuter Now!
Todd and Salvador!
First time he will be without a beard in over 30 years! Miss Susan Did the first Cut!
Miss Judy looking snappy in her hat!

Actually Katherine, I like this look for Todd!

Clean Shaven!
The Happy couple!
Roger Counting up Donations for Salvadore to Shave his Mustache!

Wow! You guys look Great!

Retired Chief Gregory, Chief Long and Chief Sunderland!
Shave those Heads!

Finally Dylls shows up!
Pattykins and Dave!
All the Girl and Boy Scouts who helped.
And FINALLY the big Group Bald shot!
I feel so honored to be one of this amazing Group!
Congratulations to everyone involved!


Reading said...

you have a cute bald head...what a great community effort for such a great cause...

are you sure my check made it up there?

Margrita said...

CB wow what a great community event. The food looked yummy. Everyone really showed their support. Every ones do looks great. Wow you raised a huge amount I am so proud of what was raised. Mere words can't say how much I appreciate your participation. I know from daily experience how painful this disease is I shudder thinking of how the children suffer. One day maybe they will not have to.
Once again you are awesome CB thank you

Anonymous said...

Finally.....we have pics from CB...I've been waiting all day long! LOL
I love how Katherine took "artistic licensing" with all of her shavees! :>) What a fun event and for a great cause!
My cousin and a classmate (both girls) are childhood cancer survivors and I remember them having to deal with the shaved heads. Of course, back then there was no such thing as a "children's wig" so they had to either wear a head scarf or try to wear a small adult's wig. This event and Locks of Love are great for helping those fight cancer.

Keep up the good work! I'll let you slide on the Sunday Brunch for today....sighhhhh

mamawas said...

What a great community event. The women's donations are a great idea. Your checkerboard haircut didn't last very long did it.
Congratulations to all participants for all the fnding towards childhood cancer cures. Some of the donations were a stretch on budgets!

Kay said...

Great pics CB. Wish I could have been there!

Lauri said...

Wow I feel like I was there! Great pics and what a wonderful cause....I didn't see my name in the donations...did you lose my check? Anyway, don't need kudos, just wanted to donate to a wonderful cause....Way to go!!!

Audreya said...

Wow - what a neat event! Thanks for sharing it with all of us!! You did an awesome job fundraising. I'm so impressed their were several ladies who participated. I sat here wondering if I could do that and, well, I'm not sure. They are stronger than me, for sure!!! I've done Locks of Love but to completely shave - wow, those are some truly selfless, fearless ladies (and also the guys, of course).

Carlisleboy said...

Now UPdated!
Sorry Chip, Lori and Lauri!

Alaska Steve said...

Great coverage of the event - thanks for participating, hope you can join us again next year!

DCjosh said...

Great pictures, and a great cause! Congratulations on a successful event. I was worried there wouldnt be any food pictures, but you didn't disappoint, haha!

Reading said...

most important thing is that the check got there...I know I would not be brave enough to shave my head...I am so proud of you

Been there done that said...

You guys did an amazing job with your efforts and I applaud you all. Its times and things like me that remind me there are still a good deal of communities out there that still do amazing things!

Anonymous said...

Hi Iam Prabhu from chennai,joined today in this forum... :)

Anonymous said...

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