Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sant Baldrick's Donors.......Choose your Sweatshirt/TShirt

I had 4 Donors pledge over $100 for my Bald head so they Get to Pick out a Sweatshirt or T-shirt of their Choice from our Gift Shop at the Hotel.
Even if you did not pledge, but still want a Shirt just give the Grand Aleutian Gift Shop a Call At:
(907) 581-7117
I will also be sending out private e-mails to these Donors but just to give them Props here:
Thank You
A.L. Ford
Mrs Donna Wasneski
Ms Tanya Huff
Ben Patrick Johnson

Please Indicate by Number which of the Shirts bellow that you want and give me the Size (S,M,L, XL or 2X)

1, 2, 3,

4, 5, 6,

7, 8, 9,

T Shirts Chose a color from those shown 11, 12,

13 , 14, 15,

Once I have all the sizes and Correct Addresses I will do the Drawing for the Letterman's Jacket from ALL my donors.

Once again everyone, thanks for all your help raising money for Childhood Cancer Research!


Lori said...

Very nice CB!

mamawas said...

shopping time...CB I want to pay my own postage too, let me know how to send you the funds. No need for you to be "out" money personally as I add to my AK clothing collection.

Carlisleboy said...

Heck No Mamawas!! You already paid by donating!!
Don't you even think about it or I will be mad........
And Saint Michael has a way of taking care of people who make me mad......look at those idiots who threw that fake Phil Harris Memorial...Minumium Jail time of years.....LOL

Margrita said...

CB you are awesome. Those are great hoodies and T- shirts you have pictures of. I saw a couple that I really liked. Thanks for doing the St. Baldrick event it really was wonderful of you to do that. Have a great week.