Sunday, August 22, 2010

Abbreviated Post, Blogger not Cooperating

Ok Everyone, I wanted to post all about my very hectic week, But Blogger is not cooperating. It only let me load these few photos of the Aleutian Life Festival activities, not even that many of them. I'll try again later but did not want to leave you all hanging on a Sunday.
So Just a few, Like Manderzz, growing up fast, already embarrassed by Mum!
A few shots of the band and some of the people attending.
Salmon swimming right up the stream next to the festival, I also Have some video when blogger lets me upload.
CD and AG participating in the "Egg Toss", One small video bellow.
Relaxing at CD's After, and AG showing off her perfect beach glass find.

Ok everyone, More later, I promise!


mamawas said...

I noticed the blown up child's dragon at the festival immediately, looks huge. I would participate in those relay races (on the slow team) too.

Anonymous said...

the coloers of the flowers and grass look so good , but ilook forward for the brunch line !! someday I plan to make it to brunch myself, nebraska is a long drive!!!

Margrita said...

CB great pictures love the egg toss video. Poor AG LOL CD got her with that egg. Wow Manderzz has grown so much. The festival looked like fun love all the green in the pictures. Hope you have a less hectic week get some rest .

Kimi said...

looks like a lot of fun was had by all. lol@ the egg.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi CB! M3 here! Got an idea, might be fun, why not have a little contest to have your followers and fans try to GUESS where you're going for your vacation??? No prize involved, just good fun to guess, and satisfaction if ANYONE gets it right! Might be fun!

I'm headed to Seattle for 7 days on the 16th of September...gonna be a ball!

Anyhow, was at the Valley Dairy the other day, thought of you, and had fries and gravy!!! Oh so YUM!

Best to you!! Take care!