Sunday, August 15, 2010

Random Week, so a Random Sampling of Photos

Good Morning everyone! Going to Be attending the Camp Q Pot luck today so Skipping Brunch, But lots of food pictures later in the week. As you can tell by my posts this week it has been a bit trying.........So just a few random photos and videos to round out the week:

Now, I am not blaming the Local Post Office for this, lets just get that right out there first,
But Really, Nothing Says "You're Sorry" like a Preprinted Apology letter stamped on a plastic bag that the remnants of your mail is stuffed into. I feel SOOOO much better.

Overhanging clouds and windy days have really been the weather this week Planes Cancelled and the what not. Only a few quick walks.

There was one really nice day so At Dan's Suggestion we had an Ice Cream Party for staff..even SPRINKLES!!

Took some tourists to the Church the other day and took the Fabulous tour with Sharon. I really wish I could Show you photos of the Icons and paintings inside, they are amazing. The one icon gifted to the Church by Katherine the Great, Czar of Russia in the 1800's never fails to take my breath away. And their veneration Of Saint Michael the Archangel is right up there with my own, some of the painting on the Royal Doors are as brilliant as any I have seen in the Louvre. Truly a treasure of the island and the people. And the salmon are jumping in the creek over there, Videos are at the end of this post.
Speaking of Treasures, April and Demetri brought Little Veronika over on the Ferry last week. She is getting cuter every time I see her!!
Another Treasure of this island is Friendship, and helping out those in Need. CD filled in at Miss Veda's shop this week while Veda was in Anchorage with Tom. Thanks for the Prayers everyone, Tom is doing much better!!
You just GOT to love rainbows on an otherwise cloudy day!!

Me taking a wad of Cash from Veda's store across the street to the Bank. See Veda, CD is working out GREAT!

And this was just a little weird, over by flat bay it looked like there was a Flat Rainbow all squished up in the valley on Saturday. Random, But cool.
And now for those Videos I was telling you about earlier.

Have a great week Everyone!


mamawas said...

God Bless Tom's recovery journey!
Have a great pot luck this week and thanks for another amazind Unalaska island tour via pix and video

Anonymous said...

Thanks Cb. A huge thank you to CD. You guys are the best. Things going good, hope to be home Wed. Once again, thank you.

Margrita said...

CB wow what great pictures. I love the videos they are great. You and CD are so wonderful to help out Ms. Veda and by the looks of it you did a great job. The rainbows are awesome just beautiful. Glad you got an apology with the remains of your mail. I love the Russian art icons and paintings found in several of the Russian churches just wonderful. Take care and have a good week.

Cookie Dough said...

I'm having a blast at the store! I have never seen so many people that I don't know, takes venturing to "the other side" I guess lol...You're very welcome Veda..anytime and I hope boxes come's so fun to put new stuff out!!

Kimi said...

can i just copy and paste what Margrita just said. she posted before i got the chance. LoL.

CD, you look great standing behind the counter working. CB, you look great. check email.

Miss Veda, I'm so glad to hear your husband is doing better. Good luck with the rest of his recovery. Safe travels.

Anonymous said...

Sweetie, you do realize you posted your mailing address on the site, right? Just thought you'd like the head's up that it's in full view & and as you don't use full names or just initials..... Love the rainbow pics.

Akutan's April Dawn said...

Always great to see you when we come thru. Not making it this ferry trip. But we'll be going thru next month when we head down to Seattle to introduce Veronika to her great-grandma!!

Thanks for everything you do, BTW you've been looking great! Keep it up what ever your doing!!

Miss you lots, take care and keep in touch!!

<3 April, Demetri Jr, Veronika and the pups!!

Anonymous said...

Unlaska is a small paradise, and i loved it! Thanks for the pictures! :)