Sunday, August 8, 2010

What's Wrong with this Picture?

"Everybody in the country is going to have to sacrifice something, accept change for the greater good. Everybody is going to have to give. Everybody is going to have to have some skin in the game."
President Barack Obama, January 2010

"Parents looking for things to do with their kids this summer … this is a wonderful place to visit''. Michelle Obama, On a One day trip to Florida Panhandle, July 2010

Jobs Picture Worsens With 131,000 Losses; The unemployment rate was unchanged at 9.5 percent in July, just below market expectations for a rise to 9.6 percent. The steady jobless rate largely reflected a drop in the labor force as discouraged workers gave up the search for jobs.
United States of America, June, 2010

I'm not sure what it is about the picture above, Showing Michelle Obama and her Daughter disembarking Air Force II in Spain. Is it the $375,000.00 price tag the American people are picking up? Is it the estimated $250,000.00 Michelle and her friends are spending there? Is it the over $500,000.00 that could have been spent in some LA or Florida Gulf resort instead of at some Millionaires Playground in Spain?

No, it is the Hypocrisy.

While Demonizing the Rich, Calling on them to "pay their fair share", And asking ALL Americans to "Make Sacrifices", the Obama's have been living the high life on OUR dime. $100,000.00 "Date Nights" out in New York City, A separate Airplane to Bring the Presidential Dog Bo to Maine on the last vacation a few weeks ago, And a 10 day Vacation to Martha's Vineyard that will immediately follow this vacation.

I'm Not criticizing Vacations. I'm not even criticizing International Vacations. I will be taking one myself in 43 days. However I will be paying for it MYSELF. I used an American Airline (Which Actually Cost me $125 more than the foreign flagged one I could have gotten BTW) and an American Travel Agency. I get two month long vacations a year. That is a trade off I have made for living on a small isolated Island in Alaska for 10 months out of the year. The Job I perform is challenging, but not much different than I was doing before I came here. The Environment, The Remoteness, the Isolation is what is so daunting too so many. There is a job on this island for just about anybody, but not just anybody is made for this island. I EARN my vacations. And you know what? The President of the United States Earns his as well. It's the toughest job on the planet, bar none.

However that does not give him a free pass on the hypocrisy.

"Do as I say, Not as I do", "We know better than You", and "Because we said so, that Why!" are phrases adults use with Children. All too often recently that has been the Attitudes, as well as the Actions of Washington DC. The Monstrous Health Care Bill was passed, WITHOUT EVEN BEING READ OR UNDERSTOOD, over the Objections of the American People. The Recent election in Missouri showed that over 71% of the voters in that State Alone objected to that disgusting display of Government waste. Yet it falls on Deaf ears. In Arizona over 70% of the people were in favor of the new Immigration Law, only to have it vilanized by people like Eric Holder WHO DID NOT EVEN READ THE LAW BEFORE OBJECTING TO IT. More people in this Country FAVOR the Tea Party movement than object to it, even after the Mainstream Media tried for a YEAR to cast it as " Racist ". It seem that our so called Leaders in Washington DC, have forgotten something, especially the so called "Democratic" party which no longer lives up to the name any more than the "Democratic Peoples Republic of North Korea" represents a free society. While giving a voice to all, in a DEMOCRACY it is supposed to be about the Will of the MAJORITY. And more and more the MAJORITY is rejecting this administration, this congress and this Path for America.

What can be done to stop this? The most important thing, right now?

It's YOU.

It is up to YOU to speak out. It is up to YOU to talk to family, friends, neighbors. Write a letter to the editor, post on a blog, vote in the upcoming elections donate to political campaigns. And NOT just if you agree with me. EVERYONE deserves a voice. If you disagree with me GREAT! Let's talk about it. Rationally, Factually, and RESPECTFULLY. We're Grown Ups, unlike those idiots in Washington DC.

What do I believe MUST be done to Secure the future prosperity of this Nation?

1. Businesses MUST be loosened from the idiotic bureaucracy that makes American Companies unable to compete in the Global Market. WHY are we punishing the very FOUNDATION of our economy? (On a Side note why is 70% owned GM spending $500,000,000.00 on a new plant in Mexico when so many are out of work here?) American Companies MUST be allowed to build and create MANUFACTURING jobs here, In America, without being hamstrung by the EPA or Crime ridden Labor unions.

2. American National resources must be exploited. Why are we spending billions for Foreign Resources when we could be REINVESTING ALL of that money here at home, creating high paying DOMESTIC jobs? Cap and Trade Legislation MUST be killed until all nations have to take part in in, not just US and Europe allowing China, India and the rest free reign. Only with a level playing field can The US compete.

3. The "Balkinization" or "Separation" of American into Subgroups is idiotic. "African-American, Latio-American, Gay-American, Christian-American, Muslim-American". WE ARE ALL AMERICAN! I am more than a Gay Catholic Republican American. Labels Separate. As Americans we have FAR more in COMMON than the sum of our differences.

4. A strong US Military is the ONLY thing that has prevented this world from sliding into yet another World War. It must be preserved. The Military must also be allowed to accomplish it's mission without it's hands being tied by Politicians. Miranda Rights for Terrorists? Are you FU*i%ng kidding me? If someone is shooting at one of our soldiers they should SHOOT TO KILL! As for Gays in the Military....does anyone else see how Obama and the Democrats used and abused the Gay Community once again? Just Like Clinton, Obama said he would issue an "executive order" in exchange for our support. Most of the Community supported him and Look at what Happened. "Fool me once shame on you, Fool me twice, shame on me".

5. America must be allowed to DREAM again. We NEED NASA manned missions to the moon and beyond. We need missions to Mars. We need the scientific breakthroughs and sheer wonder that only can be found through pure exploration and discovery. There MUST be a renewal of public money in Applicable Science. We need to touch our tiny corner of the Universe again and DREAM much more than Joe Biden needs a lousy AMTRAK train home to his house in Delaware.

6.Hypocrisy from our elected leaders will only end when we hold them responsible for their actions. Elected leaders should be BARRED from becoming political Lobbyists. There should also be the same term limits on all Politicians as there are on the President. Fair is fair.

Those are my thoughts, What are yours?

So Michelle, Barack, Bo, enjoy your vacation. The way it is shaping up you will have less than two years to Use Air Force I and II and stick the American people with the bill.

REALLY looking forward to those Mid-Term Elections......

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."
Edmund Burke

Don't be silent everyone. You have a Voice, Use it!

(Today's Blog was brought to you by Combivir, the Antiviral responsible for CB's General grouchiness and lack of ambition due to sleepless nights. Combivir, let everyone see the true Bitch inside you!)


amulbunny's random thoughts said...

So what do you think of the Prop 8 situation down here in the golden state?

dorothy b said...

What a magnificent writing. Right on. Should be in every paper in the country!

Kimi said...

Dorothy has it right. That should be put front and center. I think most people are afraid to say what they really think.

I want to say one thing about prop 8 and that whole thing. I can't see what the big deal is about the whole gay marriage thing. Two consenting adults want to share their lives. They want the protection that a marriage gives. Call it a domestic partnership, or marriage, whatever. Why is it illegal anywhere? Why does someone have to be married to get the same benefits afforded to a married couple? A domestic partnership should be a legally recognized partnership, with all the same benefits a married couple gets. (this should include a man and woman who do not want to marry.

Leighsah said...

I LOVE you. I would ask you to marry me of you weren't gay. =)

Love you


mamawas said...

Adults should absolutely marry/live with/cohabitate individuals of their choice, I agree with the prior comment from Kimi!!!
I also support a strong American based jobs market and economy. Hope Air Force One uses Alaskan oil.

Anonymous said...

I'm neither Republican nor Democrat. They both lie to ALL of us. Special interests are DEEEEEEP in ALLLL of their pockets. And you're right about a lot that's in your piece but here's the part you forget:

You can place a Republican example in each one of those spaces. Period.

Example (and I'll only use one): Your point# 1 about industry. NAFTA opened the flood gates, but legislation passed when the Right ruled The Hill during our last administration allowed for companies to get their tax breaks to ship jobs overseas. Please spare me the Fox News barf. The legislation itself (yes, I'll actually spend a week or so reading it) & the voting record is ALL I need.

Anyone who thinks that either party represents their best interests, you're buying into the lie.

By the way, go read Huckabee's note to Tennessee Conservatives w/ their up coming elections and tell me how you really feel about being thought of as a second-class citizen, CB. The people you embrace do not think of you as one of them. It's in black & white, Dear. As someone who has gay family members & gay individuals who have had a life-long impact on my life, I hate it.

I think everyone should wake the f up and move away from both parties.

Rainbows End RV Park said...
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Margrita said...

CB awesome words you put things in well written form. Kimi you rock said it and said it well. AWESOME BLOG THIS WEEK KUDOS