Monday, August 23, 2010

Get out and VOTE Alaska, Especially if you vote for Senator Lisa Murkowski!

It's That time of the Year again Alaska! Primary Voting begins tomorrow in Unalaska.
There are Two issues that are of Major importance to Unalaska. The first is the Primary Challenge against Lisa Murkowski. Senator Murkowski has done a lot for Alaska and
Unalaska, Including the Funding for the Small Boat Harbor. Without her pushing for it we Would not have gotten that money. She deserves your vote.

Lisa is the FIRST native born Senator elected to Congress. It is said that people in the Obama Administration refer to her as "The OTHER Bi*ch from Alaska". My Gosh!! That is reason enough to vote for her! And yes, Sarah Palin is endorsing her Challenger. I still love Sarah but I really think she is wrong on this one.
So, for those who are able, Vote For Lisa!
The Next Major Issue is Ballot Issue 1, supposedly an anti-corruption measure but really a GAG ORDER on all the smaller communities in Alaska. This would effect City Council Travel to Anchorage and Juneau, not to mention Washington DC. Basically this gives all the power to Urban Communities and alienates small cities and bush Villages. In an Irony the Groups backing this measure will not revel where THEY are getting their money from, in fact they were FINED almost $400,000 for campaign fraud.
Now, Unalaska, GET OUT AND VOTE!!


mamawas said...

small communities need to advocate for their interests non stop, urban areas will overrun us (my community too). We fight for water rights in my area.

Support all voices in a community, we all have the right to that voice vis the election ballot.

Anonymous said...

The mayor and the city council travel wAy too much in our opinion. They rack up the airline miles and use for their own personal use. They use their iphones ( city paid for) for their own personal use also. The time has come to stop this abuse of hard earned tax payer money. As for Sarah. What a bible thumping baby making moron.

Anonymous said...

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Carry on the fantastic work!

Margrita said...

Awesome post CB. Really great information about Senator Murkowski. Enjoyed reading today.