Monday, August 2, 2010

Rogers House and A long Week

Words to Follow, Just wanted to get some pictures up since it was a missed day yesterday and Three people already called me out on it.
First though, For Kay, YOUR SON is obstructing traffic moving 1/2 of his new house around!

" OH God, You're going to text my mom about this aren't you?"
No Use looking away Roger!!
Anyway though, Sorry about not posting on Sunday Everyone. It had been a SUPER Busy week at the hotel, and except for tuesday the weather has not been the best. Also, still on the Antivirals so tired and not sleeping well.
Still we had a nice day when some Tourists came to visit us from Unisea Japan, though the plane was several hours late.......
Since our time was limited we decided to combine lunch with sightseeing and had a picnic up on Ballyhoo. Many pictures were taken and they all had a great time.
Then Came the rest of the week.......hotel busy, tired, and just not in the mood for a walk until Saturday.
When CD, Alicia (Formely known as Juno) Manderzz, Bella and I headed out to Summer Bay.....

.....where Bella racked up her first confirmed "kill".

She is a "bird dog" people, it was bound to happen.

Then it was off to one of the "Hot Springs"

Where Bella got so dirty a trip to rinse off in Summer Bay was necessary.
On Sunday I did absoutely nothing all day. Just laid in bed resting and planning out every detail of my trip in September/October, right down to picking the best airplane seats as shown on . Yeah, I really am that insane. Trust me, when you all see where I am posting from come September 24th you will see why!!

So on Sunday night it was just a short walk with CD and Crew Again out on the beach on the front side if the hotel.

All for some pretty tiny pieces of beach glass.

Anyway though had a good night sleep last night so I fell alot better today. Hopefully this week will have more fun activity to chronicle for you all!


Kay said...

Thanks for the pics. Billie Jo has been giving me texting updates. Hey, next summer you have to take me to that hot springs!

mamawas said...

the airport looked "full", guess I suspected a ferry boat of tourists. CB offers excellent tours/

Those young ladies were brave to dip into the "chilly" water too

Have a great one

Margrita said...

CB don't worry post when you can. I hope you can get off those nasty medicines soon. What great pictures you share with us. Way to go Bella I know mommy might not have been thrilled but very good kill there. I am glad you were able to show your island with the tourist from Japan. Exchanging cultures is a great way to learn from others. Get your rest and take time enjoy your week.

Reading said...

glad you got a little rest, what is that in the last picture you posted...I am impressed that Bella caught a bird...tell that silly dog that most dogs in the lower 48 wait for someone to shoot them before they retrieve them...

Kimi said...

CB, it's your blog, post when and what you want. Great job Bella! rest of the pictures looked great.

Lori said...

Glad you're feeling a little better - and I can't wait to hear where you are going in September! The hot springs look so inviting - I've been in hot springs in WA state and belive me, it's awesome (and not so cold either).

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Beautiful photographs but I give up. What's the rusty round thing in the bottom photo?


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Also: how hot is the hot springs? And how are the skeeters this time of year? Good? Bad? Nonexistent?


Anonymous said...

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