Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Camp Q Pot Luck Dinner

The Weather was not coorporating on Sunday so instead of Out at Camp Q The Pot Luck was transferred to the School.
My Contributions were a Gluten Free Chocolate Cake with Creme Cheese Icing for Dyls,
And Chocolate Carmel Nut Brownies with Chocolate Ganache.
Yes Derick, EVERYONE has to help set up!!

Dylls Posing with his Cap and Boat model from Camp.
AG and CD with Sharon in the Background.
It's Good for friends to get together!

Manderzz performs the native dance taught to her by........
.......One of our favorite Graduates Alicia!

Dylls in the back provided Drum music for the dances.

Then The Next Class taught By Pattykins's Daughter was up;
With Ag's Son Alext taking part!

Then Denice took over for a bit to get everyone on the same schedule.

CD and AG just waiting like the rest of us for the food.
Then The "Our Father" was Sund in both The Native Tongue and in English.

Well, I promised you food on Sunday so............

Only in Unalaska........Beef, Turkey, Ham and Fresh Salmon!

Sharon, Denise and little SP who SOMEHOW got one of the Laddiux or Fried Bread before anyone else!!

Proud Mom and Alex showing off his Camp Made Hat.

AB, One of the Coolest people on the island!

Lots of the kid's crafts were on display.

Yes, He ate it all...........And Went back for Dessert!!

And Of Course it ended with an Auction to raise funds for next year! Congrats to those who won, and curses on those who outbid me!!
Ok, Back to work, Taking a Group of Elderhostel folks beachcombing today!
Have a great day everyone.


mamawas said...

CD what is in your beautiful hai...white beads weaved into a ew strands???
I also liked the stick kayak projects, look authentic!!!
Great community in the Aleutian Islands for family activities.

Audreya said...

Looks like everyone had a great time.

Did you bake the brownies in muffin cups? What a great idea! Sometimes I get so focused on the big cakes I decorate that I don't take time to think about common sense baking ideas. Thanks!! That would make brownies a lot easier to serve at potlucks. Not the mention that those looked DELICIOUS!!

Anonymous said...

Please post receipt for your brownies-

Margrita said...

CB what wonderful community potluck and demonstrations. I love the food pictures everything looks so yummy. I will have to say I would be enjoying the Salmon myself. What a great picture of CD with her beaded hair ties. I have a few sets myself and just love them. Enjoy a great week.

Reading said...

LOved all the pics = always a good time to be had in Dutch harbor...

Kimi said...

The hair ties look great. Love all the crafts, they look impressive. Please share if you can the brownie recipe. my belly grumbled when I saw all that great food. Can't have any of it but it looks delicious.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Cookie Dough said...

I missed this GREAT post somehow last week --all the working I guess!! I'm wearing the beaded headdress that Mandy made at camp. She is 12.5 and refused to wear it! She also started a Unangan basket, a very complicated undertaking and she's VERY left handed so it's hard for the mentors to show her, but they get it worked out. Dyl made a full crown bentwood hat & a model Aleut Sea Kayak or Iqyax.

AND ohhh my goodness Alex is adorable!!!

Anonymous said...

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