Sunday, May 30, 2010

Susan Lynch Farewell Brunch

Yes Folks, It will be ANOTHER nontraditional Sunday Brunch. First off though I had to get a new Camera. This island, with Volcanic Dust with a high Salt Content, the Wind And the Rain, the Snow, the pressure Changes, and the fact that I take the Camera with me EVERYWHERE All combined to make an early grave for the Sony Cybershot. We will have to see if A Nikon is up to the task of Chronicling the happenings on this amazing Island.
I will say already that the "Zoom" function is better than the Sony....
Anyway though, Sorry for the long lag between posts. It was just that busy of a week. I'll Try to Catch up this week, but no promises. As the Weather gets better things just keep on getting busier and busier......
BUT the main Purpose of this posting is all about Susan Lynch. She has appeared on this blog many times, and I am sad to report that she is moving after 20+ years here to that Much Smaller State of Texas. I really do not think that State can contain a personality as big as Susan's, much less someone with that much Heart. I will say that they better embrace her down there, 'Cause we will take her back in a Second if they don't!!!!!!!
To make up for all the times she "surprised" us, it was decided to do the same to her and throw the Biggest Surprise Going Away Party ever.
And Of Course, it being Unalaska/Dutch Harbor there just HAS to be food! None of it is on my Nutrisystem plan, but I can take a break for one night right?

I mean really, How can ANYONE pass up Baked Brie?

Susan is perhaps best known for her efforts with probably EVERY Non-Profit Organization on the island. The CVB, The Museum, The Ballyhoo Lions, The Softball League, USAFV, Saint Baldrick's, The Senior Center, The Schools.....I could go on for days. There was never an event that, if asked Susan did not help out 200%. The Amount on Money She raised is incalculable. There are many people, who after attending an event, Ate Mac and Cheese for a while. Susan will get your money, there really is no stopping her, you are a fool to even try, because then you become a target for a "Lynch-ing", and it still ends with her winning. The Amount of Good that has been done with the funds that Susan has raised is Also Incalculable, but pretty much ensures her status at the Head of the Line to get into the Pearly Gates.
So, the "Surprise" went down like this; Everyone Gathered up on the Second Floor of My hotel and stood just far enough back that you could not see them from bellow. Everyone also parked further away from the hotel so she would not notice all the cars.
Say Hi to Mum Roger and BJ!

Yes, she did start crying when everyone leaned over and Yelled "Surprise!"

Then we all filed past her down into the Margaret Bay Cafe from upstairs.
As you can see the Line for a Susan Hug went on for a while. (Notice Councilman Robinson, The Best chocolate maker and good friend Sharon, Her Grandson SP with a new haircut, and Sherri and Elane)
Yes Susan, this is all going on the Blog!!

Mayor Shirley Officiated throughout and introduced friend after friend, with stories, presentations, plaques, poems and more. First up was former Mayor Frank Kelty

Then my Good Friend Zoya from the Museum, and probably the classiest lady on the island, stepped out of character and made us all laugh. This is the power of Susan. It does not matter if you are a Barfly, a Fish Processor, A Big Time "Deadliest Catch" Star or Producer, a Housewife, a Mayor or a Museum Curator, if you are a good person, she will be one of the best friends you will ever have. Endlessly Caring and Supportive, but also more than likely to tell you an off color joke, or laugh at you until you have no choice but to laugh back when all you really wanted to do was cry.

Next up the Ballyhoo Lions gave her their Highest Award......
(Off the Subject but Sonia, what are you using on your Hair? It is so shiny I must KNOW!!!)
Next up a Scottish/Alaskan friend.....
....Then the Clinic Director, who read aloud a medical report PROVING that Susan really does have a heart of Gold. I wonder how they billed that to Insurance?
Then A Stirring Aleut (Native Alaskan Islander) song of Goodbye to Susan.

Along with a beautiful grass woven basket.

Next up on Behalf of the CVB (Convention and Visitors Bureau) Susan's Niece Alysia read a poem that again made Susan Cry.

The Mayor Presented the Next Plaque from the City, But really from all the people of Unalaska, to Susan for all her efforts over the years.

And then a First, Susan was without words.......
.......but thankfully there were still more presentations!
From Good Friend Pattykins.......
A Traditional Native Hat, Hand Made by Pattykins and done up in Horizon Lines (Susan's Hubby's employer) Colors.
And if "Ladies Perspire" then why are you Sweating Susan as Lynn From USAFV extolls your many virtues? Sharon and the Museum Board also gave her a Lifetime Membership to the Museum. Then Our Very own Channel 8's Peppa showed a wonderful compilation of Susan through the years......

And Another Shot for Roger's Mum.

Sultan, the Mayor and her Hubby all mugging for the new Camera! you did a great Job Tonight Shirley!

And thanks to AG and CD for joining me tonight! I had alot of fun! (And I need to Know about the Hair Stuff!!)
Finally Susan found her voice and made us all cry with her!

Some of the Best Ladies on the island, Sharon, Jane, Zoya and Erin!
Susan, I will miss you loads. Who will I turn to when I really need to talk to someone as naughty as me? I just want you to know that as much as you cried tonight I cried more doing this post.
You better come visit!!
Miss you already