Thursday, July 2, 2009

200th Post!! From March pictures to first. A little Quirky, but did you expect anything else?

My 200th Post!!! It seems like just the other day I was flying up to Dutch/Unalaska for a job interview. Now about 9 months later "Dutch Harbor Dirt" has over 170 followers and lots of friends! I thought I would share some of my photos. Lots of other ones will be coming with the next post, as these ones are only up through March. Enjoy,and picke out your favorites by Number and tell me why.



Anonymous said...

CB you are dead meat!
How did you dub in my picture with Sig??
You are bad. I am going to beat you.

Margrita said...

CB I love them all I will have to admit I am a bit partial to numbers 13- 16 because they are of CD family and friends all having a great time.Next numbers 70 to the end 85 because of the beautiful scenery and subjects you captured. You take some great pictures thank you for letting us lower 48 enjoy the sights through your pictures. Tell CD to send the rain this way.

Meghan Hause said...

I like the one with the group of eagles and one with his or hers mouth open.

mamawas said...

8 25 40 and 74 show the great Aleutian Islands.


Kim said...

You didn't post my fave! You should know which it is...since you messed up the first posting of it! Otherwise...the pics of the NW Boys! especially the one of Matt eating!

MaryC said...

Hi CB - My favorite is 83. I love that picture. It's like the dawn of a new day or ending another. My true favorites are the ones with you in them. I hope you will post the recent wave-board picture! That's my real all time favorite
It just captures the action perfectly!

Maskerade said...

Baby! You oughta be in pictures!
Oh wait, you are.
All joking aside, its easy to see that you have fallen in love with your adopted home. And in many ways I think all of us have too. Congratulations on your 200th post, and thanks for letting us hitch a ride. For showing us Dutch Harbor and introducing us to all the wonderful people who live there.

Alaska Steve said...

Great pictures and I can't believe it has been 9 months! You have been a great addition to the blogging scene and you're sort of like a little brother that I never actually see much but like having around. You have a good heart . . . . I like #73, the composition and framing is perfect. Cheers, steve

Mommy Cracked said...

23 and 24 are stunning! But I also love any of them having to deal with crab or Deadliest Catch! Great photos!!

Lauri said...

Congrats on #200! I think I've said this before.....I read your blog everyday and learn new things about our island even tho I live here!

My faves are #9 and #12, that's my gorgeous husband in them!


AlaskanDave said...

First Place..
#58 "Eagle Feeding Frenzy"

Second Place..
#28 "Sunday Desert at the Grand"

You are a great Alaskan blogger keep raising the bar.

RowanMi said...

Hi CB:

I've been reading your blog for months now, having found it via Deadliest Reports.

I couldn't pick a favorite, but here are my six top 6:

8: red sky at night, sailor's delight

22: just screams COLD!!

32: the Northwestern is my favorite boat, but where is Edgar (my favorite guy)?

60: great composition--curves and angles

71: beautiful; has color, texture and mood
82: love the blue-gray colors and what looks like a gap between heaven and earth.

cookie dough said...

the pics are great! I'd rather just be there :)
We need to go to 'Jefferson Beach'

Nebraska Outback said...

Wow CB - Congratulations! 9 months in Unalaska, 200 blog posts and 170 followers!

OK - here's my top 10, in chrono order: 12, 19, 24, 32, 44, 56, 71, 73, 74!

All of your picts are great! Thanks so much for posting.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

I think it's a toss-up, in terms of photos, between #65, the stern of Cornelia Marie, and the photo at the top of your masthead on your blog.


mamawas said...

the clock is off the blog hope everyone is on a loud twin prop plane to ANK