Saturday, July 11, 2009

Beautiful Day, Wildflowers, Never EVER "Dare" CB, CD and AG, Manderzz, Dills and MS?, and CD's poor Bum!!

Yesterday was about as Perfect a day as you can get up here. For gosh sakes it went to 70!!

So at like 9:30 or so last night it was decided to Go to the "Waterfall" near CD's house.
Junior's little brother Dills "dared" CB to jump in. Never, EVER dare CB to do anything! I NEVER ever back down.
You can go see the Video CD took on her blog at

It really was not that bad. It was still like 58 Degrees out.

Of Course you will notice two other bloggers that stayed dry.........(Shame CD and AG!!)

.....While all the rest of the kids besides the two youngest boys went in. Wonderful Manderzz used her Mum's Hoodie as a Towel!! Go Manderzz!!!

MS and Dills Getting ready to jump in together!! (Aren't they ADORABLE!!)

On the walk home, Coming down a hill CD landed on her bottom!!!

I also have some pictures of the Cruise ship but I am saving them for tomorrow.

Have a great day everyone!!



Kim said...

roflmao I can think of a few dares You will probably never do. Poor CD. Shoulda jumped in. CB may not be chuckling at you now. Love the pics as usual CB. looking forward to brunch. could go for some fresh berries and seriously rare roast beef

MaryC said...

CB - The video is great! You must do more of those. How deep is the water there? Thanks for sharing!

Kim said...

roflmao Ely watched the video with me and was yelling JUMP JUMP at you. it was so cute.

Anonymous said...

Do you have any idea how cold the water is? It is friggen ice water from the snow melt. ARE you crazy. Do NOT come whinning to me when you get sick.

Kim said...

hahahaha Go Veda!!

mamawas said...

splash into the stream. The water was running fast too. Any salmon running in it?? Video segment is fun...never thought of embedding a segment in a blog so techno saavy

Take care

you are losing weight right??


Margrita said...

CB you crazy nut I can't believe you did that great video on CD's blog. Now you stop teasing poor CD she hurt her foot and her bum, remember she has pecans and won't share if you tease her too much LOL. Make her share some of her new veggie chips when she gets them, sent a new pack her way. Great pictures love the wildflowers.

Reading said...

Are you nuts...that water had to be so did look like fun and I would have jumped right in with you!!!

Elizabeth Douglas said...

Saw the video on CD's blog, good stuff and fun times! lol! I'm loving that 9:30 sunshine too!