Monday, July 6, 2009

Our Amazing Mayor and JS and AU's First taste of the Island last week!

In case you haven't heard Our Wonderful Mayor made the News in Chicago! (Thanks Mystic and Veda for you help with this before I taked/texted Shirley)

Proving once again that all it takes to help clean up anyplace that has been ruined by Corrupt Chicago Politicians is an Alaskan Woman! (Hint Hint Voters in 2012)
Now, On to JS and AU's Little trip!
This was the Wonderful vehicle I got for us from Much cleaner and in better shape than vehicles from the Other Place. We traveled all over the island in this, and NEVER had even one problem! Awesome!
Up in the "valley".......
The Waterfall at Overland Pass.......
Looking down into Summer Bay from the Pass
Summer Bay
Tide pools with Birdkeyes (Sp?)
Eagle and Bunker.
The Fabulous Alena!'s Salmon and Making Marshmallow toasting sticks...
Pallet Bonfire
A man riding a bike with a kid on his a member of the Unisea Safety Committe I really must Object!!!
Another Eagle out by Pryamid.....

An an 11pm shot with a rainbow blob right over my house!

More to come!



Margrita said...

Wonderful pictures CB thanks for sharing them. I am so glad your visitors had such a great time. You gave them a visit to remember. Kudos on the "Amazing Mayor's," keen eyes. That was great that she picked up on those two criminals. LOL if you get bored after you get caught up at work CD has some pecans that need cracking... I think I see another sweatshop forming in the near future CD's Pecan Cracking Sweatshop. LOL

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Hope I don't damage your blog by asking but -- what do you think is up with Sarah Palin?

No, CB, please don't kill me!


Carlisleboy said...

It is all part of my plan to make her President!
The DemocRATS will never see it coming!!

mamawas said...

I loved the large rock in the bay
Thanks for allowing us to experience your vacation.


Kim said...

love the pics of their vacation. You are making this one of my must do vacation spots.