Monday, July 20, 2009

Make your Own Captions Sunday Brunch!!!

1 Ok, I am CRAZY BUSY right now! So I thought of Something Fun. Its a Make your own Captions Sunday Brunch. You have from now till next Sunday, With the Grand Prize winner Getting some Sea Glass and Dutch Harbor / Unalaska Schwag! Second Place will get some Beach Glass and a Hat, and Third will get some Sea Glass.
They will be graded by me on Originality, Blog Knowledge, Humor, and If Anyone Can craft a Phrase or verse that is good for extra Credit!! Since the Pictures are in Groups you can Group them Together for the Caption, Like all the Firework Photos or the Seaglass Hunt. SPECIAL Credit will be given if you can Figure out What is up with the "Evil Boot" . Of Course Residents of Unalaska and/or The Port of Dutch Harbor are Inelegible.
Have FUN!!!



mamawas said...

New Aleutain Island photographs!!
I liked the greenery emerging from the rock and the adult eagle on the rock. Cannot wait for your script of the coke vs pepsi pix.

Are there enough toursits in the summer to be profitable? I imagine the fishing seasons are the hotel's biggest income producers.

Take care


Kim said...

love the pics, cant wait for the commentary.

Kathy said...

Ah, a great looking buffet as always, CB. Absolutely LOVE the fireworks pics. Never have been able to capture them successfully. LOL Of course, it tends to be a little difficulty to find any to practice on. Might have to move down to Florida. I hear there's a crazy place that actually has them every night! Who'd be silly enough to do that? Hope your week gets better soon. Can't wait for the commentary (hint, hint)


Margrita said...

Great pictures CB I loved them all especially the eagle on the rock that is great. Brunch looks awesome as always love the great food everything looks so yummy. I can't wait to read the captions for the pictures. The fireworks are incredible. Love the bonfire looks like fun.

cookie dough said...

But Manderzz' theory of the boot's origin is sooo good!

mamawas said...

didn't notice the evil boot competition. I love cowboys (go figure Western Colorado) so I will speculate the footware was left behind at the Grand by a cowboy working on a salmon tendering/cod boat.


Jared said...

How does the competition work? Where do I post the captions?

Anonymous said...

Where do I sent story ?

Bloviating Zeppelin said...


Coke: "I keep CB up during the day!"

MD: "Nice try, lame-brain; it's ME who keeps CB going day and night and day and night! And I TASTE better anyway! You see any photos of YOU over Dutch Harbor, la-hoo-zer??"

Looks like Mountain Dew kicks MAJOR drinkability butt!



Amanda said...

I'll guess that the burn barrel fireworks blew the boot right off Johnathan Hillstrand's foot during the "Burn Barrel" lameness. :)

MaryC said...

CB - Check your email, When you get a chance.

Bunny_Kins said...

13: "this marshmallow isn't burnt enough. shall i eat it now? or make it extra crispy?"

Greentigereyes said...

The "Evil Boot" was probably left behind in the Grand Aleutian by Johnathan Hillstrand.

Kim said...

check your email. lol enjoy!!!