Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Busy Days, Busy Post!!! And Alaska Steve's Favorite Tugboat since he is feeling Blue!!! But not as Blue as Me over My Sister not being Here!!!

FOX! Tonight!!! So You Think You Can Dance!! VOTE FOR BRANDON!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Everyone!! Sorry I am not keeping up with posting every Day. Between the Hotel, The CVB, and just everyday life I have been BUSY!!! Like on Monday when the Cruise Ship "Clipper Odyssey" Came to Dutch Harbor/Unalaska. I got to be one of the tour Guides as we guided them around town to various Locations.

AND I FINALLY got a picture of an Eagle on the Cross at the Church!!! Been trying to get one for months!!!
Now here is Alaska Steve's Favorite Tugboat!!! The James Dunlap. Go say hi to him to Cheer him up at
The Locals will realize that I took the Cruisers out to the Dump in our quest for eagles, Plus they could see their ship docked on the other side of the bay, But blocked out in this photo. (Darn the luck, Thought I got it, Must have used up all my luck on the Eagle Shot!!)
Then Came the Biggest Event of the Week. As shown over on CD's Blog The Unalaska Building Supply Inventory Reduction Sale and reopening after being closed for months!!!
EVERYONE was there at some time that night. Unless you were off the island you were there. (Maybe you just can't Remember but I saw ALL OF YOU while I stood in line with CD for 2 Hours. (it only Took 1/2 hour to shop)
CD was talking of "Gelding" and Teenage be careful Dills and Junior!!
And Yes, during our Check out Line of Death Tour Junior and I did need some snacks!!!
ALEXANDER!!!! Where have you been you naughty Boy? I was starting to worry!!!!!So last night, after sleeping till 1 and then doing Laundry I headed out to the "Spit" Dock with CD and Dills! Dills Finds the WEIRDEST things on the Beach, including like 100 Jellyfish!!
Even Dead Baby King Crabs!!!
CD Snagged herself a Very Cool Vintage WWII Ammo Round!!!
Now that is one BRAVE and CUTE little Fox!!!
Is that Dills Or a Japanese Anime Character?
More weird, and Usually Dead Stuff from Dills!
CD Snagged this Choice Piece of Blue Seaglass!
Being there with CD and Dills Made Me miss my sis and Nephew and the walk we took there.
Along the same shore.........
And Looking at soem of the same Flowers.............
Miss you sis!!!!
Have a good Night


mamawas said...

I bet it is fun to be a tour guide, to be paid for what you do on your day off anyway.

Can the cruise ships dock at any of the DH docks and choose to dock but choose to the Grand for meals/rooms/haidos etc.?

Alaskan tourism is probably a very important part of the economy!!

God Bless Unalaska.


Margrita said...

CB great pictures I enjoyed them. I think you would make a great tour guide you know all the great places to go.
I am glad you got your eagle picture on the church cross. Alexander has grown a good bit must be all of your yummy snacks. Cute fox he seems to like the truck. LOL CD and those scissors best watch out she just might be planning some mischief. Dills does find some of the neatest things. It is nice that your family got to see the awesome sights of the area. I know you miss them.


Aww, miss it there too! Everyone will just have to come to PA!

Kim said...

lol you convince everyone to go to PA and Ill drive out and meet you all lol. Love the shots. great shot of the eagle on the cross. I would imagine tourism is big for a small island like Unalaska.

Alaska Steve said...

Thanks for the cheering up CB!

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