Friday, July 17, 2009

A Solitary walk with Mountain Dew, Beach Glass/Sea Glass, Alaska Wildflowers, and Pure Beauty At 10:30 PM

It's not been a great week here in Unalaska. Lots of things are spinning around the island That while affecting everyone are also Private, so just dont ask everyone. However I thought this post needed a preface to explain my, and a few other bloggers kinda "Down" posts this week.
I went out for a walk at 10:30pm the other night while most of the rest of the Posse was just not feeling like doing anything but Veging. I really needed it to clear my head and reinvigorate me.
The Beauty was almost Surreal, and really much needed after the day I had while dealing with an Employee issue.
I knew it was going to be a good walk when I found some Beautiful Sea Glass right off. CD, AG, And Alena! we really have to go here next time. There was more than I could even think of taking!! Oh, This is The Beach side of Bunker Hill, for those who do not recgonize it right away.
It really looks Quite Different when Covered in Alaskan Wildflowers!!
Except for right on the Beach it is hard to take a picture that DOES NOT have Lupines, or Orchids or other flowers in right now!
Of Course Mountain Dew had to get some Photo Opps in!!!
Mountain Dew also was quite good at finding Beach Glass. (Especially the Green for some reason)
Mountain Dew Found this REALLY GREAT Dark Green piece back on Little South America.
Mountain Dew Skipping Down the Trail of Lupines!!!!
The walk was too soon over and we made our way home...........
But Not before Checking out The Day's Treasures!!!
This was Taken at about 11:30-1200 on the way home.

Freddie from the Cornelia Marie and his Amazingly Cool Wife Vanessa get back tomorrow, so I have to go do some Island Functions Tonight then Home to Bed.

And Then go warn the bar that the Three of us will be out tomorrow!!!!

Have a Beautiful Day!



Mystic said...

Exceptional pictures in this post hon! The wildflowers are just beautiful! Mr. Dew looks like he had a nice hike.
I'm off to see Harry Potter tonight with mom; I'll report back on how it is!
Cheers and XX00

Reading said...

the pictures are's a shame that the island's Mountain Dew drinkers left those cans lying around everywhere..LOL....have a great night tomorrow you need a Dutch Harbor Bail Fund?

Kim said...

Pictures are beautiful. I have tried several times to go see HP Mystic. its not fair. Hopefully tomorrow. Mr. Dew looked like he had some fun CB. Love the new shots of him. HUGS

Margrita said...

CB awesome pictures really exceptional. Those are some of the best scenic shots. You made quite a haul with your beach glass finds. Wow Mr. Mountain Dew looks like he had a great time on the walk you two took. Glad you had a chance to have some "me time," we all need that.

Margrita said...
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Nebraska Outback said...

Great pictures CB, and at midnight? We get light until about 9:30 here, and it's great. Always so much to do. Anyway, thanks for the post, and Nebraska is sending peaceful thoughts to all the bloggers in Unalaska.

mamawas said...

smart man to take tine to unwind/clear the head with a walk. Walks almost always guarentee a return to clarity of thought...amazing.


Lauri said...

You are cracking me up, CB...I can just see you placing the Mt. Dew can just so, then racing back to snap a photo...OMG LOL

Alaska Steve said...

Yup, tough week on the island . . . great pictures though! Cheers, Steve

Helen said...


I enjoyed your pictures. Some made me smile, some were ooooooooooohhhhh!, & some were ahhhhhhh... Ya did good Dude!