Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunday Brunch, SYTYCD's Brandon!,Junior and Rich Back, Cruise ship Tour Guide, Victor Fischer, Putchki,Waterfall Jumping w/Junior, and SORRY AG!!!!!!

Brandon on So You Think You Can Dance!! He and his partner recieved a STANDING OVATION from the JUDGES!!! Did I not tell you months ago that this Amazing Guy is the BEST Dancer out there right now? Watch Him Wow!! every Wednesday and Thursday on FOX!!!!
Welcome back Rich And Gigi to the island after their vacation. You can always tell Rich is here because we get great food and LABELS!!
Junior is also back, and besides the PERFECT Omlette he made me Personally, He also made some DELICIOUS Smoothies,
And These Awesome Desserts!!
So this week I got to be a Tour Guide for some of the guests of the Cruise Ship "Spirit of Oceanus". I got to meet a real Akaskan Legend, Victor Fischer, one of the crafters of our State's Constitution, and therefore one of the people responsible for this amazing place I live!
Quote from the Constitutional Convention:

"Mr. President, I would just like to very briefly point out the importance of establishing a good system of local government to the future success of our state... That is one of the points that we have tried to meet here, not to establish too many local governments but those that would be established would be effective to carry out not only the local but also state functions as may be necessary... In Alaska it is particularly important that we provide a local government system that will have the maximum amount of flexibility with the maximum amount of home rule, and at the same time with the maximum amount of state interest and participation in local affairs."

-Delegate Victor Fischer, Day 58 of the Constitutional Convention, discussing the form and function of local governments established in the Alaska constitution
The Flowers are out everywhere!!!
But the Work never ends, especially for the Menders of the Nets!!!
And the Putchki plant is out in all it's beautiful danger!! (It's sap makes the skin ULTRAPHOTOSENSITIVE, think Second degree burns in a minute or two in the sun)
From Friday night.............
And Last night Junior Decided to "Man Up" and do it as well!!!!
Although "men" dont usually Wimper and wring their hands that much..........
It really is not that cold!!!
And Finally, to AG, Sorry for all that Happened Yesterday. I do consider you a friend and would miss it if we could not hang out any more!

I think we both just need to remember that we can be Explosive at times! How about we say Yesterday never happened?

Saturday? Total Coma here!!


mamawas said...

how about salmon and eggs for Sunday dinner!!

There are virtually no eagles in these summer shots, are they a migratory bird?? Our local eagles are year round residents.


Kim said...

Hope you two work things out. Brunch was fantastic. It looks like a super busy week CB! HUGS

cookie dough said...

mama...the eagles are still around, they're kind of grouchy in the summer-- protecting their offspring?

mamawas said...

Gotch CD... I couldn't imagine the eagle species was different in AK and CO!!!

Margrita said...

Great flower pictures CB that one plant Putchki sounds like a good one to stay away from. I have to agree with you Brandon is one amazing dancer he rocks. Brunch looks great I'll take one of those smoothies they look delicious. I am hungry now LOL