Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Cruise Ships and Tours with Freddie Of the F/V Cornelia Marie, Shopping, And Get your Own Crab Necklace just Like Josh Did Last night on DC!!

The Cruise ship Clipper Odyssey Once again Made A Call in Dutch Harbor/Unalaska on Monday.

Great Ship, Great Crew and Great People all combine to make my job as a Tour Director FUN!!

Even were lucky enough to have Three Eagles on the Church at once!!

And My good Friend Freddie, From The F/V Cornelia Marie, joined us for a good part of the tour. He and His Amazing wife Vanessa are the only "Regulars" on DC that live here in Dutch Harbor/Unalaska Full time. They are as pround of this community as any of us, and I know it was a thrill to many of the guests on board to be able to talk to him. He also is in like 50-100 photographs from that day as well. For some of the Guests he was even more popular than the eagles!!

You know you are in "Dutch Harbor Mode" when you get thrilled about getting 5 Bags of Groceries for only $114.00!!

AND Finally, Do You Want a Necklace like Josh of The F/V Cornelia Marie got last night on the season Finalie of DC? The Grand Aleutian Gift Shot Sells them Both with the Diamond (Like Josh Got) and Without.

A Broach is also Available.

This is the exact one that Josh Got. $575.00 with the Diamond.

You can call the Grand Gift Shop at (907) 581-7117 Between 8am and 7pm AST if you want to place an order

Tomorrow.............Pick your T-shirt Caption Contest Winners!!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sunday Brunch, Winners!!! Cruise Ships, Eagles, JS Misses CD And AG, and The Unisea Plant

First off I just want to Give a link to Mystic's Site, And To give some Props to Captain Keith of the Wizard For Climbing Mt Rainier to Raise Money for the American Lung Association! Bravo Keith!!
Second I want to Announce the Winners of the Caption Contest!
Tied at First Are Kim and Mamawas!!!
(Need your t-shirt sizes!!)
Bloviating Zeppelin, Amanda, MaryC, Bunny_Kins , and Greentigereyes All Deserve Some Sea Glass and Maybe something else for thier efforts. So I need all of you to send me your addresses. Well unless you already recieved one of the Wizard Tags, Then I already got Yours.

It is Foggy and Gray up Dutch Harbor/Unalaska Way.

Thank Goodness for a nice bruch to lighten our day!

The Salads, Crab and Cheese are sure to please..

But if your Carb Craving just head for the Wonderful French Toast!

The Fish was quite nice, as Well as the Chicken, Although not everyone likes Fennel I certainly do!

And The Desserts Looked so Grand Even Junior Had to take a Photo!!

Junior, Jeff, and Eddie taking a well deserved break before the doors open for Brunch......

.....While the servers are still getting ready

So A week of no Posts!! Sorry everyone. It has just been Really Really Busy. Full hotel every day lots of checkouts and complete room Turnovers, Cruise Ships and meetings and not the best of weather at all!!Even the Wildflowers seem a bit subdued in this Gray light,

Out in Margarets Bay A plane is Landing Almost every Day. The Pilot goes out and spots for the Herring Fleet. Kinda neat!

As I said It is BUSY!!! These are all Trampers just waiting to get loaded with Product Down in Captains Bay. Most of the plants are going 24-7 and everyone is working!

Just like Lst week, And the week to come There are Cruise Ships VIsisting Dutch Harbor/ Unalaska. I if course get to play tour Guide.

One Place that is not on the "Official" Tour, But tends to be popular is the "Spit" dock.

Luckly one of the DC boats was in. You all Remember the Maverick Right?

It was also a great day for Eagles. Got pictures of them everywhere....

Especially Right on the Cross on the Church During our Tour!! How perfect is that?

In the Midst of All this Busy work, it is important to Remember What has been Lost. Several years ago this month Some Scientists Put forward that Pluto was not a Planet. even though it HAS A MOON.

The Monsters! Let us take this time to Morn, For what has been Lost.........

Like Dill's Hair!!!!! I will not post a Picture however, I do not want to add to his Trauma.

Be Strong Dills, It will Grow back!!!

JS has been saying how nuch she missed Everyone up here so I thought a few pictures

would make her feel loved.

Like Gentle AG who would not even Kill the Fly that landed in her drink at the BBQ.........

Or Your Crazy Brother who like to climb out on the rocks up on Ballyhoo........

Playing in Snow on July 3ed!

And All of us together, CD, AG, JS and AU up on Captain T's New Crab pots!

Or How about the time we spent with HR God Ricardo Touring the Crab Plant........Come On AU, we Have not even entered the main Plant Floor Yet, The Smell is not that bad.........LOL

HR God Ricardo is always the best dressed man in Dutch Harbor/Unalaska!! Once I loose a bit more weight maybe he'll let me borrow some...........

Ricardo guided us all the way through, From The dock where the Pollock was being offloaded.....

.......To the By-Catch Bins, where JS has some pictures of CB picking up Some Rays and other weird fish......... primary sorting......... the holding tanks......... the filleting........

.......and gutting machines............ the rincing machines for the fillets.......... the "candeling" station (Where they check to make sure no "foreing" objects are in the fish....... packing and sorting........ a big money making part of this season, the "Roe" or Caviar Production line....... the end with packing and storage.

Yeah, Ok Fine.But the smell is the smell of MONEY!!!!

Sorry for the late comments folks, Cruise ship today so I only got home from work at like 6pm.

Day Off tomorrow and I plan on sleeping till noon or later!

Have a Good one everyone!!!!!!!!!!