Thursday, April 29, 2010

Saint Baldrick's is Fast Approaching!

You heard it right - I'm shaving my head in solidarity with children who have cancer and typically lose their hair during treatment, while raising critical funds for childhood cancer research!

In the US, more children die of childhood cancer than any other disease. Please make a donation on my behalf to support childhood cancer research so that all children diagnosed with cancer will have a better chance for a cure.

To make a donation, click on "Make A Donation"!

Yes, All too soon my hair will be flying away!


ANYONE who Donates $100 Will Receive a Sweatshirt/Hoodie from Our Gift shop of their Choice. ($50.00-$60.00 Value)
EVERYONE who donates will get a Chance to Win this Dutch Harbor Letterman's Jacket, for every $5.00 Donated. ($200.00 value)
And Finally, anyone Who Donates $500.00 Will Automatically get a Dutch Harbor Letterman's Jacket Just like CB Wears.

I am even going to throw in some of my precious Beach Glass to Each Package! Come ON!! Pledge Already or I will have to "Vogue"! None of us needs to see that!

Zac Schasteen, One of our Unalaska City Council Members is also participating. To win a $100 Pledge from Fellow Council Member Dennis Robinson he is Dying his hair Hot Pink.

Go give him a couple of $$ if you can. (Just Donate to me First!! Remember Prizes!!)

Bleaching (BTW did you Donate Yet? )
The Colors
Color Applied. The Blue is For Unisea Which is Donating $500.00

and the Red/Maroon is for The Grand Aleutian Hotel Which is Also Donating $500.00

Oh, in case you have not seen you can make a donation here

The Fabulous and Amazing Katherine of who has all the pictures and is donating the proceeds from our Dye jobs to the Saint Baldrick's Organization! Everyone show her some love!

I swear. I will "Vogue!" You better go and Donate now!
Really, Soon come Black and White Video and a back beat!

Better Donate NOW!

Remember, Prizes!!


Margrita said...

CB you made my week so much better thank you thank you. I am giggling reading your posts and now I will add my plea for people to donate to you. PLEASE PRETTY PHULEASE DONATE TO CB'S HEAD FOR THIS WORTHY CAUSE. THOSE OF US WHO ARE SUFFERING FROM THIS HORRID DISEASE APPRECIATE YOUR HELP. PLEASE HELP.

I love the great dye job it looks swell. Can't wait to see your new do.

Kimi said...

Cancer sucks. Please donate. I did, and my hubby is now jobless, it's worth it.

Reading said...

Love the dye job...are you going to tell us how much you raised....

mamawas said...

CB experiences all the bother many of us sit through for our vanity!!!

Hope the earthquake spared any damages to Unalaska