Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Autographed Time Bandit Bag for sale and Saint Baldrick's Day! Donate to see CB shave his head!! Special Gifts for Donating!

CookieDough has this Autographed Time Bandit bag up for sale on E-Bay to Benifit the Unalaskan Senior Class.
All the Guys signed it.
Be the ENVY of everyone at "Catch-Con"
Details and A LOT more Photos up on the Site!
And then In Solidarity with the Unalaskan FireFighters and Children with Cancer CB is going to shave his head on May 1st!!!
Find out all about this at:
See The Unalaskan FireFighters who are organizing this Here:
And Finally Donate to CB's Fund Directly here:
Come On!! You Know you want to see CB with an even BALDER head than bellow!!
$1, $5 or $100. Any amout going to a great Cause and Making CB shave his head!
Skip Taco Bell or McDonald's for Lunch and help save a kid with cancer!
Just in Case that is not enough, I like Alaska Steve will also provide an Incentive.
ANYONE who Donates $100 Will Recieve a Sweatshirt/Hoodie from Our Gift shop of their Choice. ($50.00-$60.00 Value)
EVERYONE who donates will get a Chance to Win this Dutch Harbor Letterman's Jacket, for every $5.00 Donated. ($200.00 value)
And Finally, anyone Who Donates $500.00 Will Automaticly get a Dutch Harbor Letterman's Jacket Just like CB Wears.


Mystic said...

Sent a text.
Hugs...luv ya for doing so much to help others.

Mary C said...

Hey CB I already donated to St Baldricks, but what I was wondering is if I win the TB bag on ebay will you sign it too?!!

Carlisleboy said...

Of Course I will Mary if you want!!

Reading said...

I sent you an email about the donation..

Kimi said...

Check email CB. We had one of Miki's soccer coaches shave his head for this cause recently.

Margrita said...

CB sent a donation to you thank you for doing this wonderful event. As a person fighting this disease I am all for finding a cure. Love the pictures they are great. I placed a bid on CD's bag if I win it I'll ask CD to add both of your signatures to it.

Kari said...

St. Baldrick's is a great cause. Glad you're doing it... best of luck!

Alaska Steve said...

CB, there is an event meeting tomorrow at the Fire Station, they are shaving two at a time, let me know if you want to be shaved together. And readers, after you make a donation to CB be sure to make one on me (Unalaska Steve) for a chance to win a box of crab delivered to your doorstep. Thanks CB for joining us in such a great cause!

Carlisleboy said...

That Sounds Great Steve. Maybe I can get CookieDough to Video and Take pictures so it will be a Totally "Blogged" event!
Are you coming to the Wine Tasting at the Hotel on Saturday night? I can get you tickets if you have not gotten them already!
And Don't Forget the Aleutian Art Council's show at the Hotel on Friday night!

mamawas said...

Donation coming CB

Kimi said...

LoL Steve. You got a link?

Definitely pictures and video of both of you getting it done!! dont forget before and after shots!

Anonymous said...

Hello -
Really do appreciate all the hard work the fisherman do and go through out there. you think you may get more if you had an item that was up for bid by another one of the fishing boats?

Cookie Dough said...

I will be there videoing and picture taking for you guys!
Now to figure out how to donate...doing too many things at once this week...ughhh always!

Cookie Dough said...

Anonymous, sure, maybe....but we happen to have the bag from the TB crew. Other items are avail from different boats, around here off and on... usually every fundraiser has a couple. This time we have the TB and we're very appreciative!

Kimi said...

Margrita, I don't pray, per se. But I will keep you in my thoughts. I'm not the good Catholic that CB is, but I do believe in the power of prayer or good thought. It's all about positive thinking. HUGS to you. CB, i sent another email. CD i'm looking forward to seeing these pictures!