Sunday, April 11, 2010

Junior's Last Sunday Brunch, A tour of the USCG Cutter Alex Haley, and a quick walk with CD and Bella

Well The Snow is FINALLY starting to Melt Up Dutch Harbor Way, Even in the Photo here taken of Captain's Bay. Sad news to Report This will be Junior's Last Sunday Brunch.
Another Job has come up and it offers greatly increased pay, and with College this Fall in Seattle, Junior needs all the Money he can get!
We will all miss him, his Smiling face and sleepy Puppy dog eyes.
Ok, Maybe not that, but The Smoothies and Strawberries for Sure!! (You are still going to have to make them when My sister comes up though!)

The Sun was coming in the windows so bright that I did not get the best shots today of the Hot food items.
Like the Honey Mustard Chicken Breast.......
.......or the Sockeye Salmon.
I'm just Happy for the sun!

For his last Brunch the Family and friends came, Like AG and Alex,
Manderzz and Dylls,
Miss Susan, or should I say Miss Traitor, Leaving us for that Pathetic Little State called "Texas" in June. Why it is SOOO small it would fit in Alaska Twice. And here I thought she was one of those women who knew that "Size Matters"!
Doessn't Juno Look Beautiful?
And Dylls Wearing his "Manchester United" shirt!
And Now Junior will prepare my last omlette.

Mushroom and cheese, thin and well done. No one else can get it quite right.

CB's last Brunch.
Beacuse I just Joined Nutrisystem. Been on it since Wednesday, only broke it today for Junior's last Brunch. My goal is 40 Pounds. Wish me luck everyone!

SO, the big fantastic little Adventure from Yesterday hinted at on the Blog was a cruise on the USCG Cutter Alex Haley. (Named after the Author of "Roots" and a pround vetran of the USCG, having served 20 years) Our Fabulous Mayor Shirley,
And Kyle were some of the 70 passengers who joined me on this amazing cruise.
It was looking Ugly when we first started.
But as all Unalaskans Know, If you don't like the weather wait 10 minutes.

Where else could you you have Whales escorting your Coast Guard Boat out?

Oh, and as my Mum knows I always call her from Strange and interesting Places, Stonehenge, Castles, the Eiffel Tower, the Top of Bunker Hill, Priest Rock, and now from the Deck of a USCG Cutter!!

I say Campaign Photo Madame Mayor! Shirley here with her husband and son, who really seemed interested in the Coast Guard I must say. Future Officer material there!

And now for the Ladies, and a few fellas, some of the Coast Guard Guys! Thanks For Posing Guys! One of the Coolest and most amazing parts of this whole experience was the live "Practice" rescue by Helo of a person in the sea. I took the Video in 6 parts and you can Watch it here


It was an AMAZING day, and one that I will Remember Forever! Thanks to Captain and Crew for putting this together for us. You will always find a Warm Welcome in Dutch Harbor/Unalaska!

Meanwhile, back on the Bridge.......

As The Fabulous Sarah Palin Says, "Don't Retreat, RELOAD!" Gosh I can't wait till the November Elections. People are jumping the Obama/Pelosi/Reid ship like the rats they are!!(Sorry Everyone, Just HAD to put that in there!)

We Even got parting Gifts, Spent Shells from the Big guns!

Here is another view of the Dry Dock at Magone's that so many Cornelia Marie Fans dread every season. They are just finishing up Opolio and should be back this week. I can not wait to give Freddie a big hug!!

AWWWWWWW!!!! Be sure to check out her blog "A hefty Girl's journey to fitness" in my blog list!

And Finally after all that a quick hike with CD and Bella Down to Glass Beach.

Bella, now some 8 months old is just discovering the rocks here are fun to climb on!

She also likes boys like Max here!!

It Turned into a beautiful day yesterday! And Everyone from Eagles to The Helicopters from the Cattle Ranch way down on the other side of the island were out flying.

Anyway, that is just a small portion of the 250 photos I took on the A;ex Haley yesterday, so as soon as I go through them more I will post more this week!

Have a Fabulous Sunday Everyone!!


mamawas said...

Hope the new job for Derrick is a big success!!!
Coast Guard resuces are SOOO impressive, hope to see another in a few weeks in Seattle myself.

Salmon on my plate...lots of diet tips via email if you want too!!


"Seattle" Heather said...

Great post CB! Best wishes to you on your goal for the 40 lbs. YOU CAN DO IT!
You guys in Alaska get all the fun ...going on US Coast Guard! And getting up close and personal with D.C. crew! Jealous! :) Have a good week!

Reading said...

Congrats to Junior on the new job...we will miss seeing his smiling face on Sunday's...the Coast Guard cruise looks like fun...Congrats to all those guys they do a great job...

Kimi said...

There are things you can eat at the brunch without being off the diet. Loved all the pics. I really shoulda joined the CG when i was young.

Audreya said...

You were right - totally jealous of your adventure! We have some good friends in the USCG and another who piloted a search and rescue helo for the USMC. I always love their stories, pics, etc. So I think it's awesome you got to go on this tour!

Good luck with the Nutrisystem!! I've always wondered if that would work, so I'll be anxious to hear how it goes for you. I've also got about 40 that I need to shed!

Margrita said...

CB the brunch was awesome as always the salmon looked wonderful. I am gonna miss Jr.'s smoothies and strawberries. I wish you luck on your diet. Bella has really grown love the picture of her. Glad CD made it back. Thank you for sharing your pictures and videos of the USCG Cutter Alex Haley it was very interesting. The practice rescue was awesome they do a great job. Enjoy the sun hopefully spring it on the way.

Lindy said...

Good luck with your diet. It can be done. I lose 25 pounds 7 months with diet and exercise. Only have 30 more to go. I loved the picture of Dutch Harbor and the ones from the Coast Guard cutter. Alaska is such a beautiful state.

Lori said...

WOW - cool! What a neat day. Good luck on your diet! And good luck to Jr. in his new job!