Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday Brunch without Junior, City Council, Miss Veda, Garage Sales, snow, Beachwalk and Bella Gets her first perfect stick!

It looks to be a great Day up Dutch Harbor way! I hope this means a good week with none of the dreaded White stuff!
The Sun is shining on our Sunday Brunch, one sadly minus a Junior.

Skyler, Willie, Paul and Rich have made some great looking Salads today to start out with.

Now, My regular camera's batter died while taking pictures so some of these photos are from my I-Phone so sorry about the quality.

Teryaki Pork loin,

Lobster Ravioli

And Chicken Chipolte Crepes.

The Snow for the most part is FINALLY melting, though.
And Over by City Hall the other night I noticed a few encouraging signs of life...
In one of the landscape pots near the greening grass by the Council Chambers...
....There are some flowers popping up after a long Winter nap!
In fact Look!! Miss Veda has emerged from her shop and did not see her shadow so that means Spring should be right around the Corner!

Also outside City Hall sits this memorial to the Native Villagers that were removed from the island by the United States Millitary during World War II and placed in Internment camps in South East Alaska. Though I am a strong supporter of the Millitary in most cases, this was a truely Shamefull time in American History, These Villiagers, some of whom I see Every Day and Call Friends, were taken from their homes with a single suitcase and returned after 4 years to their looted and vandalized homes, and an Island damaged and in some cased destroyed by the Millitary.
Lets all just take a moment and say a silent prayer for everyone affected by those terrible times.
The "Other" Post office......
So Yesterday I journied to "The Other Side" In an attempt to chronicle Dan and Darryl's trials to become Volunteer Fire Fighters. Unfortunately, I was not allowed to photograph the trials, so I just stayed and cheered them on. They Passed. Congratulations!!
Then it was on to the Community Yard sale at the PCR Buliding. Above is Theresa who usede to work for the hotel but has since moved on to a City Job.
And Of course Roger and Billie for his Mum!
I actually think everyone.......
...and I mean everyone.....
...was there at some point yesterday.
So this week had started out kinda rough.......
With More wind and snow.
But by midweek it had turned nice enough for a beachwalk with CD, Manderzz, Dylls and Bella!!

The Unbridled Joy that Bella Showed when she Got Her First Perfect Stick was just delightful.
There are VERY few trees on this island, and most of the wood we see is from Broken Pallets which is NOT good for a puppy.
We found a nice piece of Driftwood that was just the perfect size and Shape for Bella Though on this walk.....
....and with a joy that only children and dogs know proceeded to create and entire world of play with this stick.
I need to get a bigger Apartment so I can get a dog!!
Anyay, have a great Sunday Everyone!


Reading said...

brunch looks to see the puppy playing in the snow....

Kimi said...

A lot of people were taken out of their homes in the absolute fear of them going against their country. It was a shame our country did this horrible crime.

Brunch looked amazing, but it definitely lacked Junior's touch. The walk looked fun. I wish we could send sticks up there, we got tons and tons of them here. Bella's looking good!

Cookie Dough said...

I didn't go to any sales! I'm listing stuff on ebay to have LESS stuff :)
Thanks for the Bella pics, she's soooo cute!!!

Mary C said...

Wow CB I had no idea about the people being taken out of their homes. That must have been horrible!

I ate at Olive Garden tonight and I thought of you! I love that place!

Margrita said...

CB brunch was delicious looking missed Junior though. I am glad you spotted those flowers, maybe the "S," season is finally heading your way. Oh what a sweet thing Bella and her stick. I guess Bella needs some stick care packages LOL. Thanks for sharing those awesome pictures.

mamawas said...

Hi fellow DHD followers,
CB can I use your post for today in my 8th grade reading class this week? We end the year with the Diary of Anne Frank and the Native Alaskan Memorial is great background knowledge that I was unaware of!!


Anonymous said...

What a great entry! The food looks ABSOLUTELY delicious and divine! I am DYING to travel to Unalaska, but I am new to Alaska and it just seems to pricey. I am jealous that you actually live there! Keep up the blogs!

rubyg236 said...

i like your hair