Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Thanks To All my Saint Baldrick's Donors! A Beach Walk, an Earthquake, and an Art Show!

First of all I want to to thank all the Donors to my Saint Baldrick's Fund:

Mrs. Kimberly M Braun
Mary Chandler
Ms. a l ford
Miss Tanya Huff In Honor Of Mr. Ian Huff
transcan on NW In Memory Of Al Kemila
Mick Muise
Mrs.Donna Wasneski

Your Donations mean the world to me, and Children with cancer. And Now every dollar you pledge is Worth Double! The http://www.grandaleutian.com/ hotel, my hotel and a Division of http://www.unisea.com/index.htm has agreed to MATCH every Dollar Donated up to $500.00 for my bald head!!
If you have not pledged, do today! Not Much time left! The "Shaving" happens on May 1st!!!!!

And Behind The Ever Growing "Bella" is CD! Who will chronicle the Shaving.
For today though it was simply a quick walk along Front Beach.
JS and AU along with longertime readers of the blog will recognize the location as where we spent the Fourth of July last year to watch the Fireworks at midnight.
Just a Quiet walk in Unalaska as we wait for spring.
We had a small earthquake the other night http://www.aeic.alaska.edu/recent/sub/index.html which sent my cake platter sliding off my fridge and into my recycle bin. Darn it! I really loved that platter!!

We had an Organizational Meeting for the Saint Baldrick's Shave-a-thon the other night at the Unalaska Public Safety building.

Please check ou this fantastic event and all the participitants at http://www.stbaldricks.org/search/participantorteamresults/participantOrTeam/participant/eventID/4391/participantEventYear/2010/typeShavee/on/searchParticipant/Search/

My main Competition after The Grand's offer to match my donations is Alaska Steve

of http://senseofplace63.blogspot.com/

Finally I joined Manderzz, CD and Miss Bailey at the Aleutian Art Council Show at the Grand

the other night.

The Horrified look on my face bellow is one of shock, disgust and disbelief when Juno announced that she wanted to wear sneakers to the Prom. NOT ON MY WATCH MISSY!!!

I trust I got my point across and that "sneakers" are no longer on the docket!

ANYWAY back to work!!

Have a great day,

and Remember to Pledge:



mamawas said...

thanks for the blog acknowledgement of the contribution and the corporate match is great.

Love the Unalaska shots (sigh....)


Reading said...

I mailed you my check...hope it gets there in time for the hotel to match it...

"Seattle" Heather said...

Sorry about your cake platter CB. I wish you well with your donations.

Margrita said...

CB the contribution match is wonderful. What you and Alaska Steve are doing means so much to those of us fighting this disease. One day maybe there will be a cure we can only hope that it will be soon. I was sorry to hear about your cake platter I hope you can replace it. I enjoyed some great Chinese food and thought of you and CD tried to enjoy it for you both. Thanks for the Bella picture wow she has grown so much. Tell Juno no no on the sneakers however the trend here is flip-flops all that money spent on dresses and tuxes and what do they wear flip- flops insert shudder. I love the art show wonderful talent. Take care and once again thank you for the wonderful contribution you are doing for the St. Baldricks, event.

Audreya said...

Sorry about your cake plate. We've been having a "swarm" of small quakes here (they think it's due to natural gas drilling) in the 2.0-3.0 range. So far, nothing at our house has broken, but I keep expecting my own cake plate or similar to meet the same fate! I don't remember signing up for earthquakes when I moved to Arkansas!

Glad you put a stop to the tennis shoe at Prom madness. That and flip flop are also a problem here. I just don't get it.

Kimi said...

Sorry about the platter. Thats a real shame. Thank you for that acknowledgement. I've lost my dad, my uncle, and two aunts so far to this nasty disease. I don't wanna lose anyone else. I just wish I could donate more.

Lori said...

Ouch! I didn't know you were doing the "shave" too - I just sent all my money to AlaskaSteve - well, not really. I will send either send a check or go on-line soon. Got to keep up on these blogs - LOL! Good luck in the match and thank you for doing this!

Anonymous said...

Where are all of your Deadliest Catch updates?

Cookie Dough said...

we had a quake?

rhonda K said...

Just sent my donation online. Thank you for your willingness to do this for the children!