Sunday, April 18, 2010

A DIFFERENT Sunday Brunch....the CVB Wine Tasting Fundraiser! Still, it's Unalaska/Dutch Harbor so you know there will be plenty of FABULOUS food!

Yes Alexander, It is still Snowing.
No, you may NOT come to the Wine Tasting.
No it is NOT prejudice against Eagles, You are still a juvenile, and Alaska had Age Limits!

Setting up and Transforming the Margaret Bay Cafe into the Wine Fest!
Lots of thanks to My Fabulous Fellow Convention and Visitors Bureau Board Members! Check out our New Website!

Alexander, I said NO! I will sneak you some Skirt Steak and Smoked Salmon Later!
Last Minute Details.
Since it is a Wine Tasting we of Course need Cheese! An amazing variety Rich!

Since No Junior this week I guess His mum will Fill In! Everyone say Hi to CD of . That is if she ever gets off of Facebook Hell and posts a new one.....

Simi Chardonnay (California) was paired with Polenta Rounds, Smoked Trout and Mascarpone
(I and Alexander both liked this!)
The Traitor Susan serving up the Estancia Pinot Grigio (California) with Chicken Satay

Danni and her sister serving up the Wild Horse Pinot Noir (California) and Salmon with Soy, Ginger and Sake.

By Far The best wine of the evening (although they were all good) was the
Inniskillen Riesling Ice Wine (Canada) Served with Citrus Mousse

Down around the corner Franciscan Cabernet (California) was joined by cigars and Chocolate Cabernet Truffles

Don't Forget to Cleanse your pallet with some strawberries and Champagne up at CD&CB's Table!
And the Grave's served up two wines:
Blackstone Ruberic Meritage (California)
and Diseno Malbec (Argentina)
paired with Marinated Skirt Steak, Chimichurri Sauce on Flat bread rounds

The BIGGEST Food hit of the Night was Chef Rich's wonderful Baja Fish Tacos paired with Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc (New Zealand). I must say I saw people heading back for seconds and thirds on that!!
For all you Unalaskans: they are now for Sale EVERYDAY at the Harbor View Grill!!

The Unisea Table Bellow.
Of Course this event can not happen without a lot of Community Support. So Here I raise a Glass to those who came out to support us and that I happened to Catch on Camera. (Apologizes to those I miss in Advance, You were there and know how busy it was!)
Goldfish Above with Elaine and Steve Bellow of

Juno's Parents!!!
Some of the Unisea Crowd.
Councilman Peck with his Wonderful wife.
More Unisea Folk
Airport Folk
Another Unisea Guy
Miss Jane of And the Local Radio/TV Station and Wife of our Amazing Head Chef responsible for all the wonderful pairing tonight.
City Folk
Fire Folk
Court System Folk (Love the hair Rox)
City Folk
City Folk (Happy Birthday J!)
Roger and Billie for Roger's Mum!
School teachers
A Unisea Fold with his wife a City Folk
Bank Folk and City Folk
Shipping Folk and former Councilman and wife.
And Finally Sherri and Brenda CVB folk.

My Absolute FAVORITE Pairing of the evening and my favorite Wine, The Inniskillin Icewine with the Citris Mousse. Amazing, Guess it should be at $125 a bottle.
Above a rare shot of Rich (In the Chef's coat)who does not like to be on the blog much, but really deserves a HUGE thank you from All of us who attended the Event. The Food pairings could not have been better, or tasted better. THANK YOU!!!!!!
Our Grand Prize winner of the Inside Passage Alaskan Cruise

CB and His favorite wine of the night

Wrapping up the Silent auction, Drawing and Door Prizes of the night.

One more for Roger's Mum!

"I can't believe we drank it all Dick!"

And Because it is Alaska and Headed into Summer there is still enough light at 10pm to walk home safely!
Have a Great Sunday everyone.
CB is going to be sleeping in so This will auto Post at 8am!


mamawas said...

one word impression: community

Reading said...

WOW...what a fun event...the citrus mousse looks divine....I hope Alexander left happy...

Cookie Dough said...

It was fun! The little mini taco was my favorite snack and that fancy wine was lovely...sooo sweet. We have fun here Donna :)

Kimi said...

wow, what a turnout. Everything looked amazing. That's incredible you got so many people through there. HUGS. Enjoy your day. Oh Happy birthday to my little one Ely. she turned 5 today!

Kay said...

Thanks so much for the pics of Roger and Billie Jo. I am so looking forward to meeting you and attending the sumptuous Sunday brunch. Will be in Dutch over 4th of July!

Margrita said...

CB what a great event. Now you know CD is farming over there at facebook lol. The wines looked great as well as the yummy food. I have to agree on the iced wine it is terrific. I get a few bottles for the Holidays. I know Alexander enjoyed the treats you feed him. Have a good rest.

"Seattle" Heather said...

Excuse me while I reach for a tissue to wipe my drool...

Anonymous said...

Looks like fun!!! And got me hungry!

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Man-o-man, what a feed you guys turn out! And GREAT website, also!


victoria said...

Brian! I'm of age, so I think you should send Alexander home and invite me instead. I mean... :)

rubyg said...

hi great to see your pic

mark lawrence said...

Nice post!! Happy to see this yummy food. It reminded me of my friend’s party that was arranged at venue New York. She arranged yummy food there that was loved and enjoyed by everyone. I really had a great time there and enjoyed delicious food with friends.