Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Temple of Horus at Edifu, 100 degrees at 10 am.....

The Temple of Horus at Edifu is the most complete Temple from Pharonic times left in Egypt, and possibly the most beautiful.
It was buried in Sand for almost 2000 years thus leading to the Amazing state of Preservation of all the Heiroglyphics and carvings.
Like most of the Rest of Egypt, THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of tourists pass through every day.........."Desecrating" these "Holy Places" according to............One. Probably does not want the Native populations to hunt whales, use gill nets or eat seal either. This is one of their main resources and they use it. Over 50% of the Egyptian Economy derives from Tourism. About 15% of the Working population of the country works in Tourism. The "Desecration" of the "Holy Sites" came years ago, when People from other countries, Who thought they "Knew Better" than the Native Polulation, came and took priceless artifacts from this country. You know, like How the Current Adminstration and Democratic Congress thinks they "Know Better" than the average, "Ordinary", "Little" people and decided to Tax us all to Hell with a Health Care Bill that 70% of the Population did not want.
Taking a picture is not Desecration. Taking a picture provides much needed money to the Decendants of the amazing people who built these places. Edifu Temple took over 100 years to build, but now over 2,200 years later it gives the decendants of the very people who worked on it then jobs, schools, hospitals, transportation, and modern infastructure.
Desecration? Try Preservation. Try Salvation.
Sorry for that everyone. Just need to keep the Haters in their place.

ANYWAY, we had a wonderful morning in this Beautiful place.
I am Going to have so many pictures to share that I actually might put a sizeable dent in my 1 Terabyte drive.

In fact I may have to do one whole post on stupid tourist photo poses that friends make you take.

Cruising down the Nile as I post this on the way to Aswan. Loving Egypt so far...........though 100 degrees at 10am was a bit much this morning. The cruise boat is wonderful. Many more photos of that later.


mamawas said...

I like the economic analogy between the Egyptian and Unalaska resource usage by locals.
The climate is so opposite the AK one too!!

Audreya said...

100 degrees at 10AM? In Arkansas, we call that "August". (Though this year it was more like June until last week!)But, you're right, it's a bit much.

Keep the pictures coming... I'm really enjoying them!

Anonymous said...

WOWZERS!!!!!!! How AMAZING!!!!! You must be feeling the heat even more since a heat wave in AK is probably in the 70s.

I don't even WANT to know what you spent on airfare! lol Have an amazing trip & keep posting your pics. I randomly stumbled onto your blog a month or so back & glad I did!!!

Kimi said...

I was going to post about how it wasnt desecrating anything, but the locals do earn their money by taking photos, or selling them. 'tipping' is another way for them to earn money. But figured you had a post coming to slap down the anonymous!

I love the photos. Keep them coming. Sorry about the heat, but well it's Egypt. It is what it is. Enjoy the next leg of your journey

terrig said...

I've been following your blog for awhile now and should have commented earlier. I love your blog and I love the pics from Egypt. I feel like you're living what I would like to do some day. God Bless! What a fantastic time you're having.

Cookie Dough said...

hahahah no haters, just pointer-outers! Relax dude. And you rant didn't effect me. XX00000

Anonymous said...

Chill out dude. WE did not want you to climb those walls. WE want the place preserved for US. Take pictures if you want, that does not hurt anyone. Have fun, quit ranting. WE are not haters.
How many tourists does it take to break the rules, and knock down the walls. LOL
We just wish we were there to kick your butt.

Margrita said...

CB the temple is such an awesome place one can spend a day just looking at it all. The economic analogy was great. Wow 100 degrees by 10 am quite a warm day drink lots of water. Enjoy your cruise to Aswan. Awesome pictures thanks again for sharing them.

Anonymous said...

Hey CB. You need to get back to Dutch soon.
check out.

Cookie Dough said...

That's it...either CB is bringing all the drama because we teased him. Or it's a mummy's curse :)
Rain, sleet, hail and snow here today! ughhh a month early. And his favorite show seems to be falling apart....I wonder if they want more $$??

Kimi said...

CD Andy and John got sued by Disco for breach of contract. Sig backed the Hillstrands. They all quit over the lawsuit. So the fans have been told. We don't know the whole story, doubt we ever will. I can't wait to see how this all ends. I hope Disco backs down from the lawsuit. $3 million dollars is quite a bit to sue a fisherman for.

CB still loving these photos.

Anonymous said...

CB, where are you. Everything is going to hell here. Heavy rains and wind last night, Heavy sleet and snow on the mountains. DC boys are raising hell. Please hurry back, with a suntan. But have lots of fun. Veda

Cookie Dough said...

Yeah, the island is not happy about you being on the other side of the world. The Koi ponds about turned my Rav into a submarine!!

Joann said...

You rock cb! I'm your biggest fan!